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Even the best moments can be undercut with a certain dread: when something good happens, a tragedy is usually right behind it. Whether it’s a favorite romantic pairing, a death-defying dragon battle sequence, or long-lost family reunions, showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss are giving fans what they want. At times this season has practically felt like fan fiction — and that’s exactly what has made it one of the most satisfying seasons yet. Game of Thrones has always had a large cast, and an even larger world to cover. In previous seasons, it hasn’t been uncommon for episodes to pass without any major plot advancements, or for a Stark family member to simply fall off the show’s radar for an entire season. This year has felt like a sprint in comparison, with moments like Arya Stark’s merciless killing of Walder Frey, Euron Greyjoy’s capture of Yara, and Ellaria Sand’s punishment at Cersei’s hands practically tumbling upon one another. It doesn’t hurt that the show seems to have done away with traveling scenes altogether, with characters jumping from one end of Westeros to another in a blink. At times, it may seem like Jon Snow has teleportation powers, but it also ensures that every episode is action-packed and the plot is progressing rapidly. Even in sticky situations, some deus ex machina (or Bronn ex machina, in Jaime’s case ) shows up to save the day. Daenerys survived riding her dragon thousands of feet into the air, miraculously dodging arrows left and right during the loot train attack.

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We as an audience are just beginning to see her arc change. Yes it’s been happening for a while, but not so certainly as it is now) It’s happening as surely as is her growing feelings for Jon. But come on guys! She’s not going to go full bast dark mode in the next three episodes. She still believes herself to be a good queen and is not really tainted by wickedness. So her descent into the dark - It’s going to be a process and we’re going to be reminded time and again, that in spite of her lust for power and ambition to sit on the iron throne, which will ultimately be her downfall in my opinion, that in her heart of hearts she always TRIED to be good. Point no 4 - THIS DOESN’T MEAN JONSA WILL NOT HAPPEN. They’re not going to examine their feelings for each other until they know that they’re cousins. Sansa is going to emerge as the undisputed ruler of the north. She will show faith and ability and trust in him and that’s what this season will establish in the end.

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Dominic Cooper’s performance suffers massively from him a) looking like that minor British celebrity Rylan Clarke after wandering onto the set of Clash of the Titans and b) having an accent that sounds like a Borat and Cheeky Girls mashup. I suspect there was a lot more of him left on the cutting room floor, as his villain is incredibly boring despite that description. If they want to kickstart this into a shared universe franchise they need to do a lot more with ol’ Vlad and the other characters to warrant them more interesting in their other incarnations. They had been arguing before she died and he feels awful about never reconciling with her, and deals with this guilt by occasionally seeing her parents Maury (John C. One day he comes by the house and sees the impossible through the window; Beth is there, roaming the halls. They are reunited but it does not take him long to figure out that something is seriously up here, and eventually realises the truth; Beth is a resurrected zombie. I once against started to notice something weird going on in my screening; the fire exit door near the screen kept opening mysteriously and a figure watched the audience, not the screen, a few minutes at a time. This was repeated a few times until eventually the figure walked out, looked around a bit at the audience, then walked out into the foyer. It doesn’t sound like much but, for some reason, it freaked me the F out, so it’s possible I missed a couple of bits of the movie while trying to figure out just what made this guy tick. Adding another title to the growing romzomcom subgenre (of which Shaun of the Dead remains the best, JUST SAYIN), Life After Beth has a very dry and deadpan tone, married with the cinematic style of a quirky indie movie.

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Yeah, it's just weird to have her acknowledge that now when before she's treated Drogo as the love of her life. But there's no question in my mind that if I go back to the first episode and look at her expression that she is suffering some degree of trauma throughout that event. Later, she grew to love Drogo, but I don't think that would necessarily make her forget the experience of rape. It's possible the archmaester is secretly rewarding Sam with the task of copying the scrolls (he did request access to the locked part of the library in the first episode, and although he subsequently got in surreptitiously, the am doesn't know that). Most likely, IMO, is that this is where he finds some hint of Jon's true parentage. OB. It's possible that the Lannisters abandoned him there, thinking him worthless at this point. I'm thinking he'll reappear soon and become important to the plot again. Perhaps he'll team up with the Unsullied and lead them to Riverrun. As I wrote above, time in two different places doesn't pass at the same rate, and it never did in the show.