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Maybe he shows up next episode and he's somehow paid off the guard that told Jaimie he was dead. Somebody upthread said they liked this season because the show stopped taking itself seriously. For me, the complexity of the plots and the proper untangling of them was the largest part of what made the show worthwhile. A few characters have reemerged after being left with uncertain fates. Anyway, the season did have me going, until the time travel stuff. I don't think I've seen any of the subsequent episodes. I know he's working now, supposedly, but is he going to sit out as a show writer from here on out. And while there are loads of unconvincing things, Dany flying back home at a good moment and one giant approving of Jon Snow are not examples of that. I'd also really like to know how much GRR Martin is giving the show, because if he only gives major plot points then there's possibly going to be a lot of things in the show that go nowhere. I've heard most of Tyrion's best parts come from the books so it's not surprising he hasn't really shone recently.

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It was my favorite part of the show and the only part I wasn’t critiquing. (“Are you the one they call the Dog? ). Jon and Dany need the Unsullied, who are currently under siege by Euron. They need to get Cersei to pull back so the Unsullied can go north. They also need supplies and food that Cersei may be hording or trying to take from them. I found her little temper tantrum towards Sansa very unfair. She needs to get over herself, these plot points are getting really annoying to watch. Dany already agreed to fight for him, there was no need for him to bend the knee anymore. Jon was trying to fight them off so the rest of them could hop on and fly away.

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Given that Belfast is a regional capital with devolved powers, we can offer students placements in the high profile political and related institutions on our doorstep - for example in the Department of Justice, Equality Commission, Police Ombudsman’s Office, or BBC Northern Ireland. World Class Facilities Queen’s Library has an outstanding collection of resources relating to Spain and Latin America, as well as a range of political topics. The Language Centre has state-of-the-art facilities for language learning, and the IT provision more generally is excellent. Internationally Renowned Experts Spanish at QUB has world leading experts in Spanish and Latin American literature and culture. Research in Languages at Queen’s was ranked 3rd in the UK in REF 2014 for Research Intensity and 5th for Grade Point Average. Student Experience Students run both a lively Spanish and Portuguese Society and Politics Society, and staff offer support through a personal tutoring system, skills development programme and a structured framework for feedback. This provides a unique opportunity for students to marshal all the research and writing skills they have learned through the course of their degree to produce an original piece of research which reflects the particular interests that they have acquired in their time studying at Queen’s. Introduction Students on this pathway take three courses per subject at each level, as well as a language year abroad. Contact Teaching Times Large Group Teaching 5 (hours maximum) 3-5 hours of lectures Medium Group Teaching 8 (hours maximum) hours of small-group teaching Personal Study 25 (hours maximum) 22-25 hours preparing and revising. On the BA in International Studies and Spanish we do this by providing a range of learning experiences which enable our students to engage with subject experts, develop attributes and perspectives that will equip them for life and work in a global society and make use of innovative technologies and a world class library that enhances their development as independent, lifelong learners.

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