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Venous variants as reported herein should be kept in mind when interpreting imaging of the posterior abdominal wall or performing surgery or other invasive procedures near the RLRV. This report describes a 44-year-old man with left -sided groin pain and varicocele who was treated with conservative measures only. The diagnosis was eventually made when he returned with microscopic hematuria, elevated serum creatinine level, and nonfunction of the left kidney; computed tomography scan demonstrated a 6-cm abdominal aortic aneurysm, a retroaortic left renal vein, and an enlargement of the left kidney. This patient represents the youngest to be reported with aorto- left renal vein fistula and the second case with a left -sided varicocele. The preferred site of insertion is one with fewer risks and easier access. Although the right internal jugular vein is preferred, on occasion, the left internal jugular may have to be accessed. A patient was admitted for septic shock, cerebrovascular accident, and non-ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction. A central venous line was needed for antibiotic and vasopressor administration. Due to trauma from a fall to the right side and previously failed catheterization attempts at the left subclavian and femoral veins, the left internal jugular vein was accessed. On chest radiography for confirmation, the left internal jugular central venous catheter was seen projecting down the left paraspinal region. It did not take the expected course across the midline towardA the right and into the superior vena cava (SVC). A review of a computedA tomographyA (CT) scan of theA chest with contrast done on a prior admission revealed a duplicated SVC on the left side that had not been reported in the original CT scan interpretation. A left -sided SVC is present in approximately 0. % to 0.

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LANDMINE GOES CLICK Three young people go hiking in the hills of the country of Georgia. While taking pictures, one of them steps on a landmine and can't move or it will explode. The guide leads one man to the village to get help while the girl stays with her friend, only to be terrorized when another local shows up and takes advantage of the situation. This is a great idea for a film, but what should have been the entire movie with its punchline ends with the completion of the second act, and the final twenty-five minutes is nothing more than a torture-laden revenge piece. I get what the director was trying to say with the final shot, but I still think it would have been better as a complete movie of its own. The film is also light on the tension in places it shouldn't be. Some good scenes, but the entire thing should have been a nail biter. DEVIL'S PASS Found footage film with five young people filming a documentary traveling to the Dyatlov Pass in the mountains of Russia to try and figure out what happened to the nine skiers that met their strange deaths there in 1959. Once there, they are hit with an avalanche and find a strange door that leads to underground tunnels populated by strange creatures. The story was kind of clever, but overall, it wasn't as great as it could have been. TRAIN TO BUSAN South Korean film about a young overworked father agrees to take his daughter to see her mother in Busan by train when the zombie apocalypse breaks out. Moving from car to car as the zombies take over, he must fight to keep his little girl alive. There has been a lot of buzz about this movie, and it IS well done. Some of the overhead shots of the zombie hordes chasing them to the train were spectacular.

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See what happens when we're given control of Alex's. 7 Cheaty Bosses Who Didn't Fight Fair outsidexbox 10 months ago Bosses are supposed to be difficult, that's the point, but occasionally they break the rules to steal an unfair advantage. Rules like not messing with your save files. 7 Shopkeepers Who Ripped You Off, We Demand a Refund (Please? Outside Xtra Year ago Some shopkeepers in games need reminding that the customer (ie, YOU) is always right. Whether it's unfair prices, dodgy employment or being attacked with a. Let's Play Hitman Summer Bonus Episode: The Icon - LIGHT MY FIRE outsidexbox 2 years ago Hitman's Summer Bonus Episode includes mission The Icon: a hit on a movie director shooting and starring in an Iron Man ripoff, it looks like, in Sapienza. Let's Play Kingdom Come Deliverance: At Your Service My Lady Pt 1 (WEDDING PLANNING FOR STEPHANIE) outsidexbox Year ago In this Kingdom Come Deliverance gameplay, the lovely Lady Stephanie needs a bunch of things for a fancy wedding (a roan horse, a jewelled crown, and fine. 7 Games You Played so Much You Saw Them Everywhere Outside Xtra 5 months ago Play enough of these games and you'll start seeing aspects of them everywhere in daily life. FIFA 18 Giant Killing Challenge (Mike) outsidexbox Year ago It's the Oxbox Xmas Challenge 2017. Day 10 sees the return of the traditional FIFA Giant Killing challenge as we take a bunch of league two minnows up against. 7 Fads That Seemed Like a Great Idea at the Time outsidexbox Year ago As people thrilled by both games and technology, we're susceptible to a buzzy new game gimmick that, in retrospect, was faddier than extreme planking. Zelda Breath of the Wild Gameplay: 7 Zelda Rules Breath of the Wild Is Happy to Break Outside Xtra 2 years ago The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the series' most radical shake-up in years. Here are seven Zelda traditions that Breath of the Wild is only too happy to.

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2 against the Wolverines in Arlington, Texas. The players were suspended for misusing school-issued funds, a source said. Hendricks walked one and struck out six, and Jackson hit an RBI double during a four-run fourth which gave Old Orchard a 5-0 lead. After scoring two runs in each of the fifth and sixth innings, the Surge tacked on three more in the seventh. COL nets P215M business. nquirer. et Resorts World operator nets P375M business. nquirer. et Vista Land nets P4. B business. nquirer. et. The Koreans, ranked 10th in the world along with the Argentines, are undefeated in two matches in the classification stage. They have a shot at a top-four seeding in the quarterfinal round.

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Curacao is potboiler set on the title Caribbean isle, featuring an international cast who might have been more attentive to James D. Buchanan’s script than the dandy vacation off the Venezuelan coast that this appears generally to be. Petersen as a demoted CIA agent, and Trish Van Devere, Julie Carmen, Philip Anglim, and Alexei Sayle. This show received airings under several later PBS umbrella forums, such as Theatre in America. Schultz forged a career in features, series TV, and TV movies and specials that embraced the black experience and also swung wide to include overt comedies, rock musicals, and concert films. His series work includes episodes of Picket Fences, L. . Law, The Rockford Files, Chicago Hope, City of Angels, Boston Public, Wasteland, Felicity, That’s Life, Cold Case, The Practice, Charmed, Philly, Ally McBeal, JAG, Everwood, Pepper Dennis, Gilmore Girls, The OC, October Road, and others. Schultz’s features include Together for Days (1972), Honeybaby, Honeybaby (1973), Cooley High (1975), Car Wash (1976), Greased Lightning (1977), Which Way Is Up? (1977), Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1978), Bustin’ Loose (1981, credited solely to Oz Scott), Carbon Copy (1981), The Last Dragon (1985), Krush Groove (1985), Disorderlies (1987), Livin’ Large (1991), and Woman Thou Art Loosed (2004). Ceremonies in Dark Old Men, Lonnie Elder III’s adaptation of his own play, written in the 1960s under the auspices of the Negro Ensemble Company, aired on ABC when that network still took an interest in socially conscious drama. Douglas Turner Ward delivered a superb performance as an aging barber who never tires of regaling the family with stories of his early days as a tap dancer. Glynn Turman, Robert Hooks, Rosalind Cash, and Godfrey Cambridge co-starred.

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You certainly put a fresh spin on a subject that’s been written about for many years. Do you ever run into any browser compatibility problems? A few of my blog audience have complained about my site not working correctly in Explorer but looks great in Opera. John Deere Technical Manuals on 13 marzo, 2019 Keep it up. I think you will probably not care if I browse around your blog a bit more. “We must laugh at man, to avoid crying for him. by Napoleon Bonaparte. Does running a blog similar to this take a lot of work. I have very little expertise in programming however I was hoping to start my own blog soon. Anyways, should you have any recommendations or tips for new blog owners please share. I know this is off subject however I simply needed to ask. Thanks! Anonimo on 13 marzo, 2019 Flanking the information that you exchange through these applications, you can even share minute pictures, voice notes, sounds, accounts, phone numbers, etc, with the individual sitting miles from you. What might you suggest in regards to your post that you just made a few days ago.

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My Hegelian friend from years ago made this meme and I still think about it all the time. The dude was the formalist of anti-smalltalk par excellence, in my mind. But we know all too well by now that nothing will ever make them change. Well- maybe a bullet in the brain would do the trick. I know I maybe too commonly pin things on Ressentiment but that’s precisely the cause: it’s a fusion of jealousy and revenge, carried out under the pretense of justice and virtue. Everything I’ve said about love and lust is biased by the fact that I’m single. Seems like love is one of the two or three things that philosophy ought to “home in” on as its object of analysis. The silence about it is a lot more embarrassing than anything that could be said about it in my opinion. But I bet some people might be thinking, “No, trust me, the way YOU’ve embarrassed yourself, you would have been better off being silent. lol fair enough, but Idk, I take it to be one of thee positive goods AMONG positive goods to be an “open book”, and it strikes me as weak-willed to be closed off about ANY dimension of the human experience. Kinda ties in with the whole spitting on the need for herd-approval thingamajig, I don’t care if something I say is embarrassing if it’s true. I know you won't do it (without the least trace of irony) so, hypothetically of course. Have a hunch it was used by my mystical scandi ancestors but haven’t looked into it. I know it was used by my viking dumbdumb cousins to go apeshit in battle lol- which effect, separates it from the psychedelic class proper.