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? is portraits of everyday Baltimore faces in of-the-moment scenes don’t just pop with light and color, but capture personalities and city life in unexpected ways. The first deep dive by new The Baltimore Sun hire Mark Puente last fall proved as remarkable for its prescience as what it uncovered: More than 100 people won legal judgments or settlements related to alleged brutality and civil-rights violations by city police over the past four years. Puente, who grew up in Detroit and Cleveland and drove a truck for 14 years before turning to journalism, was recruited from the Tampa Bay Times when The Sun decided to reinvest in old-school, long-form investigative journalism. “What surprised me most, coming from my background in Detroit and Cleveland, was the local disaffection with the police department in Baltimore,” Puente says. “That caught me off guard when I did my reporting and my door-knocking. As the city he loves—and, more specifically, the neighborhood where he has owned a home for more than three decades—was shaken by riots, Cummings took to the streets to help quell tensions between protestors and police. The 64-year-old congressional leader joined peaceful demonstrations by day and then literally stood in the middle of Pennsylvania and North avenues for several nights following the initial unrest, listening to frustrated protestors and then urging them with a bullhorn to go home once curfew fell. Maybe it’s easy to take The Sun columnist’s work for granted because he’s been at it for so long, but that’s also exactly what makes his thrice-weekly reads so valuable. Not only does Rodricks know the history and context of the issues at hand, ? is columns are often what give the daily deluge of breaking news a human perspective. Anyone can post an opinion online these days, but Rodricks’s best efforts are well reported, interview-driven pieces that cast fresh light—and sometimes darkness—on the events of the day, such as when he recently revisited a woman who’d lost her son 22 years ago, and then her grandson this spring, to gun violence. For better or worse, the Baltimore City state’s attorney became a media star with appearances in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Marie Claire after her headline-grabbing indictments of six police officers related to the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray from injuries suffered while in custody.

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Some of the few happy and peaceful moments of her life. He slowed down as they approached a red light and could see a shopping parade ahead on both sides of the road. Saw a blue flashing light, heard the blip of a loud throttle; then a police motorcyclist pulled alongside his window, signalling for him to get out. Instead, he floored the accelerator and shot straight over the lights, right across the path of a heavy truck. 'Oh shit,' Ashley said. Moments later, siren on, the motorcycle was alongside again, the cop signalling sternly for him to pull over. Instead, Vic turned the wheel sharply to the right, deliberately striking the bike, sending it hurtling over on its side; in his mirror he caught a fleeting glimpse of the cop, unseated, rolling across the road. Panicking, Vic saw a pillar box ahead, and a quiet-looking side street. He turned sharply into it, hearing the sound of the bags sliding across the back seat, then accelerated down the tree-lined avenue. It was starting to rain again, and he fumbled around with the switches until he found the wipers and got them working. He drove on, through a maze of quiet residential streets, then suddenly they came out into a narrow, bustling high street, with traffic crawling down it. He was going to wait to let it pass when a glint of white light in his mirror caught his eye; almost in disbelief, he saw a police motorbike weaving through the jammed traffic behind him. The same damned cop he had just knocked off his machine.

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But then I have no idea how that could be traced to him personally (unless Sansa has an inkling. I can't remember what she knows about that situation, dunno). Either way, the message was delivered by rider (not a raven scroll which is what Luwin kept copies of, if that makes a difference) and Cat burned the paper seconds after reading it. But Luwin was in the room when she read it and knew what it said, so maybe he made a note of it to place in the message archives. That Littlefinger is looking to erase this particular message doesn't seem terribly likely, but yeah maybe it's enough of a narrative pretense for someone to catch him mucking around in the archives and the inevitable shenanigans that would cause. Just spitballing. I have no idea. Don't ask me about my Luwin-was-in-cahoots-with-Littlefinger hypothesis that this spitballing led me to. Based on a promise of supporting the Lannisters, of course. Then they both wound up taking ( ) hostages ( ) and now I think the show is just fucking with us on purpose. I think the issue is that the stories are getting more intertwined and geographically compressed, so the time changes are more noticeable. In the first couple seasons you pretty much just had a story in the north, a story in the south, and a story in Essos (with other side stories sprinkled in). Now it's really all one main story, just in different locations.

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How we can speak about this without talking about Kit and OMG my babe Sophie, each one playing their respective roles to perfection, it’s well past time for Emmys to start recognizing these two and Maisie’s work in my opinion. Oh and yes this is my top favorite episode of the whole show so far,Thanks again David and Dan. Maybe Dany and Drogon have a moment in front of the Dosh Khaleen and they realise Dany is TSWMTW and struggle to convince the Dothraki until they also see Dany and Drogon being buddies. But the show is a faster paced visual medium so I’m fine with how it is going so far. They could have used more money on Jons resurrection. The guy has just come back from the dead, he surely feels exhausted, scared as hell, angry, betrayed and just wants a happy and quiet life (at least what remains of it). And of course the Dothaki will bow down to her- they bow to strength. I recall a while back most here were hoping she’d save herself instead of Drogon. Only minor gripes are the episode title and Osha’s death. Of course she was a goner but I would’ve loved to see her at least get to scratch Ramsay with a blade before meeting her inevitable demise, as we’d expect from a true spearwife She will be missed. My impression was that they are skimping over that part now because it is not immediately important to Jon’s arc. Later, whenever it becomes necessary, they will bring it up. The very fact that she keeps mentioning tptwp has to be for a reason.

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hou shalt not suffer a witch to live. Exodus 22:18 King James Version How. Christians treat this occult holiday as something harmless, the Bible. Saul dabbled in occultism by seeking out a witch, God rejected him. Saul. Every Halloween symbol represents something either demonic or occultic. For example: The jack-o-lantern is the ancient symbol of a damned soul. The. Bewitched and I dream of Jeanie; are expressly forbidden in scripture. Ex 22:18; Deut. 18:9-14; Lev. 18:24-30 The symbols such as ghosts, ghouls, monsters, skulls, skeletons, graveyards, coffins, tombstones etc. Trick or treat.

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And I hope we have a spectacular resolution on that front. I hope the big reveal is epic and worthy of everything Arya’s been working toward. Not sure if anyone else feels this way but it seems as if we really haven’t spent too much time with any 1 main character and even less with the minor ones like Tarly, Sand Snakes, Ramsay etc. Quoth the latter in 404: “It was reforged from Ned Stark’s sword. I think this situation is different as said in the article so I don’t see them cancelling. In one instance I agree out of respect to the families and lives lost, on the other I’m not sure we should because this just shows those (bleep) that they can affect our lives and Im so against that. If she does appear, probably best to go to another site because this place will be a shitshow. I think the greater good of helping Sansa and Jon get Winterfell back will be a stronger force and of course making sure the fight stays in the North against the WW. RR won’t mean crap to anyone if the WW get past Winterfell. But since Littlefinger really has been the catalyst of all the problems that have been occurring since the show aired -beginning with convincing Lysa to kill her husband Jon, it makes perfect sense that he is trying to force a showdown between the Snow Bastards to further his cause for control. He does NOT want to be the KING of the seven kingdoms BUT he does want to be the power player behind the scenes since he feels that is a more safe position. Stay strong and healing thoughts to you and family too. Otherwise what’s the point, who else can he turn to to ransom Rickon.