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Multiple independent cloth systems can be animated with their own objects and forces. Cloth deformation data can be cached to the hard drive to allow for nondestructive iterations and to improve playback performance. Users can easily and safely find, share, and reuse 3ds Max (and design) assets in a large-scale production or visualization environment. The resulting graph can then be saved in an XML file (. axtool) or be packaged with any compounds (. axcompound) it depends on in a ZIP file (. cg) which you can share easily with 3ds Max users. Mudbox was also used in the final texturing of the set and characters in Avatar, with 3ds Max and Mudbox being closely related. Students in the FIRST competition for 3d animation are known to use 3ds Max. Usually, the modeler begins with one of the 3ds max primitives, and using such tools as bevel and extrude, adds detail to and refines the model. Versions 4 and up feature the Editable Polygon object, which simplifies most mesh editing operations, and provides subdivision smoothing at customizable levels (see NURMS ). NURBS is a mathematically exact representation of freeform surfaces like those used for car bodies and ship hulls, which can be exactly reproduced at any resolution whenever needed. With NURBS, a smooth sphere can be created with only one face. Because they are generated mathematically, NURBS objects have a parameter space in addition to the 3D geometric space in which they are displayed. Specifically, an array of values called knots specifies the extent of influence of each control vertex (CV) on the curve or surface. Knots are invisible in 3D space and you can't manipulate them directly, but occasionally their behavior affects the visible appearance of the NURBS object.

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Key findings include::: 16% of women attending maternity services were at probable risk of depression. : Risk of depression increased as pregnancy advanced; 12. % of women are at risk in the first trimester, 13. % in the second and 17. % in the third. : 22% of women under 18 were at risk of depression. The BBC’s Shumaila Jaffery found one young man, now 19 years old, willing to tell his story. This story is part of the BBC's Shame series, which examines a disturbing new phenomenon - the use of private or sexually explicit images to blackmail and shame young people, mainly girls and women, in some of the world's most conservative societies. Explore all the stories and join the conversation here. People trapped in Mosul are likely to start fleeing the city, taking the eastern road covered with half-burned white phosphorous munitions which may ignite again and hurt civilians who come into contact with the chemical. “We are aware that civilians face tremendous risks from ISIS, of being caught in the middle of the fighting. White phosphorus can leave severe burns, penetrating through the skin, muscles and bones, she explained. On Friday, upon receiving the information on the use of the weapon inside and outside Mosul, the human rights watchdog called on the Iraqi government and its US-backed allies to stop using white phosphorus not only the vicinity of civilians, but also in other areas unless “it is absolutely necessary. The civilian population should also be duly notified, Amnesty said. Iraqi forces joined by allied militias and backed by the US-led coalition launched the offensive to retake Mosul on October 17. Around 100,000 people have been displaced since then, while 1.

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I click play. I slide off my socks and stretch my bare feet, wiggling my toes. I sit back in the papasan nest, carefully holding the cup in one hand as it warms my cool fingertips and a bickie (cookie; yes, my vocabulary is eclectic, culturally diverse, and sometimes, even, very made up, like my world) in the other hand. As my eyes trace my candle-shadowed surroundings and I begin to well and truly groove with the magical, celestial music, I sink into the chair, very relaxed and comfortable. I take the wee smallest nibble of an upper corner of my Tim Tam biscuit. I have the attention of my taste buds, which are beginning to ping and spark, wondering if mayhaps there's more coming, and mayhaps it's even better stuff. Slowly, carefully, I raise my cup to meet my bickie, and use it as a straw. I suck the tea slowly and steadily into my mouth until I begin to feel the bickie begin to cave and give in under the pressure of the gentle grasp of my thumb and fingers. At this point, I lower my cup and shove the whole Tim Tam into my eagerly-waiting mouth. As soon as I slide my lips closed around this concoction that is ever-so-quickly having its molecules melted, it literally just explodes. It instantly transforms from the solid it was into these gooey, triple-chocolatey waves that just kind of swell and roll around in my mouth, teasing my tongue and caressing my palate. Simultaneously, the music also swells into this magnificently tense pause before going orgasmic, turning mercuric, finding even the hidden-away hidey-holes of my Being. There are fireworks shooting almost violently into a sky so dark, even with the brightest-ever stars twinkling my wonder. I am spinning and twirling, grooving and celebrating my divine Amness, naked and true. And now these tastes and sounds and feelings and sensations swirl and dance around and into me before gobbling me up and swallowing me and separating my soul from my body while its toes begin to curl, its fingers clutch tightly the quilt on the papasan, and its back lightly arches. I'm gone.


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Happy killer man 2 anni fa Solid vid there Val Natthakit Korsawatpat 2 anni fa Tormoud, lord of house giantbane. Lincoln Noronha 2 anni fa wheres the hat? ) Leonpardo 2 anni fa Sansa is not pregnant, She hides something I always said that she was cut by Ramsay she uses now much more covered cloth, only rape done by Ramsay is not enough for a psychopath, he cut her, he put a mark her, we will see Sansa's naked body next season and something wrong with it. They could be going with the red hair because of the whole North thing, and when you think of more northern places in the region that these films are, filmed, you think red hair. Scotland and such. I mean, Tormund has red hair, Ygritte had red hair, Sansa has red hair. So it doesn't necessarily mean that it's a fake Sansa just because of her hair, you really do need more evidence to go along with that. Isn't it at all possible that seeing as how all or most of the fighting men, especially the fighting Umbers and Carstarks were AT the battle of the bastards, and died, that these are simply the heirs to both houses. I don't think that they would be the children of the heirs taken hostage as Theon was, because if there was an older, more fighting capable Umber and Carstark, why weren't they at the battle. Northerners don't seem like the types to play a Joffrey and go hide under their mother's skirts. Robin Melendez 2 anni fa Great video and summation of theories. Like the idea that Jon Snow would marry the daughter of a defeated house to Tormund, thus creating House Giantsbane. I know Bran didn't do much political wise which is understandable considering that he is special but I expect him to have a role when he comes back to winter fell next season since he is the legitimate heir, or do you think illegitimacy doesn't matter since the North declared Jon king over Sansa anyway. Any thoughts? Maggy Frog 2 anni fa maege and tormund. Now since Season 7 Plot Leaks are out--- there i no sense on anyone speculating on Season 7 predictions, becayse everyone knows what's going to happen.

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As the application has no awareness of the data location, no application changes are needed. Serverless - AWS Lambda compatible functions The company introduces a standalone microservices platform that can run anywhere as a Lambda-compatible serverless service. Instead of scaling by the server, serverless platforms scale by the function - a granular approach to problem solving and task execution. Even with increased adoption, many of the companies we work with are still in need of solutions to help them implement cloud in the best way for their business. In some cases, they need cloud platforms in specific regions that also offer bandwidth scalability. Zerto Virtual Replication 6. on IBM Cloud does just that, and we're excited to share the platform with our customers and help,em fully embrace the cloud with the reassurance that their data is always protected. With Zerto, the migrations that we've done have been so simple and seamless, and knowing our datais protected gives us peace of mind. Click to enlarge With these enhancements, Spanning deepens its role in enterprise data protection for Salesforce. Salesforce is an application for tens of thousands of organizations across the globe; it contains information vital for day-to-day operations and business processes are developed and executed using Salesforce metadata customizations. The loss of this data-or metadata-can cripple an organization, impacting revenue forecast reports, active sales opportunities, support SLAs and more. If a field is deleted in error, for example, the admin must first recreate the field with the correct properties and then re-populate the field with the lost values. Depending on the complexity of the Salesforce organization, it can take hours or days of manual intervention to restore. With Spanning's new features, even a junior admin can recover, not only data, but metadata-automatically, completely, and accurately. The MASSte Solo-102 PRO Forensic provides forensic investigators with an economical and portable data acquisition and duplication system for forensic accounting investigation applications. The unit combines a Intel CPU with 6Gb SATA-3 controller technology to handle demanding forensic acquisition and analysis tasks, while providing the hardware necessary to take advantage of future HDD speed improvements.

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It was said, if a Le Car wasn't rusty, it hadn't left France yet. 18A: Lucille Ball was one, slangily: CARROT-TOP. Greece's most popular drink, is an anise-flavored spirit. 22A: Con lead-in: NEO. Neo-con, shortened version of neoconservative. 23A: Metric wts. KGs. One kilogram approximately is equal to 2. pounds. 26A: Letters on old rubles: CCCP. We knew them as USSR. 28A: Slight push: NUDGE. 31A: Squire: GENT. An English country gentleman, esp. Check out the Wikipedia entry for the story line, It's to complex to put here. 61A: Messy places: RAT'S NEST.