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No, once the war against the Others is over, Jon had better turn over the North to her, or she'll find a way to take it away from him. The Freys just died en masse and Edmure Tully is still a prisoner, so nobody's ruling the Riverlands. Robin Arryn isn't going anywhere, the Vale at least has a stable government. The Crownlands go to whoever takes the Iron Throne, if anyone. The Tarlys were killed off about five minutes after they were granted the rule of the Reach. Obviously Sam's going to take over at some point, but not until the war is over. The Stormlands don't seem to have a ruler, it looks like the Baratheons died off during the War of Five Kings and the doomed Cersei is running the show there. Ellaria Sand had taken over the rule of Dorne even though Oberyn's eldest daughter was the legit heir, now that the Sand Snakes are dead and Ellaria is a prisoner, it's not clear who is in charge. Urine Grejoy is ruling the Iron Islands, obviously Yara and Theon are going to take over at some point, not that I care. So they've got to settle ALL those conflicts before ending the show. Honestly, it seems a bit much to fit in, along with the war between the living and the dead. I don't think his nude scenes were photoshopped or WTF ever they do. A couple of the posters look OK, but most of them are crap. The main impression I have is that the cast is absolutely over the moon, relieved, happy deliriously happy that it's all over. Every interview seems like someone expresses relief. Yes, they benefited from modern technology, and the way media is distributed today, but GoT and the characters, the actors, etc.

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It went to my spam box—I didn’t recognize the address. But it said “I’m back, baby, and you can see me in the old folk’s home in DC. Then this happened. I knew it had to be Brody—I know his writing style. I’ve got a very serious situation in here, so if you think you can help us, great. Otherwise, I’m going to have to ask you to leave. . That bomb rocked the entire building, and it could be coming down any second. Dust was everywhere, and the kind maintenance worker who had helped her off the hallway floor and into the maintenance lounge to treat her wound had ended up diving on top of her as the ceiling and floor simultaneously caved. They were left on an outcrop near the sink, so close to the gaping hole in the floor that she dare not shift. The couch was now one floor beneath them, and so the floor looked like a pretty inviting place to sit. Can’t go through life without a good sense of humor, you know? . It was a through-and-through, very close to being a graze. It hadn’t caught any bones, and by the way it felt, probably hadn’t severely damaged any muscle tissue. It was more like a 9 mm cylinder carved into her arm than it was a bullet hole, but it still hurt like hell.

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Outnumbering the Lannisters nearly 10-1, its possible that she didn't think she would need to bring all her dragons to bear at once. Earlier in Season 7, Qyburn specifically referred to that first incident in Meereen as an example that dragons aren't invincible and can be injured - but Drogon was much younger than, this armored scales not as thick. In Meereen, even common spears were able to do a lot more harm to Drogon than he receives now in this episode from Qyburn's super-scorpion bolt. In the fourth book, he uses that lesson in an opposite manner - he takes precautions even when it seems unnecessary, to prevent anyone from taking him unawares as Robb did to him. Had Jaime acted that way in this episode (by sending scouts and placing sentries around his host), he might have been forewarned in time and could have arranged the troops in a better position, and prepared the anti-dragon weapon. Under such conditions, it is uncertain the outcome of the battle might have been different, but Daenerys's victory might have been more costly than it was. The books describe what happened: when Jaime's cavalry were totally surrounded in an ambush and all hope of victory was lost, he spotted Robb Stark himself on the battlefield, and much like this episode, made a desperate charge straight at him - thinking he still had a slim chance of ending the Northern rebellion then and there if he could kill Robb himself. A preternaturally skilled swordsman and considered one of the top two or three warriors in all of Westeros, Jaime did manage to carve a path through Robb's bodyguards which killed many, but eventually their numbers overcame him and they piled on to Jaime to take him alive. At the end of Robert's Rebellion, when the rebel armies were advancing on King's Landing, the Mad King sent his wife away to safety on Dragonstone (along with Viserys), where she died giving birth to Daenerys. They were briefed by members of the British army on battle maneuvers. Other scenes have had one or sometimes several stuntmen set on fire, but 20 at once is a new record. In the novels, Jaime actually confessed his role in the annulment of Tyrion's marriage to Tysha, for which Tyrion swore revenge on Tywin, Cersei and Jaime, vowing to kill all three of them for (he murdered Tywin moments later) a lifetime of misery; in A Dance with Dragons, Tyrion is intent on killing both Cersei and Jaime. Recalling how much Jaime was kind to him as a child, it makes the betrayal even worse in Tyrion's eyes, because he trusted Jaime and never doubted him. The Iron Islands alliance was an act of desperation and Euron Greyjoy is acting out of his own self-interest. The Riverlands are under Lannister control, but lack any value since the farms were burned during the War of the Five Kings. There will certainly be fights between the Noble houses over who gains control of the area and replaces House Frey, who were universally loathed anyway for their role in the Red Wedding.

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Yea, I get it kalo ini sebenarnya adalah konser musik, but they were freaking advertised it as if there’s gonna be plenty of other stuff too. Hahaha that was almost too easy for me, setelah itu saya langsung ganti kostum. Sempet ngobrol-ngobrol sama komunitas Lupus yang ngurusin acara ini ( I wanna join in ! . Sayang, mas Hilman enggak datang, padahal saya udah siap mental untung nodong tandatangan hihihi. Lupus itu ikon 90an yang wajib banget dilestarikan. Kalo kamu belum pernah baca Lupus, tutup deh buku cengeng nan kacangan Raditya Dika itu sekarang, dan segera cari novel Lupus di kios-kios buku lama. Rada aneh juga karena mereka memulai acaranya jam setengah empatan lebih, ngaret (biasa, Indonesia. padahal saya dengar ada curfew yang mengharuskan acara ini bubaran jam sebelas malem. But it is cool, akhirnya saya bisa mendengarkan langsung dan ikut menyanyikan lagu-lagu yang dulu saya tonton di tipi semasa kecil. Sayangnya beberapa performer membawakan lagu mereka dengan sentuhan modern and it was kind of suck-y. Beberapa mereka juga kayaknya lupa kalo lagi ngadepin crowd dari generasi 90an. Adon salah besar ngontrol crowd pake cara lebai semacam “haaaii alviiinn”. Anak-anak 90an itu enggak pretentious kayak anak jaman sekarang. Sebut aja “Salahkan Aku”, “Bermimpi”, “Kita”, “Salam Untuk Dia”,”Selalu Untuk Selamanya”, “Inikah Cinta”, “Hidupku kan Damaikan Hatimu”, atau masih banyak lagi judul lagu yang bikin memori terbang balik ke kisah hidup jaman dulu. Hahaha, saya dari kecil ngefans berat sama boneka imut yang sedikit bandel ini.

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Plenty of shows kick off with the murder of a young woman, too many in fact. But none of them feel anything like this humble, ambling poem of a series. Rectify happens to earn that distinction, playing with the quiet and gnarled tones of Southern Gothic literature. Its constant use of metaphor could be overbearing if it weren’t so beautifully intertwined with the lives of the characters. You may never look at those air dancing floppy men the same way again, but you might recognize the tussles between religion and the plain fact of sin. Rectify warps the familiar world, getting away with this by grounding everything in the battles that take place inside all of our heads. There are people we love, but at times we despise them. We are good people, but sometimes we do the wrong thing. This is a weighty show, but it moves like the breeze through stunning imagery and stirring monologues. And everything circles around Aden Young playing Daniel, truly one of the great performances in the history of the medium. Like the series around him, he looks like a giant but floats like an angel with weights on his ankles. Rectify is the rare show that sees the world for all of the beauty and horror it contains. And even more than this, it understands that those two elements are often one in the same. — Josh Oakley. It’s easy to forget that just a few years ago, Matthew McConaughey was just that dude from Dazed and Confused, or the butt of every joke that involved a southern drawl and the phrase “alright, alright, alright. For anyone who saw Dallas Buyers Club, it was evident that something strange was happening within McConaughey.

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He is the Jewish Federations of North America’s 2009 Jewish Group Hero of the Yr,” chosen for founding JCorps, the Jewish social volunteering community JCorps brings collectively Jewish volunteers between the ages of 18 and 28 to attach and contribute to their communities. Just as vital, Teman will inform you, people like it. Some 45,000 supporters voted to make him the first Jewish Group Hero” in a contest sponsored last fall by Jewish Federations of North America (beforehand United Jewish Communities). The winner of the Jewish Federation’s Neighborhood Hero Contest was launched Tuesday: Ari Teman, founder of JCorps and buddy of Chabad. created by entrepreneur Ari Teman, costs building homeowners for data on their tenants’ use of Airbnb, Craiglist, and Ari Teman different web sites to re-rent their items, the New York Each day Info reported. Information for the customarily doudy EMR enterprise and partly as a result of I would met Ari Teman at a perform in NY the previous Monday. We requested Teman how he would reply to individuals who perhaps weren’t sympathetic to the most recent twist in the story, who would possibly shrug their shoulders over just a few imply tweets. New York primarily based comic Ari Teman cannot get anyone to lease him an condominium. A letter saying you wish to sublease a minimum of 30 days before the time you hope to depart. Saturday of final week, I obtained an e-mail that was mainly a press launch saying that the CEO of QSI (the Nextgen EMR firm) had been arrested that day for sending an emissary to conduct some form of raid or dwelling invasion on Ari Teman’s home. Teman will be the Jewish Federations of North America’s “Jewish Neighborhood Hero of the 12 months,” picked from greater than 4 hundred nominees after 570,000 votes, for starting JCorps, the Jewish social volunteering group. Two years prior to now he unwittingly rented his New York Metropolis flat out on Airbnb for what turned out to be a raucous intercourse get collectively. Teman, a standup comic by day, runs JCorps as strictly a volunteer on a value vary that is most likely lower than the award he’ll take residence. Closing 12 months, JCorps volunteers from one hundred seventy faculties and 450 firms served 21,000 meals to hungry people. The New York Put up caught up with each occasions on Monday: Teman went into additional element about his ordeal with Carter and the gang of practically nude, obese individuals” he launched with him. Ari Teman, an award-profitable comedian, headliner and customary at A-Guidelines golf equipment in New York City and around the nation, will carry his routine to the Chabad Jewish Middle of NWBC on saturday, Dec.