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Film horor dengan gimmick found-footage sudah menjadi mainstream. Banyak yang gagal, namun tak sedikit juga yang sukses. Paranormal Activity (2007) adalah salah satu contoh yang berhasil menerapkan apa-apa yang membuat The Blair Witch Project sebuah fenomena pop-culture. The Blair Witch Project adalah salah satu film pertama yang pakek strategi viral campaign. Mereka bikin situs khusus untuk jelasin mitos Blair Witch, bikin selebaran, dan lain-lain, while also tetap mempertahankan kerahasiaan filmnya. Hasilnya; banyak orang yang mengira film ini adalah footage berita asli tentang tiga orang anak muda yang mencari Blair Witch dan hilang di hutan. Kritikus film tahun segitu pada kompak bilang The Blair Witch Project adalah film terseram yang pernah dibuat berkat sense nyata atau enggak-nyata tersebut. Aku nonton film ini di kosan, belasan tahun setelah kemisteriusan filmnya sirna, setelah orang-orang fully realized ini cuma film biasa yang dibuat oleh filmmaker yang pinter. It was so dark, basically tidak ada yang terjadi kecuali remaja-remaja annoying nyasar di hutan. Sutradara Adam Wingard did some VERY SIMILAR TACTIC. Dia memasarkan film ini sebagai The Woods untuk menjaga kerahasiaan. Caranya membangun tensi dan menghimpun rasa takut juga terasa familiar. Sayangnya, film ini malah jadi terasa enggak kreatif karena menggunakan elemen cerita yang sama dengan film pertamanya. Mereka melangkah masuk ke dalam hutan Black Hills, Burtkittsvile demi mencari kakak James yang hilang dua puluh tahun yang lalu. Usia James baru empat tahun saat Heather kakaknya hilang di hutan tersebut. James bermaksud menyelidiki rumah misterius tempat kakaknya terakhir kali terekam di video dokumenter mereka yang ditemukan. Yea, kakaknya actually adalah tokoh dalam film pertama.

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Hailed in 2000 by the American Literary Association as one of the top 100 books written for teenagers, Tomorrow When the War Began is the first in a series of seven novels by acclaimed Australian author John Marsden. Australia's first major action movie aimed at teenagers, the adaptation has taken creative liberties with some characters but effectively captures the books essence. In the small coastal town of Wirawee, seven teenagers in an end of summer trip decide the let their hair down in true Aussies style; by camping. Exploring deep into the dense bush, the group discovers an idyllic remote location ripe for hunting, shelter and fun in affectionately named, Hell. Naive to the fact that their lives have been altered forever however, the teens return home to find their families missing, their animals perishing and all forms of communications cut-off. Logically and systematically returning to each family home they find no answers, so the troop decides to investigate why only the local fair ground and hospital show any form of activity. The realisation that Australia has been invaded by a foreign power hits only to hard when Ellie (Caitlin Stasey) witnesses cold-blooded murder through the fence of these makeshift concentration camps. Shocked she inadvertently exposes the group and they return to the safety of Hell. After picking up another escapee; the clueless and careless, Chris (Andrew Ryan), the group bands together to make a plan action. Concluding they must put away childish notions and learn to fight, survive and attack the unknown enemy if they wish to outlast the war no-one knew was coming. Screen writer Stuart Beattie (Australia, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End) embraces his directorial debut, casting first time motion picture actors Caitlin Stasey (Neighbours), Phoebe Tonkin (Packed to the Rafters) and Lincoln Lewis (Home and Away). The film suffers slightly from a mismatched soundtrack, over acting and overt typecasting, but it is the first; with two sequels based the later books already in the pipelines hopeful a little bit more depth of character will be explored. Such a familiar premise (i. . Red Dawn 1984), Tomorrow When the War Began stands out mostly due to its location and simplicity. Rather than allowing the teens to instantly become self-confident warriors with no fear, it shows them as vulnerable children attempting to survive and rebel. Avoiding shaking camera, perplexing cuts and massively overdone action sequences, this movie embraces the smaller things, giving viewers time to absorb its content.

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Justice W. Rock, a resident of Lee, was charged with DUI, felony battery to a firefighter, two counts of misdemeanor aggravated assault to police officers and one count of resisting arrest, the sheriff’s office said. He was also issued a traffic citation for improper lane usage. A much smaller portion of the audience in the South — mostly those living in Florida — will see Jacksonville at Cleveland. And then there is the pocket of TV viewers in Mississippi who will be shown Kansas City at the Giants. The Giants are a very bad team, and the Chiefs are not exactly Mississippi’s team. On each Sunday during the football season, CBS and Fox broadcast several football games simultaneously, but send only one to your home. The process by which the networks decide which game you will see is called regionalization. At CBS, the executives Rob Correa and Kelly Wood, along with a team of researchers and staff members, decide which one. Strategy, Correa dismissed, is “a fancy word for picking the best games. But Correa and Wood can’t put the games just anywhere. There are myriad N. F. L. rules, broadcast restrictions and requests from local CBS affiliates influencing the process. They must consider esoteric sports-broadcast issues like home blackouts, flexing, cross flexing, prime flexing, constants, mandatory pullouts, primary markets, secondary markets and protected games. In other words, it’s not as easy as, “Hey, everybody either really hates or really loves the Patriots, so let’s just put that game on everywhere.

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Luckily, we have trail cameras to answer that question for us. Because of the notoriety of his death, people are still interested in what happened to Alfalfa. Read about his death based on newspaper stories from the time. Remember that newspaper reporters are entitled to make mistakes based on the limited information they are given by the police, so you may find conflicting stories of what really happened. Why didn't the police take his word over Bud Stiltz's and investigate further. But what Bud is really saying, is that a closed knife was found at the murder scene. The life of a Little Rascal who grew into a troubled man faded to black 42 years ago last Sunday. For Tom Corrigan of Thousand Oaks, Calif. that night stands out like young Alfalfa's cowlick. He was just a few feet from Switzer when the fatal shot was fired. Corrigan rarely speaks of the night of Jan. 21, 1959, but, surprised to hear the Internet brims with conspiracy theories about the death of the man he called Alfie, he agreed to go on the record. While Web postings claim Alfie used a police badge to bluff his way into the house and that he was killed over a drug deal, the truth is simpler and sadder. Just before dark on that January day, Tom heard a knock on the front door. Although Alfie was 32, his voice deepened only slightly from the cracking twang of his Little Rascals days. Alfie had been around Tom's family as long as he could remember. Crash Corrigan and Alfie had a mutual friend in TV cowboy Roy Rogers.

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Would I be undermining a larger agenda if I advocated compromise on this one issue. Did my constituents elect me to just be a sycophant, to toe the party line and vote in lock step with what the party wants. Or do they trust my judgement, and expect me to really weigh each issue and vote my conscience. They've got a lot of clout, and with their support I can really do a lot of good for this country. But how can I do that kind of good if I can't get elected. Clearly, I don't mean to paint the Democrats as the only party to do this - but the two party system, as it has evolved, supports this kind of party loyalty over and above any kind of true representation. If a state elects a Republican, or if a state elects a Democrat, they're not looking to have someone represent their interests and debate the nuance of various issues - rather, it's like amassing an army. I mentioned in another post that Schumer has earned the reputation of being somewhat of a pragmatist, willing to negotiate and come to terms with his opposition - understanding the give-and-take of a hierarchical approach to the importance of issues versus the value of a sort of premeditated incremental concession. But all that went out the window as a result of two major events. Suddenly, with a Democrat majority in the house, and a close ally in Nancy Pelosi, no longer do they have to compromise, find middle ground, argue ideology. Suddenly they've got the bigger army, they've got control, and they can destroy the man, and that's what they have set out to do. I don't know how to get back to honest, ideological debate based on issues. And the trend seems to be that the left is moving left, and the right is moving right - expanding the gap between them and escalating the battle. In New York State, Andrew Cuomo has drawn his line in the sand - he is refusing to sign a budget into law unless there is a provision to allow abortion for any reason, right up until the moment of birth. This is pushing that argument way to the left, accepting no compromise, and holding, on a state level, the same kind of hostages that are now being held on a national level. In 2016, there were approximately 90,000 abortions. Of these, only 1.

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On nearly every Saturday and Sunday, I wrote for four to five hours per day. On most days, I get out of bed whenever I wake up—which is usually about 7 a. . I like to be up first in the house. I make my coffee, bring in the morning newspaper, then usually sit around in the living room, drinking coffee and reading a book for about an hour. Two or three times a week, I take a four-mile hike after I finish my morning read. At around 8:30 or 9:30 a. . (mostly depending on whether I take a walk that day), I go up to my office above my backyard garage and start working. I begin by reading and revising the pages (on my computer screen) that I wrote on the previous day. This not only gives me a chance to repair any sloppy writing, but it pulls me back into the story. When I reach the end of yesterday's pages, it's usually a simple matter to write the next sentence, and the next, and just keep going. We may watch half an hour of television while we eat. Then I may read for half an hour, or take a quick nap. To get started again, I read the last couple of pages written that morning. Then I resume writing and continue until about 3:30 p. .