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But Chief Suh and Chun Soo rush to the Prefecture to protect Dong Yi. She accepts full responsibility, saying that Chief Suh, the Office of Investigations, and her attendants don’t know anything about her past. In anger, King Sukjong orders Dong Yi confined to her residence. Shim Woon Taek appeals to Queen Inhyeon to help Dong Yi; later, he also seeks an audience with King Sukjong. The ministers from the South faction begin petitioning King Sukjong to punish Dong Yi. On the other hand, the Westerners tell Queen Inhyeon that Dong Yi’s situation is hopeless. Queen Inhyeon confronts Lady Jang and tells her that she will protect Dong Yi. But, later on, Lady Jang orders Governor Jang Mu-yeol to arrest and torture Dong Yi’s attendants, Lady Jung, Jung-im, and Chun Soo. King Sukjong tells Dong Yi to lie about her relationship with Gaeduara. Despite the protests by the ministers, he refuses to punish Dong Yi. Government officials from all levels begin boycotting their duties, and the Confucian scholars continue their protests. Seeing the whole government paralyzed because of the continuous boycott and protests, Dong Yi pleads with King Sukjong to punish her. King Sukjong finally hands down his decision on Gaeduara, the surviving Sword Fraternity members, Chun Soo, and Dong Yi. King Sukjong orders that Gaeduara be beheaded and Chun Soo to be exiled to a distant island. Because of the death of Dong Yi’s baby, King Sukjong retains her title and position but casts her out of the Palace.

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With Herzog at the helm, this should have been a great movie but, imo, it's vastly inferior to both the original and the 1931 classic with Bela Lugosi. There are no real details to the story other than Max Shreck was possibly an actual vampire. This movie takes that legend and fleshes out a compelling story based on it. Stars John Malkovich as director FW Murnau and Willem Dafoe as Max Shreck. Definitely recommended. The Train. The 1964 classic directed by John Frankenheimer. Stars Burt Lancaster as a train inspector and member of the French Resistance tasked with derailing a Nazi officer's effort to steal a bunch of artistic masterpieces and ship them on a train back to Germany in the closing days of the war. I don't, anymore. Maybe I've seen it too many times. Still a great one, tho. Tootsie. Suddenly felt like seeing this again. Kinda skipped through much of the lesser bits in the middle, realizing in the process this could have been a shorter movie if the late, great Sidney Pollack hadn't padded it somewhat and instead edited it down. And Dustin Hoffman's big reveal in the end is a real high point.


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Pretty sure it was Viserion that got killed and resurrected. And it seems to me it would have been a better and more fitting ending if Rhaegal had of picked up and rescued Jon, given that Rhaegar is JS’s father. Rhaegal would’ve had a way bigger impact, but I guess they’re saving it for next season. So if Bran is the NK or controlling him, what does he want a dragon for. So attacking Jon and forcing Dany to come over is just an elaborate plan for Bran to gain control of a dragon. The smaller one then the larger one, or was that the Hound. And I think it was Viserion who got killed as well, but not 100% sure. Dany only seems to ride Drogon, so don't think that one is still alive. I wish this forum would auto-spoiler tag something you quoted if the original poster had it in spoiler tags. Now he has awoken in dragon form and looks like will be used to try to kill Dany. The only time I've seen him actually touch someone other than to kill them is with the sacrificial babies left outside for him. He doesn't have to touch a corpse to revive it, does he. You'd think that whatever happened to JS would be of great interest to the NK, wouldn't you. For ep6 I'm guessing that viserion is now a white walker thing rather than a wight, if that applies to other creatures. But no, I will JUST TURN MY BACK on them and WALK AWAY as if I have no interest in spoiler tags, just like the NK did.


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