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bove package also available with RTW DC -3 dual machine remote for 6575 plus VAT. I The AD-1 can also extend the dynamic. pability of your 16-bit recorder (DAT for example); to find out how and for details of your nearsst authorised distrotutor, call or fax us NOW. 04. Dream 4 Prism Media Products Ltd. William James House, Cowled Road, Cambridge CB4 4WX. The versatile nature of the console has been proven by its adoption into a wide range of sectors from postproduction, where it is being used in conjunction with all the major hard disk editing systems, to classical music recording -notably with Deutsche Grammophon who use the DMC1000 as a key component in their 4D recording system and currently own in excess of 50. This versatility has now been further extended with the introduction of the DMC1000 Stereo; a new version of the console which has come about in direct response to user feedback, in particular that generated at a seminar hosted by HHB Communications. Martin O'Donnell, HHB's Technical Sales Engineer, explains. 'We held the seminar about six months after the initial launch of the DMC1000 and invited people from a total cross -section of areas- video, film, broadcast, and music recording. One of the demonstrations showed the console operating in video suite mode via the RSAM 2 edit suite protocol, whereby both picture and sound were edited by a hard disk system. After this we had a questions and answers session, and a significant point that emerged was the way in which the desk worked in stereo. Although the DMC1000 has a Stereo Construction mode whereby two channels can operate as a stereo pair with linked functions, it was felt that for VT and postproduction applications, where so much of the work is now in stereo, that single fader stereo channels were required.

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. VOD and select theaters July 19 from IFC Films. It’s been so long getting here that director Jon Wright has since moved on to his next project, the Ben Kingsley-starring dystopian sci-fi cameras within a year, “which is unfeasibly fast for any production, let alone in Ireland. It’s just one of those unfortunate things that the United States territory. It was supposed is to there last Halloween, but there difficulty the final come out was some with Sony having first refusal in the UK and wanting to hold to that. The film’s popular success has also, ironically, contributed to its Stateside delay. “It was so low- it was already soon as it was completed and the deals budget that in profit as were signed,” Lehane explains. “The minute you have that sort of situation, producers don’t place much emphasis on trying to make more money on top of it. It had already made filming during recordenough, cind anything bebreaking blizzards,” reyond that was a risk they calls screenwriter Kevin didn’t need to take. So that Lehane. In one instance, was a complication. an important scene involvDr. Smith (Russell Tovey), Garun (Richard Coyle), Paddy (Lalor Roddy) and Lisa (Ruth Could it be that there ing a JCB digger in a pit Bradley) lace the sohering truth about what's happening on Erin island.


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We're excited to see what James Wan has in-store for us next. We will also be showing works by gallery artists including Tomory Dodge, Tom LaDuke, Markus Linnenbrink, Rod Penner, Michael Reafsnyder, Patrick Wilson, and Guy Yanai. He has gone on to direct 'Brawl in Cell Block 99' and 'Dragged Across Concrete'. This is how it has felt engaging with other respected accounts who have helped me in my recent set back of starting again but coming back stronger. Visually, this movie is gorgeous, intricate, and haunting. The source material is so strong and the music is so compelling and powerful that we're able to forgive most of its other flaws. Two and a half hours of agonizing, blood-red existential terror, a collage of images ripped from Hieronymous Bosch, Ingmar Bergman, and yes, the classic Dario Argento giallo throat-ripper. The 2018 Suspiria is a movie that will stick in your craw, digging a razor-sharp hook into your brain stem not unlike the ones so prominently used by the film’s coven of craven witches and drawing out implacable fears about death, destiny, and the inability to escape mankind’s greatest emotional demons. It’s a hell of a hard watch, but its utter confidence in its craftsmanship, and confidence in its ability to scare the shit out of you, is undeniable. All this amidst the historical backdrop of the German Autumn of 1977, radio and TV broadcasts spelling out a society in collapse. Perhaps the apocalypse will already get there before the witches can even complete their pagan rituals. As fun and pulpy as the giallo sheen of the Argento original can be, Guadagnino’s arthouse sophistication leads to filmmaking that is as painterly as it is petrifying. His previous works, including A Bigger Splash and Call Me by Your Name, are deeply sensitive works concerned with age, sexuality, and the appreciation of aesthetic beauty.


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1. Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take 41m Damon, Alaric and Bonnie return to Mystic Falls just as Stefan and Caroline make a deal with the Heretics. Stefan needs help from someone in Brooklyn. 2. Never Let Me Go 41m Damon puts the deal with the Heretics in jeopardy. Heart-stopping measures are taken to save Caroline. Future Caroline can't return to Mystic Falls. 3. Age of Innocence 41m Damon, Bonnie and Alaric take a road trip. Caroline learns something significant about Valerie's past. Secrets are revealed that lead to the future. 4. I Carry Your Heart with Me 41m Damon is caught in a deadly blackmail scheme orchestrated by Lily.