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The Children of the Forest taught the First Men (from whom the Starks descend) that those who follow the Old Gods of the Forest should conduct all important events in front of heart trees to be witnessed by the gods (marriages, political pacts, etc. - not realizing that these events were literally being witnessed, because events performed in front of heart trees are easier for Greenseers to observe through the weirwood network. By every law of inheritance currently practiced in Westeros, a man's lawful son inherits before his younger siblings, brother or sister. From time to time, if a lord only leaves an infant daughter behind, etc. his younger brother might claim inheritance due to being more fit to rule (this type of thing is a frequent cause behind civil wars). Yet even under gender-blind Dornish law (different from the rest of Westeros), Jon ranks ahead of Daenerys. The third inheritance law used in Westeros is rare but important: the extreme male-preference primogeniture adopted by the Targaryen dynasty after the Dance of the Dragons, to try to prevent another civil war. This new Iron Throne inheritance law (followed for the past 170 years) puts female candidates behind all possible male ones - yet this is irrelevant, because even under standard Andal inheritance law followed in most of Westeros, Jon should be the real heir as the lawful son of Daenerys's older brother. At one point in the novels, she even remarks that if Rhaegar's infant son with Elia Martell had lived, even after Rhaegar died, he would have had a superior claim to the Iron Throne. First cousin marriage, however, is not considered incest, even though it was in the real-life Middle Ages (the Lannisters, Tyrells, and Starks all had first cousin marriages in the last generation or two - Ned Stark's own parents were first cousins once removed). For example, given that Sansa Stark actually isn't Jon's sister by blood, but his first cousin, a marriage between the two of them would not technically be considered incest in Westeros. Rhaenyra Targaryen was married to her own uncle Daemon Targaryen - both of them direct ancestors of all subsequent Targaryen kings (the scandal surrounding that match had more to do with their age difference and Daemon's reputation). Additionally, both of them were born after Rhaegar died at the Battle of the Trident. Coincidentally, both of their mothers died soon after giving birth to them, and both of them were born after their fathers died (Queen Rhaella Targaryen gave birth to Daenerys on Dragonstone shortly after the Mad King was killed during the Sack of King's Landing). Jon is Rhaegar and Lyanna's son, but Rhaegar and Daenerys's parents were themselves brother and sister, meaning that Rhaegar and Daenerys were also their own first cousins (and more than that, due to many generations before that of prior brother-sister incest).

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'I have been strength training using light weights,' she said. 'I work out once a week just to maintain my muscle mass. I try to walk or run a mile a day, if I can. WHAT TO TRY: The V-raise is a great arm-sculpting move. Hold a dumbbell (or bottle of water) in each hand and stand with feet shoulder-width apart, arms at your sides. With arms straight but not locked, raise weights diagonally in front of you, so your arms form a V-shape and are parallel to the floor. Hold for two seconds, then slowly return to the starting position. Repeat 12 to 15 times and for three sets as you get stronger. On this morning, a young nurse is desperate to end her marriage to a truck driver who she says beat her, doused her with scalding tea and kept her from seeing her dying mother. Eager to escape and claim her young son, she says yes. While countries such as Tunisia and Morocco have introduced reforms, brides in others must still be represented by male guardians who sign marriage contracts. Men can divorce on a whim, while women must prove cause. Such notions enjoy strong support, even among women. As a girl in the farming village of Qatana, Shamasneh would see women get the leftovers at wedding feasts, after the men. Shamasneh chose law, a profession that turned out to be a good fit for her pragmatic, analytical nature.

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This site required me to set up answers to four security questions. My use case for the security questions is for those situations where I can’t remember which particular configuration of password I used and I need to get a reminder or reset it. Fact-y type things like the standby Mother’s Maiden Name, or first pet’s name, etc. Somewhere someone can find out your first pet’s name. I had absolutely no confidence I could come up with four questions that I would answer the same way 100% of the time. Even if I could fake out my future password-forgetting self by agreeing with him that I would say the Rolling Stones are my favorite band despite regardless of any wavering in my fandom, I couldn’t successfully negotiate the dialog. Well, at one point it was stuntman, then actor, then writer, and I think even director (let’s leave the armchair shrink out of this for now, shall we? . If I put stuntman now, what will I remember when I forget my password. We are doomed to fail when we try to be smart or witty or amazing. It you think about it the people who actually are smart, etc. And if I put my attention on just doing what comes naturally, just making it the most obvious to me then the result is commonly pretty good. The idea of excellence robs us of our common sense intelligence. One of them is the richness of the cues you get from that environment. Your books, your chairs, your wall hangings represent an accumulation over many years.

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Florence Kelley, consumerism Founded the National Consumer's League, which wanted legislation to protect consumers from being cheated or harmed by big business. Home Rule for cities The idea was that the people of a city should decide how the city is run. Tom Johnson, Sam (Golden Rule) Jones, Brand Witlock, Hazen Pingree Mayors for social reform, they wanted a reform of values over more legislation. City Manager Plan, Commission Plan Legislation designed to break up political machines and replace traditional political management of cities with trained professional urban planners and managers. William Howard Taft 27th President (1908-1912), he was the only man to serve as both President of the U. . and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Overweight, he was the only president to get stuck in the White House bathtub. Roosevelt supported he in 1908, but later ran against him. Department of Labor Originally started in 1903 as the Department of Commerce and Labor, it was combined with the Bureau of Corporations in 1913 to create the Department of Labor Payne-Aldrich Tariff, 1909 With the fear of foreign competition gone, it lowered rates to 38%. Democrats felt it did not go far enough and passed the Underwood Tariff in 1913 to further lower taxes. Ballinger-Pinchot Controversy Cabinet members who had fought over conservation efforts and how much effort and money should be put into conserving national resources. Pinchot, head of the Forestry Department, accused Ballinger, Secretary of the Interior, of abandoning federal conservation policy. Uncle Joe Cannon (1836-1926), Old Guard Speaker of the House, he could make or break legislation form 1903 to 1910. He represented the Old Guard, which controlled Congress, and his arbitrary tactics led to the adoption of resolutions in 1910 limiting the power of the Speaker.

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In many instance we see clear evidence that other minds are at work, distinct from and often superior in intelligence to those of medium and sitters. These intelligences claim to be the so called dead. They substantiate their claims by giving practical proof that they are those who they purport to be. In no uncertain voice they claim to be discarnate souls. Over eighteen months from 1923 to 1924 Warrick visited Deane’s house twice a week for personal sittings during which she exposed over 400 plates, mostly of Warrick himself. Deane’s seemingly ingenuous personality immediately convinced him that her psychic powers were real, a view he never wavered from even after 1400 inconclusive experiments with her. I now know her family well and have entree to their kitchen and scullery. Although, as he admitted to Dingwall, the imposition of these stringent conditions resulted in the departure of the veiled extras, he determined to go on as long as Deane was willing, and his opinion of her remained the same. These further investigations were also fruitless, but they did eventually lead him to undertake another 600 inconclusive thought transference experiments on Deane over the next three years. For the purposes of these experiments Warrick had Deane and her family move into a house he owned. Whilst Deane sat in the cabinet with her hands imprisoned in stocks, Warrick crouched outside and attempted to transmit his thought images to her. In the tradition of previous obsessive psychic researchers he compiled and published them, along with his extended but inconclusive reasoning as to what they might mean, in a monumental 400 page book. The images were commercially printed together and distributed amongst Spiritualists. Although the heads of the fallen were impressed upside down on Violet Deane’s plate, the pictures were circulated through the Spiritualist community. The Spiritualist religion, once a mass-scale social movement, has given way to a plethora of New Age spiritualities.

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After all, nobody cuts down a lucrative franchise like Shrek at instalment number 2 when said instalment was the highest grossing film of the year bar none, and DreamWorks had only one full-on Hit since becoming publically traded, in the shape of Madagascar, so they could do with the safety blanket. The film would fall off hard over the following weeks. Compared to Shrek 2 ’s 12% drop between opening weekend and Memorial Day weekend, The Third sank 45% between weekends. In fact, its weekend totals would drop by half with each week that went by until the film finally dropped out after only 6 weeks in the Top 10. The prior mentioned Memorial Day weekend brought out the third Pirates Of The Caribbean, whilst Shrek 2 only had to hold against The Day After Tomorrow, for example. But despite all that, it still looks bad if your sequel ends up making less money at the box office than the film it’s following on from. What one can do, however, is note the shaking of public confidence. That opening weekend fell off majorly in comparison to how well prior Shrek films did in their second weekends and over time. One can blame an overly-competitive Summer, where seemingly every other week brought about a new film that was aiming for the same sort of audience, but there’s still the underlying root cause of Shrek The Third being a boring and terrible movie. And once word gets out about that fact, no amount of brand recognition or good will can save you, especially if the overall word-of-mouth is of the “it’s not very good” variety. I remember going by myself to see it just as I was turning into a stupid teenager and hating it, but being stuck next to a kid of about 8 years old who spent the runtime alternating between loving every second and trying to talk to me. There’s also the fact that it did rather well on home media sales, for those who’d prefer cold hard facts to weird anecdotes, where parents would only have to pay the once for a way to keep their kids quiet for a few hours. But at the cinema, where kids are at the mercy of parents being the ones who have final say over what everyone sees, the film struggled to keep its legs. After all, those parents may want something to keep the kids quiet for a few hours, but they’re not going to keep forking out cash for repeat showings each weekend if the film is bad. It is a bad, bad, bad film with nothing to say, nothing going on, and no reason to exist.


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Who and what is the future for which we bury our treasures. She aims to create relevant accessible theater for audiences of all ages, trusting art as a vital vehicle for inquiry and experimentation. Beth sees the puppet shows that she creates and facilitates as a means of grassroots organizing, grounded in her belief in the necessity of independent media outlets as a means of expression for everyday people—producing culture rather than simply consuming stories about who we are and what’s important. Beth is committed to developing herself as an ally to the communities that she works with, utilizing her “outsiderness” to question and provoke what an “insider” might overlook. She uses humor, absurdist situations, and her own personal questions, struggles, doubts, and realizations as a way to connect audiences with issues of social change. In 2008, Beth received the Independence Foundation Fellowship to fund the creation of Mite We? a piece that examined her family’s participation in white flight and the gentrification of West Philadelphia. Other works include Sloth Teeth, a live radio play that dramatized her struggles navigating race and class while working on a puppet show with a multi-racial group of teenagers in North Philadelphia, and ATM Muscleman, a show featuring an insightful Automatic Teller Machine that would tell the user what they really needed, more than money, more than capitalism. Beth has worked with and taught locally at Spiral Q Puppet Theater, Puppet Uprising, Southwest Community Enrichment Center, Hall-Mercer Adult Day Care Program, and Salvation Army Family Residence. They also considered their current work, doomsday, the third installment of a trilogy centering on the idea of the “end of the world. The project seeks to explore the end of the world as a “state of mind” or an outlook that is passed down generationally, particularly for people of color. Engaging sadness as both a debilitating inheritance and a path to a different kind of political practice, doomsday explores the spectrum of grief as both formative and transformative. Founded in 2013, knightworks makes interdisciplinary dance theater works centered on telling stories of the African Diaspora in rich, layered detail. Miranda worked with students and faculty during a series of events focused on mixed-genre Native American literature and poetry. Her work draws on the history of colonialism and drew much interest from students of American literature, poetry, fiction, and memoir.

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Judge Menary told Liverpool Crown Court: 'What she did not know, could not have known but later events revealed, is that you were a predatory sex offender taking advantage of opportunities to carry out intimate examinations on women in order to fulfill your perverted desire for sexual gratification. He pointed out that the victim is believed to have been suffering from pelvic inflammatory disease and any internal examination would have been particularly uncomfortable. And doing so on that occasion was 'pointless' as it was too late on a Friday evening to send swabs for examination, he added. 'Nevertheless you asked her to get on the couch, lower her clothing and then you carried out an internal vaginal examination, inserting one or more fingers of your right hand and using fingers on your left hand to massage her clitoris. 'It did not last long but long enough to make it plain this was no ordinary medical examination. I am satisfied from a medical point of view that this was wholly unnecessary and pointless examination. 'That was not the reason you carried it out on that day and the fact you did not record that examination in the notes makes that plain. It was not recorded because it should never had happened in the way it did. Judge Menary said the affect on the victim has been 'profound and she lives with the consequences consciously and sub-consciously. Her statement makes plain the impact on her life and personal relationships. Crosby stood trial in 2004 facing allegations of indecently assaulting 12 women. He was convicted of seven of them and cleared of five. Allegations by a further 14 women were left to lie on the file. Judge Menary said that Crosby denied all the allegations and still does. 'You did not acknowledge the problem you undoubtedly have, the risk you undoubtedly pose to woman,' he said.

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Maybe it takes the Genial bearing of the good doctor To diagnose on-screen what x-rays do not reach. An ashenness, in the films of Papa Pabst — He could smell death, yet he chose Not to turn away or resist. Countenance The impulses of the family man, The host of the jocund front-room, Big in bulk, fully flanked, Arteries hardening before — suddenly, — Sexual lust, rational wife, Children who in later years Still cannot acknowledge one turn of Papa’s mind. that the double Chin and belly hillock could conspire Toward a forward force that might have Broken headboards. — An obscure business, The arts. And in his Diary, Pabst records Brooks Both as being, and not being, “There. Sometimes his camera looks right past her, The girl who needs attention and has learned to live without it, To forage and scrap for substitutes, folderol. One sees as much in The mass-produced production-still From Pandora’s Box: she’s lifting a mourning veil, And in so doing tells of Death and its thresholds; Is so like a spider at work on its web Or, cornered, rearing up to attack —. Brooks dreamt what freedom might be, while Pabst had his notions of what freedom was. Fate draws up for starplayers Its contracts in advance, and Pabst, knowing what he knew, Feeling it useless to turn away or resist, Bestowed upon Brooks the one thing he thought he could: Eternal resurrection. To set the scene, backtrack — Brooks pivoting, bare-heeled, As the voice of Pabst, one day, on-set, intones: “Louise, meet Sybille,” — three syllables, To which the American later adds a threadbare sibilance The first or second time she says it. This name, In later years, registers as lullaby, or butterfly That’s shed its specifically Latin descriptor, When Louise replaces on her nightstand The Gift Or, bottle in bag, takes a spot on the bank of the Genesee; Either time, recalling Sybille Schmitz In off-hand lumina of patience and pain. Immortalised by Fassbinder in The Longing of Veronika Voss, The real Sybille play-drowns in Diary, Her appearance high-tension tangent To the fate-line teased out by Pabst for Thymian’s course. But helmeted Nana in Vivre sa vie Remains the concentrated portrait of a Soul both “there” and “not there,” Fluxed envelopments of the interior life in the exterior, And vice-versa; Godard puts forth not only an allusion to Brooks, but also a gesture of accord. If you take off the outside, there remains the Inside.