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AUTHOR. Inscribed Us for Life: Rosh Hashanah Prayer Book with Original Prayers. Sidwell, Al Wolff. Passport Books: Just Listen and Learn: German: The Basic. Lincolnwood, Illinois, U. . . Natl Textbook Co, 1989. ISBN: 0844225258. Book only, no audio tapes. Paperback. Astronomer: Maria Mitchell. ill. Frontis photo Feature. Miller, Education Outreach Coordinator for the Arkansas. Program. Lesson Plans for Arkansas Students: Take the Last Train to Clarksville. REPRINT: Arkansas Historic Preservation Program Education Program, Clean and. Illustrations. Some Minor Ex-Library Marks: Scott Foresman and Company 1936.

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We stopped at our favorite bar, King Luis Inn, for a drink and some bar singing (we loved doing this while dating). None of the regulars were there, so I can't blurt out the secret to them. I had talked to my Catholic priest friend, Father Jack, who was visiting San Diego, and had suggested that we meet at the bar, so he is there when we get there. When Linda goes to the ladies room, I tell Father Jack my secret. Now well fortified and well committed, I carefully drive us to Linda's apartment and we have an appropriate amorous interlude. It's time to exchange Valentine's Day cards and gifts, and I only have a card. We went to the church on Sunday (after about 3 hours sleep! and talked to the pastor, and asked him if he would marry us on 21 March 1970. He said he would, and we set off on the whirlwind five weeks of preparation and planning, that culminated in a 7-day honeymoon in Acapulco, but that's another story. So Mr. Romantic did a pretty good job of finding an excellent woman to marry, and after 49 years we're still in love and living amicably together. Life has been good for us with health, work, children, friends, church, hobbies, vacations, retirement, and grandchildren. We look forward to spending our 49th anniversary quietly in Chula Vista and, hopefully, making more family history in the year ahead. I'm wondering what we will do for our 50th anniversary next year. This is a Derivative Source record, with Primary Information and Direct Evidence of their names, and the marriage event. The original town record is in an earlier town record book on page 155, which is, apparently, not available as FHL digital microfilm at this time. Here are some virtual roses for your desktop: There are quite a few names associated with Valentine's Day reflecting our traditions and habits. I need to take my wife out to dinner soon - probably to Marie Callender's because it's close, quick and she can eat there without allergic problems. I got my sweet honey loving valentine roses from Costco - she has them divided up in vases all over the house. Share it on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest using the icons below.

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Small religious picturesare icons, and they are used with a mouse. Ram skullsare an echo of RAM (random-access memory). The beehive long-term storage is a little more obscure,but in the 1980s some mainframes had a mass storagesystem that involved data stored on tapes wound ontocylinders. The cylinders of tape were stored in a set ofhexagonal pigeon holes, and retrieved automatically bythe computer as needed; systems diagrams alwaysdepicted this part of the computer as a honeycombpattern. And then theres of course the fact that beehiverhymes with B-drive, which is how one usually refers tothe secondary floppy drive in a personal computer. This information is completelyuseless to anyone except a programmer. On the Discworld,theres no obvious reason why a virus shouldnt betransmittable from human to computer or vice-versa. In the early 1970s there appeared a sort of proto-viruscalled the Cookie Monster, which cropped up on anumber of computers notably Multics-based machines. hat would happen is that unsuspecting users wouldsuddenly find messages demanding cookies on theirterminals, and they would not be able to proceed untilthey typed COOKIE or HAVECOOKIE, etc. In on-line conversations, a common error amongnewcomers is typing everything in block capital letters,known colloquially as shouting. This causes varyingdegrees of irritation among readers. The real-world version of this is is known as a Divide byZero error. Ifanyone can definitively point to the origin of this phrase,Id be interested to know it possibly from the US civilrights movement of the 1960s. This speculation has been advanced in the context of,e. . the ancient pyramids of Peru, where the stonesreally do fit together almost perfectly, and where the KutaLines really can only be seen from above. Apparently the part of Peru where the Inca lived is ratherprone to earthquakes, and not wanting their perfectlyfitting stones to fall over and break into little pieces whenthe earth moved, the Inca built all their major buildingswith the walls sloping inwards. Many Inca buildings arestill standing (less a roof or two, of course), in sharpcontrast with California, where modern buildings fall over with distressing regularity. Britain has things called leylines ancient sites soarranged that they draw a perfectly straight line across amap, allegedly impossible to trace without moderncartographical techniques. For the most bizarre extrapolation of this belief, see Erichvon Daniken, Chariots of the Gods, which claims not onlythat aliens visited the earth in ancient times, but also thatthey actually started human civilisation.

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Gillen's delivery of the '. our sister' line was perfect. But it is somewhat puzzling that Loras puts the idea that Renly should be king in his head before either has any reason to believe that Robert's days were numbered. I would have liked some scenes with Renly, Loras, and Margaery together as well. CHARACTERS First actor was the best by far, but no real complaints. Too early to say. He was introduced in S6, but hasn't done a whole lot yet. Stole just about every scene he was in up to the S4 finale. More than a bit lacking since then, which I blame entirely on the writing, not Peter Dinklage. Superb. More than a bit one-dimensional in her all-consuming quest for revenge. She should at least be given some pause, and wonder if Oberyn would really want her to do what she has been doing since his death. To me, it's evident that Oberyn would have been repulsed by her targeting of Myrcella, and her murder of his brother and nephew. Siddig did an excellent job with what little material he had to work with. A supporting character while Robb and Catelyn were still alive, his performance in S6 showed that he made an absolutely fascinating lead. Very disappointing to see him offed so quickly thereafter. No real complaints. His reduced role paved the way for Tormund's arc and his very interesting relationship with Jon Snow. His stubbornness made for an interesting parallel with Stannis as well, establishing some common ground between he and Davos. Like Tyrion, his character has been far less interesting since S4; similarly, I blame the writing more than Iain Glen.

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Visually, it’s gorgeous, and the print quality in this release is stunning. (There’s a brief film about the restoration, with several of the flashiest shots from the film, here. . More reels were found in other archives, and a longer version was completed in 2008. Now ALPHA-OMEGA has put together a bang-up package of material. The original score was recorded and matched to the footage to determine a running time of 100 minutes. Footage still missing has, as has become common practice, been filled in with photos, and the plot now makes a lot more sense than it used to. The tinting and toning is based onsurviving footage. It displays the influence that Hollywood films had on Lubitsch when foreign films were finally let into Germany in 1921 after a nearly five-year ban. To some extent he picked up principles of continuity editing, but it was the new styles of American lighting that he rapidly adopted. An informative booklet accompanies the disc, including a reprint of program notes I wrote when the film was shown at “Il Giornate del Cinema Muto” in Pordenone. The Blu-ray and DVD can be purchased directly from ALPHA-OMEGA. Coincidentally a film of The Mikado (1967), performed by the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company, came out just at that time. The D’Oyly Carte company had put on the operettas in their original productions in the 1870s, 1880s, and early 1890s and had toured with the same basic productions almost continuously for about 107 years, until forced out of business for lack of funds. The Mikado film was a straightforward record of the theatrical production, filmed on the stage without an audience present. Over the next 15 years or so I was also lucky enough to see some of the plays onstage in Chicago and London. Apart from being charming works, the productions continued to use the same staging and business as when the operettas premiered; they were a living museum of Victorian theatrical practice. Unfortunately the company finally succumbed to financial woes in 1982; there have been sporadic attempts to revive it, but the traditional staging was finally abandoned, and a link to the past was lost. I was dubious, in that most of the cast were not D’Oyly Carte members. Indeed, the leading tenor role, Nanki-Poo, was played by Kenny Baker, whose main claim to fame at the time was as a featured singer on Jack Benny’s radio show.

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Bronn fights with Tyene Sandand Nymeria Sand, easily keeping up with both of them despite taking a small wound, until Areo Hotahand the Dornish guard appear and order them all to stand down. After a few tense moments, Bronn drops his sword and is arrested along with the others. Bronn claims to be fine, and comments on Tyene's beauty, though comparing her unfavorably to other Westerosi women he has been with. Tyene begins to remove her clothes to raise Bronn's blood pressure, causing his nose to bleed and his head to spin, making him collapse. Tyene reveals that she had coated her knives with poison and it is slowly killing him, but shows that she has the antidote and will only give it to him if he says she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. Bronn is later released from custody and brought before Doran Martellon Jaime's request. Though Doran is prepared to punish Bronn for his actions, Jaime speaks up for him, claiming that Bronn was only following his orders. Bronn's fate is left up to Trystane, who agrees to show Bronn mercy and set him free, on the condition that Hotah strike him across the face in retaliation for Bronn having struck him earlier. After being released, Bronn is at the docks with Jaime, Myrcella, and Trystane ready to board a ship back to King's Landing. As Doran sees the group off wishing them a safe journey home, Tyene flirts with Bronn, telling him she might come visit him, to which Bronn sarcastically replies not to wait too long as he's got a noblewoman to marry back home. Tyene cheekily tells him he wants a good girl but needs a bad pussy, and playfully bites his ear. Upon being called by Jaime, Bronn boards the boat that is to take them to their ship and leaves Dorne. However, after the ship has set sail, Myrcella succumbs to poison that was stealthily given to her by Ellaria Sandbefore their departure. Bronn is brought along by Jaime when he leads the Lannister army to Riverrunto assist the Freyforces laying siege to the castle. Riverrun was the seat of House Tullyand Lord Edmure Tully's uncle Brynden Tullyhad retaken the castle from the Freys. Bronn supported Jaime when the latter took command of the siege from Lothar Freyand Black Walder. Both are dismayed by the incompetence of their Frey allies but Bronn expresses annoyance when Jaime suggests that he be the one to teach the Freys how to run a proper siege. Reminding Jaime he was promised a castle, lands, and a wife for going to Dorne and has yet to receive any. Bronn and Jaime are visibly disgusted when Black Walder fails to carry out his threat to kill the captive Edmure, whom the Freys are trying to use as a bargaining chip to force the Blackfish's surrender. Bronn is present when Jaime strikes Black Walder for defying his orders to ensure that Edmure is treated well and fed.

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