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Damages (2018). The circle-themed font Condition (2018). The textured typefaces Hornettio (2018) and Ignorant (2018). The oriental simulation fonts Sudoku (2019), Hiroshima (2019) and Kamikaze (2018). The stencil fonts Browser (2019), Serbia (2019), Belgrado (2019), Further (2019), Generals (2018), Mayor (2018) and Olga (2018). The modular typefaces Orenburg (2018), Broadway (2018) and Assyrian (2018). Alternate page. In 2010, they designed a number of gothic (blackletter or horror) fonts, including Fontorror, Pakalian, Posada Diablo, Llorona, Nican Mopohua Regular (grungy), Kansas Rainbow (based on the lettering in the 1939 Wizard of Oz movie), Otto Regular (in Saul Bass's movie style), and Federico Fellini Amarcord (art deco--after the movie). This is one of the most talented FontStructors, but also an active musician. He is a graduate of Yale University School of Art (MFA), class of 2015, and China Central Academy of Fine Art (BFA). Developer of a series of typefaces for The Jungle Book movie (2016). He also designed the vintage high-contrast Latin typeface Antiqua Roman (2015) which is based on letters drawn by Fritz Helmuth Ehmcke in 1907.

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Feature film: Beat the Drum (English, 2003) Hessler, Gordon. Feature film: Deadly Obsession (English, 1985) African Feature Filmmakers Hofmeyr, Gray. Trained and worked in British television before moving to SABC, where he made some notable dramas in the 1980s. Studied law in South Africa and filmmaking at the University of California. Won an Oscar in the States with his third feature, which is based on Athol Fugard’s only novel. Feature films: A Reasonable Man (English, 1999), W pustyni i w puszczy (2001), Tsotsi (Zulu, Xhosa, and Afrikaans, 2005), Rendition (2007) Hookham, John. Feature film: Sky Blue (English, 1980) Hool, Lance. Feature film: Pop’s Oasis (English, 1987) Hopkins, Stephen. Feature film: The Ghost and the Darkness (English, 1996) Howard, Sandy. English director of one film listed in some South African feature film listing: I Dreamed of Africa (1998) Hughes, Bronwen. Feature film: Nommer Asseblief (Afrikaans, 1981) Hulette, Don. Feature film: Ipi Tombi (English, with Tommie Meyer, 1993) Humphrey, J.

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Arya doing murders is, well, always a high point for me. And of course dragons setting things on fire is always good. The Dorne storyline was probably the biggest let-down in terms of writing, but that goddamn hold the door scene wasn't far off. I don't think he can control Dragons either but that is a bad example. The Dorne storyline was probably the biggest let-down in terms of writing, but that goddamn hold the door scene wasn't far off Well, I think you're going to be in the minority there, especially since I suspect that scene set up another huge future reveal. Such an awkward end, and don't get me started on the horrible assassination attempt and her superhero resilience (assuming that was even her). That's infuriating because there was so much filler in other sections of the show, and that screams budget limitations. Point being the show has as many missteps as it has memorable moments. For some reason, the fanbase is so much more forgiving of the show. I agree that GRRM could benefit from a good editor, but I have never understood the more forgiving standards for the show. There is also the theory that Arya died, and the other girl is wearing her face. She changes from being left handed to right handed at the time of death.

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(The President wouldn’t extend it by his own, on his own accord. He knows the Constitution, that the Congress will authorize the extension. In a special joint session of Congress in July, both chambers voted to grant the President’s request to extend martial law in Mindanao until December 31, after the attacks of the Islamic State-linked Maute terrorist group erupted on May 23. Transporters in Jammu, earlier this month, had threatened indefinite strike in protest against the alleged failure of the to address their issues including withdrawal of increased fees and taxes, penalties and amnesty scheme in the passenger Transport commissioner Saugat Biswas held a marathon meeting with the transporters of Jammu division here yesterday to address various issues pertaining to the industry, an official spokesman said today. He said issues including annual fitness fees of vehicles over 15 years of age, issues related to driving licenses for auto drivers, use of reflector tapes, replacements of vehicles and charging of 'Adda'(stand) fees were discussed. Passenger tax, suitable location of inspection of vehicles, revision of fees and taxes and amenity scheme for passenger were some other issues which were discussed in the meeting that spanned over three hours, the spokesman said. The transport commissioner assured time bound action in respect of each of the issues. Biswas also appealed to the transporters to extend their cooperation in implementing measures aiming at improving the transport sector and road safety issues, the spokesman said. Keeping this in view, around 100 Indian town and country planners were recently trained by Singapore-based companies, a move aimed at giving momentum to the government's flagship Smart City Mission, which has a major component of IT-enabled services, he said. Under the Mission, 90 cities have been selected so far by the and each city will get Rs 500 crore as central assistance for implementing projects. Reviewing the progress of the Smart City Mission, on August 30, Prime Minister Modi had said that the challenge before everyone was now to ensure implementation and expeditious completion of the work in the 90 identified cities, with high quality. The official said that the Singapore-based companies have evinced interest in urban projects in Assam, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh.

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Creating loops and playing libe through a series of four different apms, there are layers of melody, constructing an intricate wed of line and form. The heavy artillery is present with rhythmic and free segments, contrasting with incisive style and acrobatics. Dark Day was foremd by Robin Crutchfield after leaving NYC's seminal no wave band DNA. Following the first few incarnations and various lineups, 1981 saw the direction of the project morphed into an electronic keyboard duo where Robin was joined by Bill Sack. Together they recorded an excellent album of nine songs entitled 'Window' that was released on Plexus Records. Their sole release was a 7-inch recorded in February 1983 and the music was a product of the Factory Records post punk sound conveying a melancholic and mournful mood. The band played guitar, bass, drums, sang in their native language of Danish and shared a love for Echo and the Bunnymen, Josef K. The Cure and Joy Division. Each LP includes a lyric sheet with unreleased photos of each band. This special edition is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies. Here's the reissue of the debut album by Eleven Pond. Long sought after by collectors, the Rochester, NY band only released a single LP in their time together before dissolving into obscurity.

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Saya tidak pasti sama ada Nik Abduh membaca buku ini atau tidak tetapi apa yang dilakukannya adalah seperti yang dijelaskan oleh Mark Manson didalam buku tersebut. Hakikatnya Husam and the gang disinilah sebenarnya yang kena game kerana mereka menyangkakan Nik Abduh akan jadi Mr Bean dan mengakui audio tersebut adalah suaranya tetapi lain pula yang berlaku. Lebih menarik, saman TGHH ke atas SR di London dan kemenangan dalam interlokutori telah berjaya mengembalikan semula kepercayaan orang kepada PAS untuk kekal istiqamah. Lebih menarik, menurut Wan Rohimi Wan Daud, perangkap baru dipasang dengan membawa pulang isu 90 juta ke Malaysia. Setelah Claire menamakan Ambiga sebagai pemberi maklumat, PAS semakin mendapat peluru untuk membuat serangan mengejut kerana selama ini orang tidak menyangka bahawa tuduhan ini sebenarnya datang dari beliau. Bukan sahaja beban ini berada dipundak Ambiga, Husam yang mendakwa mempunyai bukti juga masih belum mampu memberikan bukti itu kepada SPRM. Rafizi pula diketawakan apabila menamakan Nasharudin Mat Isa sebagai pemimpin. Pemimpin yang sebegitu hebat masih tak mampu membezakan antara pemimpin PAS dan bekas pemimpin PAS yang dipecat. Lebih menarik lagi apabila SPRM mengeluarkan kenyataan tiada bukti PAS menerima 90 juta. Checkmate. APA MASALAH KITA ORANG PAS YANG SEBENAR. Masalah kita orang PAS ialah ramai antara kita tidak terdedah kepada apa yang telah saya jelaskan dengan Panjang lebar.

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I liked Lady Olenna's death and her message for Cersei (though she admitted it in the past - I don't remember who she told though, I think it was Sand she told. Great episode. A lot of plot twists that were very well executed. The events moved at warp speed, but they managed to pull it off well enough. Hopefully most of the predictable stuff is behind us now. That said, I think it's about Dragon Thirty in Westeros. I liked her character and the teasing she did to Bronn. (Darn autocorrect put Tyrone instead of Tyene). I liked Lady Olenna's death and her message for Cersei (though she admitted it in the past - I don't remember who she told though, I think it was Sand she told. I remember her and Baelish talking about it but beyond that I'm not quite sure she talked about it. I liked her character and the teasing she did to Bronn. Reminds me of a Bond Villain coming up with the most elaborate death possible, only to see it fail in the end.

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Then it's found out that the best friend's mind was simply put over the top of a random alien girl's mind. When they fully merge at the end of the manga, it's unknown if he is a she with a guy's mind, or a guy still trapped in a girl body. In the anime he's nonchalant and even jokes a little about it, but in the manga he gets homicidally angry. After he saves her from a water demon named Evia, Miwan declares herself free from her burdens. It turns out that all of the Royal guard was formed by guys in exactly the same situation: like Miwan, they were raised as girls by their moms to not being killed or taken away. During his fight with another chimera, her gender is revealed. She never would have known except for the fact that he transformed into a monkey when they embraced. A dim bunch of henchmen have been told to apprehend a high-school-age boy, and they identify Fuko (a very tomboyish, macho girl) as their target. Aoi answers that he's a guy, but instead of being stupefied about the gender, Recca merely brushes it off to mean that he can fight as he pleases. Strange enough this is only played for laughs, whereas the feelings that the female friends have for Hazumu get treated a lot more seriously. She could have also been trying to lighten the mood since Usagi was hurt that people she viewed as friends (mainly Seiya) had kept such a secret from them. When they change the baby's diapers, it turns out Manami is a boy and not a girl; he has a Gender-Blender Name and had been referred to with gender-neutral pronouns.