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Kali ini buat ngelindungin gadis cilik misterius yang diburu oleh sekelompok pasukan. Logan, enggak begitu yakin siapa dan ada apa dengan bocah ini, sekarang harus nge take care dua orang. Sementara gadis cilik ini, well, dia mungkin enggak butuh pertolongan sebanyak itu sebab ia sendiri punya trik khusus di balik lengan bajunya. Dalam Logan kita akan melihat Wolverine memegang komik X-Men, menunjukkannya kepada Prof X, membaca tentang petualangan mereka, untuk kemudian melemparnya begitu saja. Komik tersebut bukan hanya sebagai tempelan humor, melainkan eventually menambah layer terhadap plot dan karakter. Namun superhero juga manusia, bersama kekuatan hebat turut serta pula tanggungjawab yang gede. Komik hanya tahu tidak lebih dari seperempat apa yang mereka beneran hadapi. Reaksi Logan terhadap cerita fiksi dirinya berkostum spandek kuning-biru mencerminkan gimana kontrasnya dia dan orang lain dalam memandang eksistensinya sebagai Wolverine itu sendiri. Logan adalah film kejam ber tone kelam yang nunjukin karakter yang sembilan-puluh-sembilan persen udahan dengan yang namanya harapan. Meski begitu, kita tidak akan melihat Wolverine ataupun Prof X berkeliling bermuram durja dan depresi sepanjang waktu. Karakter-karakter ini belum kehilangan selera humor sepenuhnya. Aku suka dialog di meja makan saat Logan menyebutkan kepada orang-biasa bahwa pria botak tua di seberang meja itu dulunya pernah mengelola sekolah. Ada secercah diri mereka yang dulu hadir dalam pandangan mata dua karakter ini. Hal inilah yang membuat tokoh film Logan begitu hebat dan menarik; Melihat tokoh yang sudah kita kenal dan cintai diletakkan dalam posisi yang nian gelap dan mengukung dan nyaris terlupakan, sehingga kita ingin melihat sosok mereka yang sebenarnya keluar. Perasaan yang sangat fantastis melihat mereka, apalagi gadis cilik yang baru gabung itu, saling menumbuhkan rasa percaya dan saling mengapresiasi, saling belajar untuk menjadi pahlawan bagi satu sama lain. Kita akan merindukan orang ini jika Wolverine masih muncul di film-film berikutnya. Hugh Jackman, sudah memerankan Wolverine dalam sepuluh kali kesempatan, dan portrayal nya dalam film ini adalah yang terbaik.

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Commented Executive Director Roger Durling: ? udiences were treated to the most innovative and daring collection of films in our 30-year history, which is reflective of Santa Barbara? eclectic and informed film-going community. The Panavision Spirit Award for Independent Cinema, given to a unique independent feature that has been made outside mainstream Hollywood, went to Bang Bang Baby (US Premiere), directed by Jeffrey St. Jules and starring Jane Levy, Justin Chatwin, Peter Stormare, and David Reale about a small town teenager in the 1960s who believes her dreams of becoming a famous singer will come true when her rock star idol gets stranded in town. But a leak in a nearby chemical plant that is believed to be causing mass mutations threatens to turn her dream into a nightmare. James Read, along with Will Eubanks judged the Independent category, commented that it was a tough call, but Bang Bang Baby was like ? ynch meets Hairspray. Original, cool underlying metaphors, visually very interesting, some really neat performances and sometimes very touching? unique vision. The Audience Choice Award, sponsored by the Santa Barbara Independent, went to the New Zealand film Hip Hop-eration (US Premiere), directed by Bryn Evans. The film follows a troupe of courageous, yet cheeky, senior citizens on an extraordinary quest to perform at the World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas. The three leads are entirely real in their circumstances. Best Documentary Film Award went to Children of the Arctic (US Premiere), Switzerland, directed by Nick Brandestini. At the Arctic edge of America, five Native Alaskan teenagers strive to be both modern American kids and the inheritors of an endangered whaling culture. Every aspect of their daily lives, family history, customs, language, way of life and the environment that sustains them is at great risk of extinction. Nick Brandestini's portrait of the current lives of these teenagers and the decisions they have to make about their futures took us far away from the average cities in America to tiny towns in Alaska and helped us understand a very real gap in culture and values.


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. Scope of directories, 22 1124. Ex. 2. Haraprasad — Ded. Memorial volume — r. . . . Author bibliographies, 455. Harmsworth’s Atlas of the loorld and pictorial gazetteer — r. . . . Scope of. Hastings (James). Encyclopaedia of religion and ethics — d.


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So if they managed to dispatch of Ramsay it would be a big win. There are no women there, so probably not something you'd expect to find. It wouldn’t surprise me if the women in Mole’s Town use it to stop the naughty Nights Watch boys from getting into trouble. Robb defeating Jaime’s army would have been good but didn’t make it on screen. Like how they didn't show this huge drawn-out battle of Stannis' army vs Bolton army. Blackwater and Castle Black are the only ones that I can remember being detailed. There’s a few sieges and the Red Wedding was just a slaughter. By far the best fights have been one on one or very small. Think Oberyn vs The mountain, Brienne vs The hound or the recent ToJ scene. Big battles only need to be implied and are still effective. Money spent on costuming, production design and wages is money better spent. Have some wildlings stayed on the other side of the wall. Despite all that I would've expected a wildling army to be more than 2,000. I think the widling army is far, far larger in the books, and I think the show cut it back for obvious reasons. Stannis mounted vs Wildlings, Ramsey mounted vs Stannis loyalists. They're made up of various tribes, not all of them would follow Tormund. There better be something next week against the Tyrells.


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Wait what? Capturing Jamie Lannister would have been the greatest prize of the battle. The entire dothraki army would have been scouring the river for him. Instead, it's just conveniently forgotten and we go on to roast the Tarlys. Makes no sense. I guess maybe they thought he died at the bottom of the river. If so why not spend a line of dialogue to explain that. Just so dumb. A king is letting his subjects twist in the wind, he needs to get back and establish that he's still alive. And then what? They've seen the size of the undead army. Why not just fly a dragon up there and scoop a zombie up with its claws. Yes yes, don't nitpick Tinordi just enjoy the show. She made her statement, now GTFO She was also dealing with a dragon that had just got a spear in the throat. You just generally seem devoid of happiness so even your legitimate complaints are sometimes treated with suspicion. Wouldn't he want to find his brother or his brother's corpse. He has a moment of protectiveness to his brother when he charges the dragon and then he just forgets about him.


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Jules Isreal, April 13, 1925, New York City; d. The Jordan Chance was a Raymond Burr pilot written by Stephen J. It was about a wrongfully imprisoned man who spent seven years in the slammer, where he learned the law and emerged to help other railroaded prisoners. Loose Change was based on Sara Davidson’s best selling novel about three girlfriends (Season Hubley, Cristina Raines, and Laurie Heineman) during the 1960s, and how their lives intermingled and changed. RICHARD IRVING b. February 13, 1917, New York City; d. Istanbul Express was a Gene Barry espionage number. The prison genre was well-served by the modest but tough Breakout, with James Drury and Red Buttons as inmates in on the scheme. Cutter starred Peter DeAnda as Frank Cutter, a Chicago private eye whose case is to find a missing pro football quarterback. Irving tried another private eye pilot with The Art of Crime, with Ron Liebman doubling as an antiques dealer. Steven Keats and Dori Brenner received Emmy Award nominations for their roles in Seventh Avenue, about New York’s garment industry. Dorian Harewood’s performing in the title role sustained The Jesse Owens Story. Pajama Tops was taped at the Music Hall Theatre in Canada as Susan George, Pia Zadora, and Robert Klein starred in a satire on the foibles and pitfalls of marriage, including adultery. All were solidly made mysteries, some with way-out clues and over-the-top supporting performances, but with the star handling it all in good form. One of Iscove’s more absorbing subjects was covered in The Saga of the U. . .