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. This gives me plenty of time to set up and meet the neighbors before dark. When planning your route, look at the map and see if there is a point of interest you want to stop at to take a driving break. One of my favorite parts of RV travel is that I have my home on wheels and I can pull over at a rest area and have the leftovers from last night's dinner or a great lunch I've planned ahead, instead of rest stop fast food. (I can use my own bathroom, too! Before getting back on the road I can take a little cat nap or do a few laps around the parking area to revive. I avoid driving fatigue by eating light, switching drivers every few hours and always wearing good polarized sunglasses. While driving I catch up on all the great RV podcasts. I look for sites that are not adjacent to an access road. I prefer sites that back up to woods with no other trailers behind them and are not too close to the bathrooms. Even if the campground uses an online reservation system, it's a good idea to call and talk to someone who works there. (Pro tip: Ask them what the coveted site is that everyone wants. If you're camping with young children, you may want to be right across from the playground. If you're planning a quiet couples weekend, ask them for a secluded spot.

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The museum as digital storyteller: collaborative participatory creation of interactive digital experiences. Accessed 28 Sept 2015, Published 31 January 2015 612 A. Madrigal, A. . How Netflix Reverse Engineered Hollywood. This focus on broadcasting technology acknowledges the central role of communication architectures in the exploration of cultural heritage and frames an interaction design process that aims to make this cultural heritage tangible. In our ? st testing period, we encourage users to immerse themselves in a vast, deeply linked and comprehensively tagged pool of items on post-war architecture and their creators, e? ctively letting them curate their experience and own narrative of their journey through a multifaceted topic in a time and location charged with social, economic and political tension. The qualitative feedback well receive will be used to strengthen and reiterate both the interface and the way users can create their own narratives and share them with other visitors. 2 2. Technology User Interface Design The User Interface follows a minimalist, content-focused approach. A large map builds the foundation of our experience, with new windows created upon most interactions. The intuitive touch-actions (moving, scaling, rotating etc.

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Turner (Penelope Ann Miller). Later in life, when Nat (Parker) is older, Samuel (Armie Hammer) capitalizes on Nat’s ability to read by having him preach the gospel to other nearby slaves thought to be unruly. Seeing how poorly slaves were treated outside of the “comfort” of the Turner Plantation, this sparks a fire in him that eventually leads to his eponymous slave rebellion. Parker does an exceptionally good job as Nat, a man who goes through an obvious and powerful evolution as a character that begins as complacent as one can be in his work as a slave, treated comparatively well by the Turner family and benefitting greatly from his ability to read. Parker’s slow transition from this character to the passionate freedom fighter he becomes is one of the highlights of the film and something worth noting. Parker doesn’t seem to push the movie in any such direction to where you can gauge where the film is on an emotional level, so much so that when the actual slave rebellion begins in the second half, it felt like something that was rushed and tough to follow. Had the film spread its pacing out more and focus more on Nat’s plan, rather than skipping this period, the film would have felt more complete this way. Of course, the film itself is a low-budget indie film, but Parker has quite an ambitious vision for much of the film that doesn’t always pay off in terms of quality (one involving an angel is almost shockingly cheap looking). Perhaps because these were some of the moments where the film showed its low-budget and lack of direction, but also due to its use of semi-modern music in the form of Nina Simone in one prolonged sequence. In the first trailer, her cover of “Strange Fruit” was hauntingly effective, but to use it in an actual film over 100 years before the song was released, made me all the more aware that I was watching a movie, not fully engrossed in what the movie was truly about. The issues that the film raises are just as pertinent now as they were back in 1831 as they are in 2016, especially in Haley’s character, who asserts himself as an over-zealous law enforcement officer keen on capturing, raping and killing slaves not following in perfect order. These themes are powerful and Parker’s screenplay handles this part greatly, even if it doesn’t execute it perfectly. Of course, the obvious comparisons to “12 Years a Slave” are to be made, but what the latter film had was a clear and concise sense of what the film was looking to achieve in the two hours we spent with it and how to achieve that in the best way possible. I found myself realizing many times in “The Birth of a Nation” that I was clearly watching a movie, no matter how heartbreakingly effective the cast was, it felt like a film, while something like “12 Years a Slave” felt brutally real.

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Behaviour therapy: an introduction and the application of hypnosis 21. An eclectic approach to psychotherapy augmented by hypnosis 23. Risks, precautions and contraindications SECTION 4 The application of hypnosis to specific medical, dental and psychological problems 24. Hypnosis for smoking cessation, weight reduction and insomnia 25. Hypnosis in the treatment of psychosomatic problems 26. Hypnosis in the treatment of miscellaneous psychological problems and disorders 32. Medical and psychological problems in children and adolescents 143 155 173 183 193 201 217 255 271 283 287 295 323 347 365 379 397 411 435 457 CONTENTS ix SECTION 5 The professional practice of hypnosis 33. Evidence for the benefits and the adverse effects of hypnosis 34. Issues in professional practice Appendix I Clinical hypnosis and memory Appendix II Ethical guidelines of the International Society of Hypnosis Index 473 491 501 505 509 Extracts from the forewords to the second and third editions SECOND EDITION Each page makes clear that a long overlooked and seriously neglected need is being fulfilled, one of great importance in the furtherance of the scientific modality of hypnosis as an important adjunct in the healing arts. A methodology of the medical use of hypnosis of great value to the patient himself and to medicine as a whole is developed and adequately elucidated in this book. This is achieved by centring around a clear-cut well-ordered basic orientation which acquaints the medical practitioner with the varieties of hypnotic understandings pertinent to the clinical practice of medicine. Milton H. Erickson THIRD EDITION The practice of hypnotherapy is both an art and a science. As an art it is often best communicated through an apprenticeship to an experienced expert.

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Revival will run from April 30th thru May 4th each evening starting at 7pm. The glory of God is always present, and the lives of the people and the communities are impacted and changed for the better. We hear testimonies of manifested change long after the tent revival is over. 27, 2011: Filmed on the grounds of the Billy Graham Library, Bill Gaither and the Homecoming Friends bring to life the old tent revivals that were popular back in the 50s and 60s. A carnival tent is permitted on bona fide school The revival will last at least two weeks, says Vanover, but we re not stopping until The Lord says so. If they have time for cable TV, the Internet, and the newspaper, they have time to come to church for a few nights. Revival Tents at Miami Missionary Tent Company are kept in stock in many different sizes. These pole tents are manufactured using the highest quality vinyl available. The Jesus Tent is sending a revival in North Carolina and transforming the community by touching individuals and families. I believe this tent when fully setup had 8 center poles, So this would have been 220'x380'an evangelistic service or a series of services for the purpose of effecting a religious awakening: to hold a revival. Todd Allen Herendeen and his band are traveling America and reminding its people that their country was raised up and founded as a nation with moral standards of God. Holding outdoor wedding under church tent is a good choice for you to enjoy open-air atomsphere. The tent was brought to Greenville by Mike Thornton of the Global River Church because he observed that wherever the tent goes, revival follows. Features the Oak Ridge Boys, Guy Penrod, George Beverly Shea, and more.