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go for it. Last night Christian Wade and Brad Barritt became the third and fourth players to be summoned from England? tour to Argentina as concerns grow about the fitness of George North and Jamie Roberts. That would not be a problem too because the hacker will solve everything for you. Make on your path around the shiny floors and when you arrive at another fight area sign up for the summoners first or they are going to keep summoning minotaurs and before you decide to know it you will have a room full of horny things after you. If it were true it would be great, but promises like this are often hiding something. Even to an intelligent person, the promises of an online scam artist certainly are alluring. With the Irish wing Tommy Bowe already out of the First Test with a busted hand, and the Welsh strike-runner North struggling with a hamstring problem, the tourists. She attacks while using powers of ice, using her trademark move “Diamond Dust”. AirBnB, as you probably know, is a service that allows apartment owners to rent to visitors for a fee.

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KSiteTV has stumbled upon a very interesting tidbit in the latest issue of Entertainment Weely that seems to indicate that even though Supergirl will be on CBS -- and Arrow and The Flash are both on The CW -- we cana? rule out some epic crossovers since the three DC comics superhero series may very well inhabit the same TV universe. Supergirl (which was actually passed over by The CW) is currently being developed by Greg Berlanti, who is also a producer on both Arrow and The Flash. There you have it. That should make the geeks in all of us very, very happy. The network has debuted a tantalizingly creepy little teaser clip, with some stark visuals and characters that look to set up the direction of the new season. The next season promises to be a game-changer for the hit fantasy series, considering theya? e caught up with George R. . Martina?

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Fisher Stevens! , but is best remembered for one certifiably insane sequence involving a rowboat, a hedge clipper, and a whole lot of dead bodies. There's a fairly dull movie surrounding this outrageous Tom Savini gristle, but hey, you could say the same about most Friday the 13th movies. And like the finest Saw traps, the scariness comes not just from the graphic violence, but also in the intense anticipation of said violence. Yes, I think these movies are a little deeper than people give them credit for. High Tension This wild French import came under fire over a still-controversial finale, but it's hard not to stand in awe of the horror-thriller's upsetting murder via. It's all very elaborate, unique, and strikingly creepy. A Nightmare on Elm Street Wes Craven's classic is jam-packed with freaky death scenes -- which only makes sense given that half the movie takes place inside imagined nightmares -- but for my money the most shocking dispatch is (maybe) the simplest one. Does it fit the theme and tone of the film, and set the stage for a wonderfully unpredictable horror film? Hell yes.

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I committed to The Vietnam War last year with three friends, watching it over coffee on Sunday mornings last fall. You’d think it would make terrible social viewing, but that turned out to be untrue. Between episodes, we’d unpack what we just saw, then play a few rounds of Tetris as a palate cleanser. Not long after I’d finished the doc, I was at a party where I met one of the hosts of, what I was told, was a very popular podcast about “the Dirtbag Left. It was loud and we were drinking. He complained about “the Regular Left” for about 20 minutes—I remember putting my palm over my plastic cup to make sure none of his spittle would land in my drink—before moving into a tangent about how no one should watch Ken Burns’s The Vietnam War, though it wasn’t clear why we shouldn’t. I said that I’d seen all 18 hours of the series, and that I thought it was well done. As I explained how meaningful the doc was to me as a Vietnamese American to hear from Vietnamese people, the podcast guy pulled out his phone and began checking Instagram, which is basically how most white people react when we talk about our experiences. Anyway, like I said, The Vietnam War is streaming on Netflix. As Geoff Dyer shows in his new book on photography, The Ongoing Moment, in 1916 Strand added fake lenses to the side of his camera to make people think he was shooting from that angle.

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There is something so flat about the book, like the reader's total indifference towards the characters, their abusive relationship and especially the ending. I should've loved the book because it touches all those interesting topics like cinematography, rebellion and sexuality, but instead, I was utterly bored. I was really interested in how this dreamy incestuous threesome will work out but then suddenly the characters were eating cat food, spouting vomit at each other and smudging poop on themselves like Indian war paint and all of that was something I really couldn't swallow. The author did so much better job with the ecranisation of the book. In the screen adaption, directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, extraordinary actors like Eva Green, Michael Pitt and Louis Garrel are simply remarkable. Henry's whole personality, even though he's our narrator, was that he's bisexual and he was afraid to get out of the closet. We know far more about the twins than him, despite the fact we spent entire book in his head. That's quite depressing and makes it really hard to feel attached to both him and the plot. The relationship between Henry, Theo and Isabelle started out as rather fascinating and captivating, but turned out to be gruesome and sick. Besides, their bond was written about without any real depth.

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The party won 50 of the National Assembly's 72 seats. A February 1996 presidential election returned President Monteiro to office. Legislative elections in January 2001 returned power to the PAICV, with the PAICV holding 40 of the National Assembly seats, MPD 30, and Party for Democratic Convergence (PCD) and Labour and Solidarity Party (PTS) 1 each. In February 2001, the PAICV-supported presidential candidate Pedro Pires defeated former MPD leader Carlos Veiga by only 13 votes. Politics Cape Verde is a stable semi-presidential representative democratic republic. It is among the most democratic nations in Africa, ranking 26th in the world, according to the 2018 Democracy Index. The constitution — adopted in 1980 and revised in 1992, 1995 and 1999 — defines the basic principles of its government. The president is the head of state and is elected by popular vote for a 5-year term. The prime minister is the head of government and proposes other ministers and secretaries of state. The prime minister is nominated by the National Assembly and appointed by the president.