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She’s also the only person who drinks rum backstage, information she tells Jaqen along with many questions as to who wants her killed and why. To which Jaqen responds, “A girl does not need to ask questions. I wonder if Ned, Catelyn, and Sansa would ever get jealous at how easily Jaqen gets Arya to shut up. She tells Jorah to go and find a cure, then come back to her. Now keep in mind, Jorah’s condition is one that’s existed for thousands of years and no maester or physician from any culture has found a cure. So we’ll see how a knight with zero medical training can magically discover it. No one has died and the Sons of the Harpy are absent in the lives of those in Meereen. Though the Halfman is the one behind the recent political maneuverings in Meereen, he understands that Daenarys must receive credit for it if the peace is to hold. I think someone needs to file a lawsuit against the Red Temple for discriminating against ugly women, because it sure seems like every red priestess is an attractive female with a nice figure. She’s the High Priestess of the Red Temple in Volantis (a city Tyrion visited last season). And after seeing the crowds these servants of the Lord of Light draw, Tyrion wisely calls upon one to come and proclaim Dany’s name in her absence.


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All they need to do is break through the wall in a few places and get to the other side and riders would rush through the holes forcing the shield wall to turn to defend. A shield wall can stop a human charge but thousands of thousand pound horses is a different game. They both helped get this chain of events started and they're both still there, but they are limited. Maybe you could look at it like: they're the left-overs from how the game used to be played. Pretty sure his heart isn't beating already, and it was probably just a play on words if anything. You got to see the camps they set up and it felt like you were absorbed into the world. I loved this last episode though and if they're going to cut anything out then I guess that would have to be the main target. Hated when they cut out the battle at the first of the first men. I wish they would animate one and get the actors to do voice work for it. I'm not sure what teleporting has to do with any of that. Drogon is a poor sport and decided to keep fighting after his corner threw in the towel.


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