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Also, here’s what else is planned for this Game of Throne wrap-up week. Let’s take a look at each one of them individually, breaking down what they could mean for Season Six (Spoiler alert: if your not caught up through Season 5, stop reading now). The Bolton’s further cemented their claim to the North by defeating Stannis at the end of Season 5. But that boat carrying the Banner of Stark looks ready to challenge the Bolton claim. Last we saw her, Sansa was fleeing Winterfell (assuming she survived the fall). And Bran is somewhere far North learning from the GOT version of Yoda. And Rickon (remember that guy? hasn’t been seen since Season 3. Could the threat to Bolton rule in the North be the “deader than dead” Jon Snow returning to life. And that banner is obviously the Lion of Lannister. Could their be a showdown of peasants lead by the High Sparrow vs. I’m not sure who this is, but it’s clearly a Dothraki mocking Daenarys (“Queen of Nothing, Millionth of her Name”) while a tattered Targaryen flag flies with smoke billowing in the background. Dany was in a very rough spot when we last left her, dragonless and surrounded by a Dothraki horde. Will Dany be made to pay for the death of Khal Drogo from Season 1. And who (or what) is responsible for all those flames that created that smoke in the background. Never has HBO kept a tighter lid on scenes (or any actual information, for that matter) for an upcoming season of Game of Thrones than they have for Season 6. There was the widely discussed (and argued about) new season of Game of Thrones, as well as the end of brilliant dramas Mad Men and Parenthood. Read on to see what shows were at the top of our “Must Watch” lists this year. Not everyone agrees with my belief that Season 5 was better than the previous season, but I much preferred each story arc moving at a consistent pace instead of the Season 4 structure that relied on big moments to keep us interested while characters spent the rest of the time doing nothing.

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The picture is of the thanks message directed to the crew, and it honors the intensive effort they put into taking pictures a supersized battle sequence. It reads. They received’t care how drained you had been or how robust it was to do your job in sub-freezing temperatures. And maybe the craziest half is that it feels like these new battle scenes are all for one episode, contemplating the producers particularly talked about followers watching “this episode. It definitely explains why the ultimate season of Sport of Thrones received’t premiere till 2019. Till then, the solid and crew have extra work to do. Amongst them is Gendry (Joe Dempsie), the bastard son of the late Robert Baratheon who returned in season 7 after a number of seasons of not being a part of the story. The younger blacksmith is sticking round and will probably be a part of the present’s closing season. Dempsie just lately mentioned his season eight position with Digital Spy, and primarily based on what he mentioned, we may see a variety of him within the final six episodes. To this point, he hasn’t proven any indicators of envisioning himself in energy, however we hate to rule something out on this fictional world. As everyone knows, loyalty isn’t precisely a common trait among the many present’s characters. Regardless of the case, although, the truth that Dempsie has completed “a good bit” of filming makes us suppose he could have an fascinating arc in season eight. Actor Tobias Menzies made us surprise when he shared that he doesn’t count on to be included in season eight. His character, Edmure Tully, was final seen as a prisoner of Walder Frey (David Bradley) in season 6, however even after Edmure’s niece Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) took her revenge on Home Frey, we by no means noticed what turned of the person or his spouse and son. That marks an enormous shift as Jaime has lengthy been loyal to Home Lannister and Cersei (Lena Headey) herself. And in case that a lot wasn’t already clear, the turning level will probably be mirrored in his look in season eight, in line with Coster-Waldau. The response to the studying was, as followers would possibly count on, fairly dramatic. By the top, the previous few phrases on the ultimate script, the tears simply began falling down. Supposedly, even the present’s stars wouldn’t know which was the actual conclusion till the sequence finale aired.

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Between the Stark reunions, Daenerys finally unleashing the weapon she’s been holding back, and the Lannisters’ most recent victory turning to ash in their mouths (quite literally), we’re still catching our breath. Olenna Tyrell’s final barbed words have left a mark on Jaime, who is brooding in a way that would make Jon Snow proud. Bronn could care less- he’s still waiting for this Lannister to pay his damn debt already, beyond the measly bag of coins he’s gotten so far. In fact, he’s so thrilled he’s interested in investing further in her enterprises. Cersei’s interested, as she needs to build up her armies and navies and what’s that. She’s made overtures to the Golden Company- and the book-reading crowd goes wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiild. (In ASOIAF, the Golden Company is a renowned mercenary company founded by a Targaryen bastard. The company comes into play in the later novels, in storyline threads that have been mostly discarded or allotted to other characters in the show. Will the Golden Company’s Targaryen heritage play a role here. The Three-Eyed Raven is here though, and not swayed by Baelish’s manipulations, as the older man presents the boy with the Valyrian steel dagger that once nearly killed him. Meera has come to say goodbye, as she’s returning home to her family, to be with them when the danger arrives. They’re not his memories or pain, and we’re left to wonder who this new character is. Will Bran become as monstrous as the things he fights. Once she’s there, returning as a completely different person to a home that’s not really home anymore, Arya reunites tentatively with Sansa, the sister who was always her polar opposite. In their reunion, they both admit to wanting Joffrey dead, and Arya confesses to having a list of people she wants to kill. It may seem desperately unhealthy, but to have Arya opening up that much, after years of keeping all her secrets and plans close, strikes me as a positive sign. Throw in Faceless assassins and the-dog-ate-my-husband and it all becomes a bit much. He shows his sisters the Valyrian steel dagger, and Sansa wisely questions why Littlefinger would gift it to him, given its value. She’s the sole fighting arm of the Starks, now, with Jon away.


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Not irredeemable — because, c’mon incestuous werecats played by Leo from “Charmed” and the Borg Queen from “Star Trek: First Contact” — but pretty bad. As the titular werecats begin to terrorize a small Indiana town, it quickly becomes apparent that nothing — not a silver bullet nor a dump truck filled with catnip — can take down these horrific beasts. Well, there is one thing: multiple scratches inflicted by ordinary domestic kitty-cats. And it’s a small army of these cats, led by a fearless tabby named Clovis, that ultimately come to the rescue. In addition to its refreshing portrayal of cats as monster-slayers, “Sleepwalkers” is best known for the only example of death-by-corn-on-the-cob in cinematic history. 'The Uncanny' (1977). While this late-period entry from Canada features a whole lot of the same — screams, suspense and gratuitous bloodletting — it does stand apart thanks to a uniquely feline framework. That is, the whole film — three standalone tales of the macabre plus a spooky wraparound story — concerns exceptionally evil cats. It’s a good thing that poor Lucy is in possession of her mother’s book of black magic — a book, which, as luck would have it, just happens to contain a spell for shrinking bullying cousins down to mouse-sized morsels. Says Lucy to her miniaturized cousin right before she lets Wellington have a go at her: “You’re not such a big girl anymore, are you Angela. An exception is “Uninvited,” a late '80s schlock-fest about an otherwise cute kitty that escapes from a nefarious research lab and later finds its way aboard a Cayman Islands-bound yacht filled with scheming criminals and assorted women in bikinis. It’s not long before the feline stowaway is revealed to be harboring a rabid mutant-parasite that, when angered, pops right out of the host cat’s mouth. Coming off as an ultra-low-budget homage to “Alien,” “Uninvited” features some of the most inadvertently hilarious puppetry work ever committed to film. These locales are the perfect escape from the cold. This film has had a tough journey from the book to the screen; for a while we didn’t even know if it would be made. The voyage isn’t over, but at long last the trailer has arrived in all its glory to tantalize Narnia fans around the world. If you like, you change your profile picture to let the world know you’ve seen the Dawn Treader Trailer. Edmund and Lucy try to help, but water is rapidly filling the bedroom. Lucy screams and falls and suddenly the room is completely underwater with furniture floating around.