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. poetics) and speci? tools best suited to the genres of their narratives while guiding decisionmaking that considers how media will a? ct the rhetoric. The following outline of a proposed non-? tion IDN creation framework is being tested in ongoing research in a case study and aims to be useful for collaborative creative teams. 2 A Framework for Creating Non-fiction IDN Systems Phase 1: Know Your Audience. It is important to consider the audience by conducting demographic research or user modelling. Key questions to answer may include: Who is the IDN for. A Framework for Creative Teams of Non-? tion IDNs 145 Phase 2: Define the Communication Goals. For example, is the IDN aiming to communicate a feeling, theme, clear message, speci?

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Time refers to the synchronicity of a meeting and can be either synchronous (takes place at the same time for all participants) or asynchronous (takes place independent of time). Place refers to the physical location of the meeting and can be either in the same place (everyone in one room) or in different places (team members spread across two or more rooms). Different places can be along one hallway, on different floors of the same buildings, in different buildings in the same metropolis, or in different spaces across the global landscape (e. . in a car, on an airplane, in another country). Everyone must be in the same room during the same time period in order to carry out the team meeting. Alternatively, by relaxing one or both of the “same” constraints, a variety of other possibilities present themselves. Of course, if the meeting locations are in different time zones, participants are not meeting at the same clock times. Most likely, a virtual team will use some or all of these methods to conduct their business. They may begin with a synchronous meeting (possibly face to face). Later, the focus may be on asynchronous communications as subtasks are being accomplished. At certain milestones, synchronous communications may be utilized to ensure the highest level of exchanges among participants.

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The John pictured in the video is actually John Lackland. The John who was barred from succession was John of Gaunt. John Lackland was deposed, and exiled, but was never barred from the throne. Collider Thrones Talk is here to discuss and review the first episode of Season 7 of Game of Thrones. At the Twins, Arya poisons the remaining lords of House Frey. Game of Thrones: Season 7 Trailer Confirms MAJOR Events. Join us here at Cinematica as well take you through some of our Game of Thrones Season 7 Predictions! Tales of Adventures and Epic Battles - 90's Flowing by Craig Andersson. One of the most interesting theories to come out this year is that Cersei Lannister will be the new Night's Queen. Is there anything to this theory or is it just wild speculation with no real basis. We were so hyped and had so much fun watching Game of Thrones together once again! Please help support us (if possible), so we can create awesome content more frequently.

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It is the same now. We will continue to chart our own unique course” - K Kavitha, MP and K Chandrasekhar Rao’s daughter. Under the Rythu Bheema insurance scheme, even if you hold 100 sq yards, you are insured by the state without having to pay a premium, to the tune of Rs 5 lakh, and this includes natural and accidental death,” KTR says. The programmes have been heralded by economists like Arvind Subramanian as the way forward for agricultural policy that has only talked of direct benefit transfer until now. According to the state government, 92 per cent of the beneficiaries under Rythu Bandhu own less than 5 acres, 5 per cent own 5-10 acres and the remaining 3 per cent own more than 10 acres. While there are concerns that in villages with large farmers—an individual can hold up to 52 acres of land—it could widen disparities in income, KTR says it is still a work-in-progress. “As many as 5. million farmers benefit from the scheme, but if a couple of lakh farmers are left out because they do not own any land, the Opposition will attack us on this,” he says, mildly irritated. With a 4-million membership and a large army of party workers, the TRS is said to be making sure that the Congress “is silenced forever as a party in Telangana”, according to a legislator. They do not have much in the way of resistance, with RC Khuntia leading AICC Telangana. “Had the Congress brought in Ashok Gehlot or Sushil Kumar Shinde, they could have made a difference,” says a political observer, adding that when KCR called Rahul Gandhi a buffoon, the state Congress’ response was to “send out a press release condemning his unparliamentary language”. “What can you expect from this leadership?

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Erdogan had at the weekend mooted that Turkey could join the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), a loose security and economic bloc led by Russia and China sometimes seen as an eastern counterpart to NATO. But he did not refer to this in his speech in Istanbul to the NATO meeting. Pressed by a Dutch lawmaker to condemn the crackdown that has seen over 35,000 arrested, Stoltenberg said he had told Turkish leaders all measures had to be taken within the rule of law. Stoltenberg also made no reference to Turkish officers serving in NATO command posts who he had said last week had asked for asylum following the failed coup. Back in late 2010, existing-home sales were pacing below 3. million annually, which was down by about half from where they sat prior to the Great Recession. Since 2010, though, existing-home sales have climbed at a pretty steady pace, reaching 5. 7 million homes annually as of October. Since lending rates have stuck near historic lows, the opportunity to buy a house with an attractively low mortgage rate is acting as a dangling carrot for buyers that may be on the fence. But, if you're planning to buy a home, or even refinance an existing mortgage, you need to be aware of the numerous factors that can influence your mortgage interest rate. Perhaps the best-known mortgage rate influencer is your credit score (also known as FICO score). FICO scores take five factors into consideration (with accompanying importance to your FICO score in parenthesis): Though this may not be a precise formula, the gist is simple: Lenders want to feel comfortable about your ability to pay back what will likely be the largest loan of your life.


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Enjoy? MIDI Mariah: The McGurk Effect: Links: The Standard: facebook. We discuss a naked wheat onlooker; a man who held his brother in his balls; and rocked some epic facts. Along the way there were tangents galore, including: Family Guy; Misogyny; Generational gaps; South Park; the TGIF lineup; and much, much more. For those not in the know, The Simpsons was an American television show which aired for a single season. Also, space stuff, pot, and the Alexxcast t-shirt. We discuss: legalized marijuana, Alexx’s burn victim facial hair; dating; guns; and more. As is normal for the show the conversation goes in all sorts of strange directions, including our old friend bigfoot and a half-alien-hybrid gun. Tonight Michelle and Steph enter the Echo Chamber to talk about some nonsense involving genitals and sandwiches. It’s fun. Enjoy. Tonight I talked about recent TV show watching; conspiratorial thinking; evil millionaires; and Mayo.