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Apalagi, di seri terakhir, GP Abu Dhabi, diberlakukan sistem double poin. Hal ini membuat peluang Rosberg untuk menggeser Hamilton di laga terakhir sangat besar. ”Itu rangkaian kemenangan yang luar biasa, tapi sepanjang musim ini sudah luar biasa. Nico sangat cepat di kualifikasi, tapi Anda tidak pernah tahu bagaimana saat balapan dan saya berupaya semaksimal mungkin,” ujar Hamilton usai balapan. Sejatinya, Rosberg punya peluang besar untuk bisa memenangi GP Amerika Serikat. Pembalap Jerman ini memulai balapan di posisi terdepan dan mempertahankan posisi tersebut hingga 23 lap. Namun, bencana datang di lap ke24, tepatnya di turn 12. Rosberg yang agak melebar tak kuasa menahan Hamilton, dan akhirnya berhasil disalip pembalap Inggris itu. Begitu pula di kuarter kedua, Heat masih memimpin perolehan poin dari tim besutan Dwane Casey itu. Mereka unggul 10 poin dari Raptors dengan skor 64-54. Meski permainan berjalan lebih seimbang di paruh kedua dengan masing-masing tim memperoleh tambahan 23 poin, namun tim arahan Erik Spoelstra itu sempat unggul jauh hingga 16 poin. Akan tetapi aksi dari Kayle Lowry dan Williams memperkecil defisit angka kembali ke 10 poin di akhir kuarter ketiga, 87-77.

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Yes, absolutely, and we will find that seems to be what Sansa does when we cover Sansa and the Eyrie in an upcoming episode. I don’t think Dany will be Euron’s queen, for what it’s worth, but the line here about Falia being Euron’s salt wife and someone else being his rock wife, and them being like sisters, is noteworthy. It implies Euron as having wives who are sisters, like Aegon, and it highlights the fact that the Ironborn actually have an ancient tradition of a kings with multiple wives that dates back thousands of years. There’s no question Euron is one of the characters people are more excited to see more from in the Winds of Winter. A lot, think, and more than anything, I think we have greatly strengthened the conclusions laid out in Visenya Draconis about the Night’s King and Queen; namely, that there is a direct link between Azor Ahai and Night’s King; Night’s King reigned during the Long Night and not afterward, and Night’s King and Night’s Queen created the Others during the Long Night. I honestly did not have a strong gut opinion on any of these issues before analyzing the symbolism, but I think the symbolic clues are pretty clear, and pretty consistent, and they seem to point to those conclusions. We’ve seen today that Jon has some strong ties to the Others, and indeed, we have to understand why Jon is the Song of Ice and Fire in order to grasp the true nature of the Others. Strap on your bear-paws and throw on an extra wolf-skin, because we are going further into the frozen lands of icy symbolism. In the first Moons of Ice and Fire episode, Mother of Shadows, we compared Melisandre to the Night’s Queen, contrasting them as lunar queens of fire and ice, respectively. We picked up on the pattern of black shadows coming from fire-associated moon figures and moon symbols, and we saw that the moon-pale Night’s Queen with her chilly flesh and cold blue star eyes seems to have been a white shadow factory, the original mother of the Others. In Moons of Ice and Fire 2: Dawn of the Others, we observed that fire dragons play the role of fiery moon children, while the starry-eyed Others play the role of icy moon children. We saw that the “comets, dragons, and flaming swords” motif also applies to the icy side of things, with the colors and temperatures inverted.

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Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Venus Virgin Tomarz upcoming video as well, in which there is rumour to being started next year. I’ve known Lee, aka DJ Cruel Britannia since I believe the end of 2006. For almost 10 years he has supported my music, on his podcast Fadeout, is the co-founder of World Goth Day and resident DJ at a number of events and festivals in the UK including the Whitby Goth Weekend. Lee’s contribution to the community is unsurpassed with his dedication to creating shows every week on his radio show for almost 10 years now, interviewing various icons in the musical realm with the likes of Peter Murphy, Valor Kand, Patrik Mata, Strap on Halo and many more. Lee’s shows are always entertaining with his wry sense of humour, goth dancefloor classics, news and events not to mention his passion for finding new music and artists from around the globe. There’s not much else to say other than sit back, relax and we hope you enjoy this interview, as for once, the chelsea boot, is on the other foot. You can find out more about Lee in the social links below and tune into FADEOUT every Sunday EST or if you’re a collector, you can download the show for free. This month we are covering an interesting article claiming to have defined goth, and finally we are continuing our long overdue goths around the world series with interviews from goths in Germany and Scotland. References: Information on culture, subculture, and counter-culture Philosophy Corner: 1:34:22 Matthias is a German goth who is very active in the scene. Carol is a blogger, event promoter, and photographer from Inverness, Scotland. References: Photography Being Goth in the Highlands Sinister Suggestions: 2:38:22 This month I've asked that we all donate time or money to helping create a more rational, caring, and open society. ACLU Planned Parrenthood Secular Coalition for America.

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She can take up the position of the angry bitch, the drama queen who holds court (the deliberate camp that Sontag finds in this film). Or she can accept her culture's gendered discourse of aging which figures her as in her moment of fading. Corber, an expert on homophobia within the cultural context of the Cold War in the United States, posits that the foundational theme in All About Eve is that the defense of the norms of heterosexuality, specifically in terms of patriarchal marriage, must be upheld in the face of challenges from female agency and homosexuality. The nurturing heterosexual relationships of Margo and Bill and of Karen and Lloyd serve to contrast with the loveless relationship predation and sterile careerism of the homosexual characters, Eve and Addison. Eve uses her physical femininity as a weapon to try to break up the marriages of both couples, and the extreme cynicism of Addison serves as a model of Eve's future. For instance, shortly after Eve had a phone call placed to Lloyd Richards in an attempt to break up his marriage, she was shown walking up to her room with her female co-conspirator, their arms about one another and each of them dressed for bed. The fair amount of subtlety employed in All About Eve is seen as primarily being due to Production Coderestrictions on the depiction of homosexuals in the media during this time. However, notwithstanding those restrictions, Corber cites the film as but one example of a recurrent theme within American film of the homosexual as an emotionally bereft predator. The documentary The Celluloid Closet also affirms this theme to which Corber refers, including citing numerous other film examples from the same Production Code time period in which All About Eve was made. Another important thematic of the film, in terms of war politics and sexuality, involves the post-World War II pressure placed upon women to acquiesce agency. This submissive and effeminate Margo is contrasted with the theatricality, combativeness, and egotism of the earlier career woman Margo, and the film's two homosexual characters. Additionally, Eve's utility as a personal assistant to Margo early in the film, which is a subtle construct of a same-sex intimate relationship, is decried by Birdie, the same working-class character who immediately saw through Eve's story about a fictional husband.

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Probably, because they are asshats and like to fuck with their fans. But I was just wondering about Dany's brother, viserys. What happens to his sword after khal gives him the gold crown. If they introduce Septon Meribald as a character, he could cover some of Robert's Rebellion via flashback, so they could potentially stretch it out. You can't reasonably expect the training to become a world class assassin to be easy and heartwarming. The training requires discipline, and it requires Arya to forget her former self and become no one so she can then serve the Many Faced God, rather than serving House Stark or any other of her old ties to country or family. But she failed to follow her orders and instead killed someone because of her personal motives as Arya Stark rather than killing the person she was assigned to kill by the Many Faced God, so she clearly was not ready to be no one and give up her past. She already showed this by keeping her sword, Needle, and she showed it again by killing Meryn Trant (on the show anyway, in the books she kills a different person) instead of the insurance guy. So she was punished, and rightly so from the perspective of her training, though on the show they made it seem like it was because of some magic of putting on the face without permission and before she was ready to be no one. In the books it was more a punishment by the man training her who gives her a drink that blinds her. I'm curious to see if the show follows the books on some of the things that happen next with Arya. In particular: Book Spoiler that may be in the show next season: This is when you get confirmation in the books that Arya can warg, though not to Bran's extent.