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The larger the container the less can you get a per unit, most of that time. The labels on most shelves will tell you the per unit cost. These people don’t, carry your calculator with we. ereal is a good example. The smaller box might cost less, but the per ounce cost may well be more. he bigger box will cost less per ounce. This is something you know you is actually using up, buying bigger quality may help to save you income. xamine your living situations. Is your house a place that allows you to comfortably deal with Parkinson’s? s your bedroom around the second floorings? f so, will a chair lift be possible. You may want to replace your shower nozzle with a baby shower hose, combined with keeping a bench typically the shower. Perhaps rails planet hallways and wall grips in places where you could slip (bathtub and shower) would aide.

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We’re pretty much the same guy in a different circumstance. We’re not shitlords or evil edge-dwellers, we’re wrong-righters. Another thing I can’t formalize enough is that Moldbug never extended his puritan hypothesis to him himself; NRx and post-NRx are pure puritanism. Everytime Land “tweets” against leftist moralizing I just laugh; are you really that blind. You don’t see that this is the next phase of moralism. Go into the mountains away from society, that still is an implicit “society bad, mountain solitude good”- can’t get away from morality. Ya know Mike, science-types remind me of Muslims too. But see, philosophy asks that question about itself. You’re right though, Idk what philosophy is exactly, what I know is it and science exist in a synergy, same with poetry and philosophy. You called me Siddhartha above, that reminds me of Hesse- Goethe Schope Neech are everywhere in his books, that is the role of the poet imo, transmuting ideas into images for the many. If we hijacked the media the way the left did it could be possible. I feel like a real sick fuck for proposing this idea but I’m a pure puritan so nothing stops the words from coming out of my mouth: We could, theoretically, manipulate the cuck-population into abstract-hierarchy over abstract-equality. By “abstract” I mean that it is something theological to them.

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Excluding of course, Papa Legba who's still kicking around by the end of the season, although it could be argued he's not a man, he's a God Missing Mom: Many characters' mothers are unseen, but the only one who's definitely gone is Misty's. Mugging the Monster: The Ax-Man tried to kill the wrong woman and ended up being killed by the entire coven of witches. His spirit was trapped in there until freed later on. Never Speak Ill of the Dead: After Fiona's death, the girls of the coven describe Fiona as a great Supreme. Subverted by Cordelia, who tells them that she was the worst thing to ever happen to the coven. New Powers as the Plot Demands: One of the show's biggest criticisms. Most witches are born with a single power that they can perform without ritual. It was originally a big deal that Madison could perform several powers at once, making the others think she'd be the next Supreme, but by the end of the season, all the younger witches were suddenly sprouting multiple powers out of nowhere. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! Good job resurrecting an axe-wielding serial killer, Zoe. By restoring Cordelia's regular sight, Myrtle took away her Disability Superpower. This led Cordelia to gouge her eyes out later on to get it back. Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!

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I think I was one of the only people around who recognized her. After witnessing that I could definitely believe she'd be demanding and not want to deal with extras or supporting players - anyone she didn't consider an equal. The only thing I liked after that was when Laurie Metcalf held up the supermarket. Jessica is supposed to be one of the biggest bitches in Hollywood. Not sure what season but Dana Delaney and Nathan Fillion were in it. How can she be a trump supporter when she died shortly after the show ended. The show has been off the air for years now, long before trump announced his candidacy. You're still an ill-mannered See-you-next-Tuesday, I see. She got the last laugh on everyone who underestimated her. I think the proposed spin off that was to star the two of them could've been very entertaining, but the network probably didn't want to take the gamble on a show with older female leads and Joosten's recurring health issues. Not as good as Season 1 Desperate Housewives, but stayed pretty consistent and was probably better than the last few seasons of Housewives. It did not take itself too seriously, and in some ways the last season might have been the funniest. Lucci always claimed it was a great set and everyone got along.

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