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Working with partner Zachary M Mortensen, Zeman produced 'Choking Man', helmed by acclaimed director Steve Barron, responsible for such seminal music videos as Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean and A-Ha’s Take on Me. 'Choking Man' premiered in at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival and went on to win an IFP Gotham Award. Most recently Zeman produced 'Against the Current', starring Joseph Fiennes, Justin Kirk, Michelle Trachtenberg and Mary Tyler Moore. Against The Current premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, and went to win won a Jury Prize at AFI Dallas. The film will be released in 2010 by IFC films. Zeman is also a Fellow of the inaugural Sundance Creative Producing Initiative, as well as a former mentor for Independent Film Projects (IFP) 2008 Rough Cut Lab. In addition to feature films, Zeman penned and produced an hour-long documentary on the History of the Mafia in New York for the Discovery Channel entitled 'Members Only' and an hour-long special, 'Killer Legends', for Chiller TV. His first screenplay, 'Fresh Kills', was optioned by Fine Line Entertainment and Forensic Films (Julian Donkey Boy, Gummo). Zeman also received a MacDowell Fellowship for his second screenplay, 'Cat Dancer'. His freelance articles have appeared in Filmmaker Magazine and the RBS Gazette.

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ld, as Horswill points out, has a strong commitment to experimental work, particularly in evaluation. Work done by psychologists is particularly experimental in both discovery and validation. The QUEST model makes predictions about how people answer questions about stories after reading them, and makes speci? predictions about that behavior that have been born out in years of experimental testing. Unexpected or negative results prompt theory revision, and give rise to new experiments to gauge how proposed new models match the interactions of the Simonian tripartite view of narrative. While not an issue pointed to by Horswill, the lack of emphasis on reproducibility appears to me as a scienti? weakness of the work done in computational narrative. Because our area is so new, researchers have a rich ? ld of open questions to choose from and no real canon of successful methods to build upon 28 R. M.

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I doubt that they decided to cut bait on the Dorne stuff solely because many people didn’t like it, but they may have decided to wrap it up because they didn’t like it, or because they simply don’t have any more time for it. The show has more pressing storylines to cover, particularly in the North. This is about as natural a resting place for the surviving Dornish characters as it’s possible for the show to achieve, sort of killing them all off. I think that Doran’s assassination lessens the chances that we’ll see Dorne rise up and actively support Dany, because I don’t know if Ellaria and the Sand Snakes are that politically savvy. But if Dany arrives in Westeros ready to take down King’s Landing, I could see Ellaria and the Sand Snakes pledging Dorne’s support to her. Obara and Nymeria are just outside King’s Landing now. It’s probably gonna be a bit part, like Areo Hotah in Dorne. I just hope he is Aeron Greyjoy and not random priest as you said. It would surprise me though, if they dont include him now that they chose to do the storyline and since, as you also mentioned, Cogman is a big fan of the character. In doing the Kingsmoot I’m sure the priest is a substantial part of that scene, and it would be an obvious choice to have that priest be the damphair.

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Ruby - after their suspicions are raised by Charlie’s large collection of professional. Gammons’ wake. Elfie and Dylan chance upon the bloody scene of the Jenkinses’. Elfie deduces that the Gammons are a family of cannibals, but no one believes. At an open casting for extras, Sebastian and Costa encounter the combative. Daniel, whom Sebastian wants to cast as indigenous Tamo leader Hatuey. Costa. As they are leaving, Daniel’s wife Teresa approaches Costa to request his. Costa finds the badly injured girl and takes her to hospital. Daniel again, Costa is able to provide proof that his political activism has reaped.

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h. Sat Sharma said that entire BJP is in jubilant frame of mind upon winning in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh which is the achievement of strong leadership by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and agenda of development and added that that this is the expected loss of Congress which believes in appeasement and dynasty based politics. The march was led by the MLA Jammu East and party chief whip Sh. Rajesh Gupta and a large number of party activists and leaders participated. he participants were all joyous on the victory of the BJP in the Gujrat and Himachal assembly elections. They were chanting slogans in favour of BJP and its leaders PM Narinder Bhai Modi and National Party President Amit Bhai Modi. The march passed through various bazaars of the Jammu East including Lakhdatta Bazaar,Kanak Mandi,City Chowk,Link Road and Kachhi Chowni. Haluwa was also distributed among the people on the occasion. Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the occasion congratulated the party leaders and the cadres of the Gujrat and Himachal and said that the leadership of PM Narinder Bhai Modi and Shri Amit Shah would be victorious in all elections in future also and they would transform the destiny of this nation. The Prominents who accompanied the MLA included Prof.