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The Age ’s gaffe in December last year, which saw comedian Nazeem Hussain mistaken for The Project co-host Waleed Aly, was briefly amusing, but the idea that brown faces are interchangeable is more than a joke. Even achieving the lofty heights of a regular Fairfax column (with a byline picture) isn’t enough to insulate a POC writer from casual racism. The Lifted Brow, a Melbourne-based literary magazine, recently took the misguided decision to name a new digital venture “Side Eye”. For those playing at home, “side eye” is a term culturally appropriated from African-American Vernacular (AAVE). The Lifted Brow ’s all-white editorial team made a soggy defence of their choice, but later agreed to change it after POC writers raised their concerns on Twitter. They also put a call out for “commentary from anyone interested in sharing their views”. At The Lifted Brow, it’s the lot of the magazine’s contributors to puzzle out their mistakes, rather than the editors who made them. As well as specialising in click-bait and declarative headlines, the publication’s US arm appears to be genuinely committed to promoting diversity. Last year, they unveiled a hiring guide emphasising expanding their networks, understanding beats and encouraging young writers of colour. When the alternative press resembles the mainstream, there is a real problem. Solutions can be found in the most unlikely of places. A recent Medium article, “Building a diverse newsroom: a game plan”, offers some ideas, focusing on targeted hiring practices and offering paid training opportunities for budding POC journalists. This is similar to the BuzzFeed pledge, and puts the onus on editors and hiring managers.

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Simple solutions emerge from even complex goals when you can clarify them using simple and intelligible language. If they had ideas and new goals identified, they had a place to store those. It’s vital that your attention is on the scope of the work that needs to be investigated. As a team, we decided that this is what we need to focus more of our immediate attention to. In the their previous application, there was approximately five different modules that did something very similar, but just slightly different enough for their original developers to just build separate interfaces, which were not consistent and difficult to use for someone new to the application. Cache Translate Page For those of you who still briefly glance at my blog, I wanted to let you know I have not forgotten about you or my blog. Being back in the states, I have had a hard time getting enough drive to post a blog update. Mostly because I feel like i don't have much to report on. There is the usual readjustment issues, but it's hard to describe what I am feeling and going through emotionally to someone who has not lived overseas for more than a year. My favorite thing to do right now is curl up in a my mom's blanket (only hers, mine aren't soft enough) on my parents leather couch, next to the wood stove and watch a few movies. I went to a Seahawks Playoff Game with my brother (who has season tickets), went dancing and watched the sad excuse of a fireworks show in downtown Seattle on New Years Eve, spent some time in Portland visiting my cousin, FINALLY finished my malaria meds and all medication even remotely related to malaria, have been in and out of doctors appointments, met with a few NGOs, got back into rock climbing and trail biking again. AND am planning a trip to DC end of February for a Career Fair, and am planning a trip to Norway and Scandinavia with my parents in May. The biggest part of being back is getting caught up again with friends.

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We have an aerospace forum coming to the riding on November 8 and we hope to grow aerospace in our region as it is growing in Canada. We want to maintain our fifth-place standing and, in fact, want to enhance our standing. When the budget speech was given last spring, there was a lengthy speech and there was a thick, glossy volume of some hundreds of pages, with a blue and white cover and an economic action plan title. Indeed, he is right about aerospace and he can also talk about and celebrate the fact that North Bay is a world-class city for the mining supply and service sector. Sudbury is doing astrophysics and leading the world in natural and water sciences. Thunder Bay has cyclotron early cancer detection and the world was gathered there. Kenora is becoming a world-class tourist destination. There is a palpable enthusiasm for northern Ontario, but I am concerned about the bad news bears across the floor. Unfortunately, this is another grab bag omnibus bill that has had its time for debate cut off, so some important issues in it will not be adequately aired. I will touch on several aspects of the bill and how they reflect some of the challenges and failures of the government. If taxes are increased on mining exploration, then much of the good work to encourage mining exploration and mining development would be undermined. Many people who live in the province of British Columbia and many people in my riding of Vancouver Quadra work in the mining industry. The British Columbia government has spent the last 10 or 12 years rebuilding that industry in our province.