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Several billionaire benefactors, including the Mercer family, TD Ameritrade founder Joe Ricketts, and hedge fund founder Paul Singer, teamed up over the last year with wealthy female members of President Donald Trump's cabinet, including Linda McMahon, head of the Small Business Administration, and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, to fund the group, called Winning for Women. And many of the Republican Party's most powerful female operatives, including former deputy White House chief of staff Katie Walsh and former New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte, are either leading or involved with the group, which has signed up 30,000 members over the last month and is aiming to grow to 400,000 in time for the 2018 midterm elections. Traditionally, GOP PACs focused on electing women, including the Susan B. Anthony List, and VIEW PAC, have fallen short of their Democratic counterparts, and experts say Winning for Women will have a similarly uphill battle to fight in a party where under 10% of the congressional caucus is women. Kelly Dittmar, a professor at Rutgers University's Center for American Women and Politics, says that while Winning for Women's success will depend on an array of factors, including what kinds of candidates it recruits and how much money it invests in them, 2018 might be a particularly good year for the GOP to focus on women candidates. A new survey published by the Barbara Lee Family Foundation found that Republican women hold some important advantages over Democratic men, in particular. Conservative women are more likely to be viewed by voters as political outsiders than their male counterparts or Democrats are, and are seen as more confident and more honest then Democratic men. The report found that voters see Republican women as stronger than Republican men on 10 of 13 metrics, including being knowledgeable, standing up for what's right, and seeming in touch with people. And in a moment in which being a political outsider carries significant weight with voters of all political stripes, conservative women may have a distinct advantage over both their male counterparts and candidates across the aisle. You’re all set! Billy Penn will land in your inbox every morning around 7:00 a. . Check your email now and make sure our confirmation has arrived. Agrihood developers aim to bring the amenities of a rural farming community, like fresh produce and ample outdoor space, to modern, metropolitan neighborhoods. The Ranch at Rancho Mission Viejo is building its neighborhoods around communal farms. Its agrihoods attract millennials, who represent the largest segment of American homebuyers today, and active retirees alike. We explored the agrihood on a recent visit to The Ranch — take a look. A steel company’s request to Indiana authorities for “confidential treatment” when it dumped toxic metal into Lake Michigan last month is a worrisome sign that under the Trump administration we will be told less and less about threats to our environment.

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Euron will try to use the his horn against Daenerys and her dragons but will find it ineffective. And because of Sam's dumb luck, he will discover that the horn he possesses, will control the Night Kings' Dragon, Viserion. Kristi B 9 ? ? Kit Harington has talked in interviews about HBO going as far as to film entire scenes specifically for photo leaks and plot leaks to throw people off. He even had to fly somewhere for one of them after season 6. Come to strike a name of her list. btw Those outfits are riverlands. Maybe they'll need wildfire to forge(? valyrian Steel. I can imagine Samwell finds out, maybe with Brans help, how to create valyrian Steel. ( Maybe just watching the past how the first men and the children of the forest beat the white walkers and Bran is a better and easier ways than every book is, or? . I don't believe that just dragonglass is enough to kill the night king, the walkers yeah. Maybe that's why jon is in Kings landing. ? Allan James Alexander 10. Thinking Dany and Jon get wrecked by the night King and go ask for help. How perfect would it be if this was also Cersei's ending - ordered to be burned alive, with Sansa there to watch (just as she did with Ramsey), in the Dragon Pit.

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She was taken back when Stannis said “Go on, do your duty” because he was accepting the situation and didn’t fight it at all. You just want Stannis to still be alive so you’re cherry picking anything that would fit your beliefs. It’s the total opposite of what someone should do when looking for the truth. If you follow Stannis’ character arc it should be clear by the end of season 5 that he’s done. Perhaps R’hllor “changed (his) mind” after some time or maybe Stannis was just the tool he used for a certain purpose. Once that purpose was done he directed her on a new path. She wants to see Stannis and all she sees is “snow,” or a wolf-faced boy and images with lots of skulls. Whatever is going to happen, even the books have begun to show that Stannis isn’t what she thought he is. Although the death blow from Brianne was not shown on screen, it was pretty obviously she finished him off. Recall she said to Catelyn after taking the oath to protect her, not to prevent her from taking revenge on Stannis for Renley’s death. His purpose was more of a cautionary tale than any kind of fulfillment of some prophesy. Ned was hesitant about killing Lady back in season 1 episode 2, so by that logic, Lady should still be alive too. However, I don’t see any conspiracy theories on that so far. And no, I’m not one of these people that are obsessed with Stannis or that was upset with how he was handled on the show. I haven’t read the books, but I have no issue with his characterization on the show. George is much better than that, unless he has a great reason for why she was confusing Stannis with Jon or someone else. In the end though, my hunch is that what she initially was correct, and she’s only confused now because she thinks Stannis is dead. Isn’t that exactly what he would say if they were lying about it. To me, what he said, was another major red flag i.

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Little did we know it has a tough as nails, randomized, Roguelike dungeon crawler called Brand New Quest. Okay, it's not so brand new, but it requires quickthinking and problem solving as you descend 20 floors. Played on Hard difficulty, Come join me as we traverse through this dungeon in the hopes to make it out alive. Status: Decline Brand New Quest (Koji, Hard) 1:00:00. Gadget must cleverly utilize his vast array of gadgets to rescue his niece Penny and defeat Dr. Claw. Gadget can only take two hits, and he has a very large hitbox, so positioning and accurate timing is crucial. We play as a child on a quest to restore a crumbling world with the power of a lightbulb, exploring vast lands and crafting items along the way. Did I mention that we have to go into the file explorer and locate a code to unlock a safe. Every fourth-wall break can be easily shown on-stream without a layout change. As originally seen in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, Ultimate mode combines Beginner, Advanced, Expert, and Master back-to-back via some custom code, and results in a much longer Monkey Ball experience. Taking inspiration from the original Super Monkey Ball, this hack features some extremely difficult levels, but retains the crowd-favorite dynamic the series has. RNG takes two forms in Arkista's Ring: Random exits, which the player simply has to deal with; and a steady flow of randomly dropped consumables which make this game a lot of fun to replay. No two runs will have the same items available so it's all about improv. Despite the randomness, the game's pace makes it easy to follow and explain. (Also it's a marathon safe game). Very challenging game for anyone that has played this casually, as the mech is clunky and has a large hitbox. This run utilizes Napalm to effectively dispatch bosses quickly. Movement tech with hovering, soft landings, and proper dashing is crucial for fast times.

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Or better: The NK knew Dany was coming, so he dragged the fight out for a chance to get Sindragosa. Any single thing can be explained away or just ignored. However I'm starting to be bothered a bit by how many of them were in that episode and what that spells for future episodes. There's always a need to balance a perfectly logical plot and creating situations for character development, which may violate a big of consistency here or there. Let's hope they regain that balance before it's thrown out of whack. Spoiler: After that scene, there's no reason for Jon to go north of the wall anymore. Rule of cool is still winning me over with regards to S7E6, but the number of inconsistencies, teleporting, and plot armor is making me lose faith in the scriptwriters ability slightly. If S7E7 handles the events logically, I think I'll forgive all of those plotholes and stuff. Ultimately, S7E6 had very cool and important major events happen. Jon Snow really should be dead after that sequence, but losing a Dragon to the Night King is. Eastwatch is really fucking far from Dragonstone, there's no way Danny would have made it on time. Benjen's decision to ride in after Danny did only makes the logistics feel more arbitrary. I'm really curious to see if they will actually arrive upon a real solution to the problem of who is going to sit on ye olde pointy chair. Of course, upon Dany's death, it's much more likely that her coalition is going to shatter into its constituent parts and send Westeros into another generation of bloody wars. Is that why they put in the scene about succession. I guess it was mostly because of all the nonsense preceding that scene and that they tried to shoehorn in a lovey-dovey scene between Jon and Daenerys at the end where you'd expect her to be mourning and him to be understanding. Also, Spoiler: why would Daenerys fly north with her dragons in the first place. Is she suddenly believing in an army of the dead (presumably) because of a piece of paper saying main characters are in danger. If she does believe it, wouldn't going alone with only 3 dragons be very risky.

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The film is also based on the time of military dictatorship but shows several historical facts and incidents in a twisted fantasy like a fairy-tale. Instead of looking at history, the director creates a dream-like fantasy and chooses to take the bypass. For example, he depicts the scene of a child getting tortured, like an enjoying time at an amusement park. Rather than making the audience feel the transcendental energy of the magical realism, it turns out to be just a vacant sweetener of true imagination gone astray. Although not completely related, the same fallacy can be seen in KIM Jong-hyun s debut film. The film is about the life of pitcher, GAM Sa-yong at the start of the professional baseball league in Korea, and follows a typical sports hero story. Throughout its course, the surrounding environment or the related details of the time around the actual characters ultimately fade out. The audience leaves aside the fact that it is a true story and expects to feel satiated with witnessing human victory. However the movie reveals at the end that GAM Sa-yong recorded only one win. Ultimately, this movie starts off and ends with highlighting the infamous pitcher s non-acclaimed life. As the movie progresses, it falls into a peculiar contradiction that emphasizes the typical winner s ideology that winning is everything. While sacrificing the historical details, this partly human-success story leaves for the future of Korean films the question of how to reduce the gap between actual facts and creative fiction. This quest will continue as films with historical figures or subject matter will undoubtedly be in the mainstream in 2005. 3. The Auteurs 2004 marked the year when many Korean films received major awards at the Berlin, Cannes, and Venice film festivals consecutively. KIM Ki-duk received the Director s Awards for at Berlin and at the Venice International Film Festival while PARK Chan-wook received the Grand Prix for at Cannes. KIM is amazingly productive and appealing as he depicts his characters trapped in a vicious cycle and raising an uproar in a peculiar film world while moving slowly towards a hint of salvation made transparent. Compared to KIM s former films, the desire for religious salvation is a lot stronger here. Like watching a silent movie, out of KIM s world of art, with his simple style, the film has the steadiest appeal.

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