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“I would kick it and kill it, ” swore Lakendra Tookes as she took her Chihuahua, Savannah, for a walk. “I’ m not gonna sit there and be a victim of some squirrel, ” said Tookes, a 30-something publicist from Crown Heights. City Health Department officials say five people were bitten by a squirrel in Prospect Park between Tuesday and Thursday of last week — including a 7-year-old girl. The bites all happened near the Parkside and Ocean avenues entrance, and appear to have been from the same, unusually aggressive critter. There is no cause for alarm — only caution, officials stress. No more bites have been reported since Thursday, and if the squirrel was indeed rabid, it has likely died by now, a spokesperson said Saturday. Still, the rodent could have infected other squirrels before dying, officials concede. Parks Department staff and the Prospect Park Alliance are monitoring the park, searching for the original “possibly rabid” squirrel and any other squirrels it may have bitten and infected. Parks Department staffers on Saturday asked Tanya Burrell, 49, who was volunteering at a charity book-bag giveaway at the Parkside Avenue entrance, to be careful, telling her and fellow volunteers to avoid any suspicious squirrels. Burrell said she’ d stand and fight. “They let us know, the Parks workers. He said if you see it, run, ” Burrell told The Post. “I’ m not running, ” she said. “I got a bad leg. If he comes out and shows his face, I’ m gonna fight him.

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Flintstones was bad, Jetsons was bad, The Powerpuff Girls was mediocre. Honestly, the feeling I get off of this movie is that it will be something like the Pokemon movie. That is to say, when compared to the typical plot of the show it was deeper and darker and all (which wasn't saying much), The technical specs on the animation were better (again not saying much). But, at the end of the day the movie itself was really shallow and probably better suited for a dvd release than a big screen release. Now I say all of that in the hopes that my concerns are wrong. I hope it's so good that it gets an academy award over Pixar, Dreamworks, Ghibli and the rest. Unfortunately though, I just don't have the confidence in the track records of several of those behind this movie. More and more armed ponies join the battle outside the Big Bad's base, one of his troops explodes only for two more to take its place, and the fight against the Big Bad inside his mothership blows it up halfway through before continuing in the streets. -The deck is not stacked against the Mane 6 in a way that they'll only win if the Big Bad lets them win. -Vinyl and Octavia are very important too. In this case what Hasbro has to hope is that there are enough fans out there already to offset the cost of making the movie. Let's say they spend six million dollars on production and another 2-3 million on advertising. It could could fluctuate depending on how and where they advertise the movie along with posters, standees etc. By the way none of this includes localization for other foreign markets where english isn't the primary language. Those with kids who really like the show will likely go see the movie with their kids.

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They were violent thugs who destroyed marketplaces, destroyed their places of vice, and attempted to impose their strict moral and religious codes on everyone. The destruction of the sept eradicated them in one swoop, and for that I think many, if not most, are grateful for that. She's always had a more laissez-faire attitude toward them, which makes her a poor governor and horrible public servant. To the extent she's hated by the small folk, it's likely more because she represents wealth and prosperity, and the hoarding of it. As to Randyll, his liege lady joined forces with a foreign invader with three weapons of mass destruction all for reasons of personal vendetta. Her grandchildren played the game of thrones badly, and lost badly. I was not surprised to see him pick the familiar -- Tywin Lannister's daughter and Robert Baratheon's widow -- over the foreign. I can make up a ton of interpretations myself, and I think that’s what Nik tried to do with those scripts when he said he was trying “to understand too much” and was frustrated by it. Having to fall onto “well, it was them or her” because there’s nothing else there to make sense of, in the end is a very simplistic solution that, IMO, glosses over the complexities of Jaime’s past in particular. Basically, I love it when shows get me to think at the end of an episode, but I also don’t particularly enjoy having to fill in the gaps because they drop interesting plot points like hot potatoes. Maybe. These are all plausible interpretations, but my point is that I would have found it more interesting to capitalize on such a great finale and explore that than seeing hours of the two blocks of boring forced lack of chemistry or the Avengers running in the snow to catch a wight with bad direction. Absolutely agree that I would have liked the fall out of the sept explosion (no pun intended) or Tommen's death (again, no pun intended) or Cersei gaining power explored more. And the Avengers episode was terminally dull for me. Okay, so I don't know how to do multiple quotes yet.

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DANNY GLOVER b. July 22, 1946, San Francisco Movie: Just a Dream (2002) Glover was nominated for Emmy Awards for his performances in Mandela (1987), Lonesome Dove (1989), Fallen Angels (1993), and Freedom Song (2001). In Just a Dream, a 12-year-old kid in a small Nevada town is impressed by an arriving film crew. Goddard’s first feature venture was unlucky in that it got caught up in the career nova and falderal of Madonna, as the singing sensation and her relationship with Sean Penn overwhelmed and consumed Shanghai Surprise (1986) like a reconstitution of the Blob. Out starred Tom Bell as a recently released ex-con who wants to find out who fingered him. The six-hour show was written by Trevor Preston, and earned filmer Ralph Sheldon a British Academy of Film and TV Arts Award for best film editing. G John Gay adapted Charles Dickens’s A Tale of Two Cities and Chris Sarandon played the dual roles of barrister Sydney Carton, who’s in love with the beautiful Lucie (Alice Krige), and her husband, Charles Darney, ensnared hopelessly by the French Revolution—unless Sydney helps him escape. The treatment of the story that switches from London to Paris and back co-starred Flora Robson, Kenneth More, Billie Whitelaw, Nigel Hawthorne, Peter Cushing, and Barry Morse. It was nominated for a Golden Globe for best miniseries. Pete Postlethwaite and Alison Steadman starred in The Muscle Market and Michael Kitchen was in A Room for the Winter, about a South African relocating from the apartheid battles in South Africa to London. Nicholas Nickleby was one of the TV events of 1982, eight hours of Dickens as the title character sets out to earn his family’s way so his mother and sister won’t have to depend on his uncle. Full of richly realized characters and John Napier’s superb production design, this miniseries helped raise new interest in one of steamer-trunk novelist Dickens’s back-shelf epics. The adaptation won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Limited Series, and Roger Rees as Nicholas and David Threlfall were nominated for their performances. Most of the stage cast performed in more than one role, including John McEnery, Ian McNeice, Bob Peck, and Edward Petherbridge. Reilly: Ace of Spies was about the actual Sigmund Rosenblum, aka Sidney Reilly, the most legendary espionage agent in British history.

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I love sports mostly bball. I keep smiling whole day. nd i m looking for a friend. I admire people associated to this form of art and feel connected to the charters. I am new to this whole penpal thing but surely wanna experience it. I live in central Pennsylvania but I was born and raised in upstate New York. I am a writer at heart, I love any form of writing, poetry is art. I'm engaged to the love of my life, and even though we have our struggles we make it through. I dream of going back to school for psychology with a minor in journalism. I loveshows like attack on titan, blue exorcist, supernatural, doctor who, sherlock. My dream is to build houses with UNICEF or join a charity that is funding and fighting poverty or become an army nurse. I want to devote my life to making someone else's better. I was bullied so have been homeschooled since I was 16. I want to meet new people and am happy to talk about anything whether it's writing of if you need someone to vent to. I am Karthik Iyer Krishnan, a B.

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Well, based on the latest government figures in relation to self-harm, violence, and suicides, I would suggest that the Ministry of Justice is not delivering on one of its key strategic priorities. In the UK, each of us eats on average around 10 kg, or 100 bananas, per year. Grown across the tropical regions of the world, banana export production provides an essential source of income for hundreds of thousands of rural households in developing countries. However, many of the plantation workers who produce our bananas fail to earn a living wage and do not have their labour rights respected, while the intensive use of agrochemicals harms the health of workers and the surrounding environment. In producing this collection, Cathenka notes that she drew on three Observer’s Pocket Books, and as a result each poem stands as if it could belong to a passage from a textbook, with references to strange organisms and a scientific rigidity of structure. We are offered an insight into the world of the Anna Cathenka, and a number of other strange worlds, through the unfamiliar and occasionally confusing lens of biological ocean life. Last year marked the fiftieth anniversary of this remarkable period. Yet to the bitter disappointment of many, the revolutionary spirit of the left was conspicuously absent in the face of rising xenophobic sentiment and national-populist triumphalism. Anthropologists are particularly criticized for writing theories and ethnographies that not only go unread by non-anthropologists, but are also too inaccessible to those they may be writing about. Here I hope to try and explain a central aspect of my PhD research in Papua New Guinea and share some of the ways it has got me thinking about politics and economics back in the UK. This is a legitimate argument which has to be taken seriously. Therefore, I self-consciously use some of my observations in Papua New Guinea (enabled by the generosity of those who I lived with in PNG) and the ideas of Western social theorists. Camus himself states that the letters should be viewed as “contrasting two attitudes, not two nations, even if, at a certain moment in history, these two nations personified two enemy attitudes. . I’ve got a spreadsheet of the seventeen shows I’ve narrowed it down to seeing after scouring the programme, and a membership card to get discounts on the food and drink I’ll undoubtedly be consuming throughout the next few months.

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Dobra, pajeety i hakerzy nie dali piatego odcinka, to wrzucam kolejny wpis. Cersei W przypadku Cersei mamy trzy glowne poszlaki: pociag do kazirodztwa (zwiazek z Jaimem, 'romans' z Lancelem), postepujaca paranoje ('za chwile z kominka wyskoczy Tyrion i zabije mojego malego Tommena') oraz piromanie (spalenie Wiezy Namiestnika). Wszystkie trzy lacza sie z Aerysem: ozenil sie z siostra, wszedzie widzial swoich wrogow, a palenie ludzi dzialalo na niego jak viagra. Jaime Tu oprocz kazirodczego zwiazku z Cersei nie mamy innych upodoban, ktore Jaime moglby odziedziczyc po Aerysie. Mamy za to jego sen po upadku Riverrun, a w szczegolnosci dwie kwestie, ktore wypowiada jego matka Joanna: “Will you forget your own lord father too. I wonder if you ever knew him, truly. Czyzby Jaime po prostu nie znal prawdziwego Tywina, czy tez Joanna w zawoalowany sposob chce mu przekazac, ze nie poznal prawdziwego ojca? “Is it. Tywin dreamed that his son would be a great knight, that his daughter would be a queen. He dreamed they would be so strong and brave and beautiful that no one would ever laugh at them. “I am a knight,’ he told her, “and Cersei is a queen. A tear rolled down her cheek. Czy chodzi o to, ze Jaime po utracie dloni nie jest juz prawdziwym rycerzem, a Cersei po 'walk of shame' nie jest juz prawdziwa krolowa, a oboje sa obiektami kpin. Czy tez o to, ze Jaime i Cersei nie sa dziecmi Tywina. Tyrion na smoku.