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? It doesn’t make any sense in so many levels. First of all why will Arya go to collect gains when she is a well train assassin. Second why would she go to king’s landing when they had all that emotional bonding moment with Sansa about taking care of each other when winter comes. Third I don’t think she will be capture because she is so well train she escape so many closed calls thanks to her quick, and intelligent way of fighting. Fourth she has a dagger that plays a mayor roll in the serie. Fifth how can they have the last fight in King’s Landing with the night king. That means all the north, the vale and Riverlands have been wipe out complete which will kill almost if not all of the mayor characters located in the north. It doesn’t follow though I think Arya will aid or will kill Cersei since she is the only one of the Starks after robb that really focus on getting to have Cersei killed. As well as Jaime riding north to winterfell means she will have the perfect opportunity to kill him and take his face and match down with Jon and Daenerys to Kings Landing. Is almost like Jon story line they had him kill an raised from death, as well as they had Arya almost kill by one of her mentors in Bravvos. Besides Maisie Williams was one of the last cast members to finish shooting for the show while some big and mayor character were already on vacation. So I don’t think she will be taken prisoner they did that to the sand snakes because it was almost poetic because The head of the sand snakes poison Cersei daughter so “history repeat it self when it comes to death fate. Chances are good she'll be lady of Winterfell, but her own way, like Lyanna Mormont, not Sansa or their mother. She's modeled herself on Ned (especially in the books), and he also never expected to rule Winterfell. BTW, any left-handed person will tell you how hard it is to do fine work or write with the right hand. Poor Arya is a leftie but was forced to use her right hand by Septa Mordane. Liam O'Hare 3 ? ?

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Gw suka prinsipnya: dikatakan bahwa Hitler cukup cerdas sehingga tahu bahwa menguasai budaya dan seni manusia akan menghancurkan peradaban mereka (kira-kira gitu deh) sehingga misi spesial ini harus dilakukan, otherwise sejarah akan tinggal sejarah dan tidak ada peninggalan lagi alias itu kiamat buat bangsa yang bersangkutan. Gw jadi aware akan hal ini setelah menonton film ini. Ternyata sebegitu penting ya benda-benda seni dan ternyata maknanya dalam banget. Gw yakin ga semua orang bakal suka sama film sejenis ini. Anyway di luar plot yang agak lambat, gw suka banget soundtracknya yang ringan dan kocak, membuat film serius ini jadi lebih mudah dilahap. Ya sudah akhirnya nonton juga deh, dan somehow saya suka banget sama film ini. Padahal banyak feedback negatif soal film ini, mulai dari datar, ngantuk dan sejenisnya. Walaupun statement-statement pidatonya standard dan ga menggugah-menggugah banget, tetep tuh saya ga bergidik-gidik ilfeel ngeliatinnya. Banyak orang bertanya-tanya, sebenernya nih film sekuel atau prekuel dari 300 yang pertama, dan jawabannya ternyata ga dua-duanya. Jadi sebenernya cerita ini paralel sih dengan film 300 yang pertama. Nah, nyambungin kisahnya itu yang menurut saya keren. Keren aja gimana mereka harus adu licik untuk memenangkan pertarungan di laut yang superganas dengan ombak dan badai. Nah pas sekolah Sherman ini di-bully sama temen ceweknya, karena punya ayah seekor anjing. Ya sudah akhirnya terjadilah perkelahian dan Mr. Peabody jadi terancam kehilangan hak asuh Sherman karena dianggap ga bisa mendidik Sherman dengan baik. Agak ragu ngajak anak-anak nonton film ini karena messagenya agak aneh, dimana seorang anjing mengadopsi anak manusia, belum lagi di ending semua orang berseru “I am a dog. Terus jangan lupa bahwa semua cerita itu bener-bener disesuaikan dengan background sejarah. Keren deh. Soal teknis mesin waktu yang diterapkan juga cukup masuk akal, walaupun tetep aja saya at the end ga terlalu ngerti prinsip ruang dan waktu itu.


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om. Initially suspicious of the Halliwell sisters, Darryl becomes close to them after Andy’s death when he learns that they’re not just regular sisters, but witches. Darryl becomes their man on the inside of the police force, helping them dodge suspicion and cover up cases that are related to demons. Darryl did not return for season 8 due to budget cuts, according to Charmed executive producer Brad Kern. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a child, Dorian is a spokesperson for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and according to his Facebook, he recently was a guest speaker at a diabetes conference in Paris. Dorian has an active Facebook presence where he posts lots of selfies and regularly responds to Charmed fans, and he recently popped up in an episode of Agents of S. . . . . . Played by Brian Krause, Leo was a Whitelighter, a guardian angel who helped the Charmed Ones navigate their powers and the magical world. He had the ability to teleport -- or orb, as it was called on the show -- to different places. Leo and Piper end up marrying and having three children, including Chris, their aforementioned son from the future. Since the series ended, Brian has had small roles on a few notable television shows, including Mad Men, The Closer, and Castle. He’s also been in a number of indie movies, and was most recently the star in a horror flick called Be Afraid. He’s active on both Twitter and Facebook and continues to appear on the ComicCon circuits. The Montana family had been fighting with the Callaway family for eternity, but Richard fell in love with Olivia Callaway. Like Romeo and Juliet, a tragic end awaited the star-crossed lovers, and Olivia was killed in crossfire.


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It was about the same time that Kamala began to respond to Reverend Singh’s patient ministrations, relinquishing some of her ferocious, wolflike ways. With daily massage and measured exercise, she was eventually able to stand erect and to walk in a conventional human manner. Kamala’s table etiquette advanced to the point where she could eat at the table with guests who might be visiting the orphanage. By 1927, her vocabulary included thirty words, and she was helping Reverend Singh by watching the younger children, and she had begun to attend church services. Sadly, as Kamala’s adjustment to human society improved, her health began steadily to fail. On September 26, 1929, at the approximate age of seventeen, the last of India’s wolf-girls died of uremic poisoning. In October 1990, welfare workers in Springs, South Africa, discovered a case where the family dog had apparently been given almost full responsibility for the care of Danny, a 23-month-old boy. The child’s mother admitted that she had left her son in the kennel to be raised by Skaapie, the dog, because she was an alcoholic and usually too drunk to care for him herself. Child welfare workers said that Danny scampered about on all fours, barked, and whined. It was obvious to welfare worker Les Lancaster that the boy had spent so much time with Skaapie that he had assumed the behavior patterns of a dog. For her part, Danny’s mother said that she provided him with a daily bowl of food, and she was happy that Skaapie had assumed all other maternal duties. Sadly, when the officials took Danny away from his life in the dog kennel, they also separated him from his devoted, caring surrogate mother. Devastated by the loss of her “puppy,” she died two weeks after their separation. One of the most astonishing cases of surrogate animal parentage was made public in China’s Liaoning Province in September 1991 when authorities at the China Medical Institute in Shenyang revealed that sixteen-year-old Wang Xian Feng had been raised from the age of two to six by pigs. The girl was on all fours, squealing, grunting, and shoving her face into the grass just like the members of her family of swine. According to the Anshan Psychology Research Institute of the China Medical Institute, they had sent researchers to investigate the botanist’s claims and the members of their team even witnessed the child suckling a sow. Later, they observed her grunting, pushing pigs out of the way, and shoving her face into a trough to eat. At night, she would curl up next to the pigs to share body heat against the cold. The girl was removed from the swine herd and taken to the Institute for study and observation.