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erming the present era as corruption free era, Gupta said that good governance was the basic agenda of this government and Modi has succeeded in making administration neat and clean by flushing out corrupt mechanism. He said that when boss is honest and dedicated, the team automatically start work with honesty and dedication. He said that an environment of honesty has been created and people have started feeling good in this environment. He said that a big change is being seen on the ground level in the governance system. Further said our government’s commitment towards eradicating black money is very strong and they are taking every step to get rid of the black money menace. e added that,tha result of election of five states proves Demonitization a successful drive started by Modi government against Blackmoney. ther who were present on the occasion include Ranjeet Tara,Sanjay Sharma,Pashori Sharma,Kamal Bakshi and others. Narinder Modi Jee has started so many schemes for women empowerment and the Pardhanmantri Koushal Yojana Scheme is the scheme from which women will be trained in different fields to earn their livelihood on its own. Rajesh Gupta said that in today's world this it is a necessity that both the partners of a family contribute in the earning process. The prominent who accompanied the MLA included Ramesh Sharma,Prof Shyam, Chandan Gupta,Balkrishan,Subhash Annand,Romesh Sharma, Rajesh Nischal,Sushant,Chamanlal, Sanju,Mehra,Ashok,Pinku,Parvinder Kour,Jyoti Vaid and Arti. The work is estimated to cost Rs 6 lakhs. LA Rajesh Gupta was accompanied by social activist Anirudh Gupta and also accompanied by municiapl market association President Sd. Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the ocassion said that Jammu will witness a fast growth in all areas under the present dispensation and appealed the people to be a part of the growth story. e asked all the citizens to benefit from the many pro people schemes launched by the Modi Jis government.

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I get the sense that Doran Martell does not want their to be any question of how he intends to treat a Lannister he has in custody. Areo enters with Myrcella, who informs Jamie that she didn’t need to be rescued and is happy where she is. Normally, I would be opposed to allowing the whims of teen love to influence decision making. But she is definitely better off here in Dorne than she would have been in King’s Landing. Dorne has been the worst part of the season because the producers have given it very little time to develop. And considering we’ve never been to this part of Westeros before, shouldn’t we give it more than five minutes every third episode to develop. But the cell scene with Bronn and the Sand Snakes did more for Oberyn’s daughters than any other of their 7 minutes on screen this season has done. What follows is a series of insults from Bronn about how beautiful the women of Dorne are, despite the Sand Snakes. Tyene decides to put this to the test, seductively stripping and showing herself to Bronn. I am not sure if she could purposely time this, but it was at this moment, with her clothes completely open, that Bronn’s poison kicks in. Apparently, Tyene takes after her late father and poisons her spear when she fights. She also has the antidote that would cure Bronn around her neck, but he must say she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Bronn agrees and receives the antidote before the poison can do him anymore harm. This scene finally convinced us of what the show has failed to do up to this point: the Sand Snakes are very dangerous and Doran is wise to have them locked up right now in their current mindset.

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Borzage, protagonizado por James Stewart e Margaret Sullavan, com o. LeRoy, entre outros. Vale ainda a pena realcar They Were. Filipinas. O filme e visto como um tributo a Marinha, sendo. George Stevens, sendo o primeiro filme (em nove colaboracoes). Garland entrou em tres filmes da serie, nomeadamente Love. Finds Andy Hardy (1938), Andy Hardy Meets Debutante (1940). West (1940) e The Big Store (1941), ambos protagonizados. Night at the Opera em 1935, A Day at the Races em 1937, e. Van Johnson, Hedy Lamarr, Mickey Rooney, Van Heflin, embora no. Paramount Pictures, Inc. (1948), com este ultimo a resultar numa. Century Fox, MGM, Paramount, Warner Bros, RKO Radio), sendo seguidos.


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The meeting reformed the body of BJYM kharu Mandal in presence of Sh. Stanzin Zatsal Vice district president BJYM and general secretary BJP Diskit Nura Mandal, Sh. Tashi Stobgais Mandal President Kharu, Hon’ble councilors Sh. Konchok Stanzin Chushul, Sakti Sh. Gyal P. Wangail, Sh. Tsering Paldan Igoo, and Sh. Jamyang Tsering Namgail Martselang Constituencies were present. The new office bearers were nominated as President: -Sh. igmat Namgail Vice- president: - Sh. Stobgal Sakti, Sh. adma Thinly Martselang Sh. onchok Namgail ChemdayandSh. Nawang Tsering Gya.