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Anything that would allow people to create their own “channels” based on individual interests. Essentially Twitter’s existing “Trending topics”, we imagined a dynamic hashtag cloud that would guide people towards what others are talking about and help to get them there. Our interest in 1D4D, which we all shared, bore no relationship to our interest in (and experience with) Twitter, which varies wildly. Master and neophyte alike should be able to participate in the conversation without a black belt in Twitter. Help people by providing a semi-curated experience. We’ve weighed in elsewhere on the challenges Twitter faces in general and those factors can be exacerbated when large numbers of people convene with a larger purpose for a time-bounded conversation. Perhaps some scaffolding would improve the ability for more meaningful exchanges, enabling serendipity without letting serendipity reign as the organizing principle. It’s worth nothing that they no longer offer this particular package. Launched in June 1, 2009, Men who enjoy beer therapy treatments at Vida will unwind with a cold Organic beer in one of Vida Spa’s signature relaxation lounges. With their beer, they enjoy Vida organic nut mix (ok not beer nuts but much healthier) and men’s’ magazines such as men’s health, automobiles, economist, and more. Next, he will enjoy one of two Beer Therapy Treatments. Beer Soaked Hot Towels are wrapped barber style and using press and release movements, products are removed while facial muscle tension is eased. Please note that Kraft Dinner macaroni and cheese is a nutritious food that can be part of a balanced diet. Viewers may have subliminally understood that reality was somewhat altered through editorial choices, but they more or less accepted what was on their TV as life as it actually and naturally happened. We also see the Raymonds (Patrick Fugit and Shanna Collins) revolting when Gilbert begins to cross the boundaries of documentary filmmaking, perhaps because he's developed a crush on Pat. It stands to reason that treating QR Codes as a design element rather than slapping the ugly things on will improve uptake. The mathematical qualities of a QR code and the impact of a clever design can truly elevate a QR code to the point where the code becomes the central artwork of a piece of marketing collateral. Applying designer best practices will enhance scanning conversion rates and effectively augment an offline item with online capabilities.

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Little of what he does here would work for years of Batman stories, but when thrown alongside the teeming masses of the other thousand, it stands in stark enough contrast to be worth examining. You pretty much have to praise them if they can just make it to the level of being memorable. What starts off as a variation on the Western ghost story, a sort of proto Ghost Rider character who wreaks vengeance and the cowboy assualt team inspired to hunt it down eventually leads to a finale that has less to do with where one needs to go and more where one has already been--even if it wasn't really you in the first place. Sorry for the word games: but the climax of this story is one of those that's so subtle, so clever, that it's one that seems wrong to spoil. Safe words only: you'll see what's coming before it hits--but you'll never guess the direction. Hopefully we can look to a future where more comics take the tactic of dumping their titular leads into cameo appearances--how great would Hal Jordan comics be then. But rarely has John been involved in the sort of grand scheme of things machinations that spoke to a proactive desire to save the world, or at least part of it, the way that he did when Alan Moore finally dropped the penny near the close of his run. John did a lot of selfish, pricky things in Swamp Thing, the only time when Alan Moore actually wrote him, but he also did a good bit of those things in the service of manipulating the Swamp-ed One into doing some positive shit, for all the good of mankind, trees, spirits. The John that Azzarello runs with--a meaner, ruthless character who instigates the deaths of some people for no real purpose beyond satisfaction of his rage--has a larger goal in mind as well, that being the eventual crippling and destruction of a man who has pushed his way too forcefully into John's life, a man who makes his first apperance in the two Guy Davis issues presented in the Freezes Over trade, but that private war isn't the focus of Azzarello's run, really. Even when the stories touch around it--like in the one-shot also collected in Freezes Over illustrated by classic Hellblazer artist Steve Dillon--it's in a glancing way, a reminder that the writer has other goals in mind for this, his John Constantine road trip to figure out where and what a liar can do. After all, that's what Azzarello's Hellblazer run was, more so than even when Garth Ennis experimented with inserting John into New York City. (Not the first time that had happened in the series itself, it's the same place that Jamie Delano put him at first, and his Swamp Thing adventures prior were all based around American locations. It's the rest of Delano stories, as well as the time spent by Garth Ennis, that cemented London as the be-all-end-all Hellblazer setting. But no one but Azzarello was willing to push into the heart of America as far as he did, even Alan Moore kept John relegated to places that could be mixed and matched, as long as a forest was near. Freezes Over --the four part story that gives this chapter its title--is case and point. It's a thoroughly Americana story, set in the type of trucker's diner that livened up Twin Peaks, complete with Asian bride and local legend, a somewhere west of decent weather location, with a crazy ass foreigner showing up out of the frozen wastelands to be met by gun-toting criminals and icicle murders. His one six parter was. eager, at best.


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(See Ephesians 6:14-17. The first thing we must do in taking possession of God's promises is to take possession of our thoughts. This might not appear to require a great deal of skill or effort, let alone training or practice, but there is only one thing harder to master than your thoughts and that is your tongue! (See James 3:8. 8. The Law of Diligence: Winning the battle in your thought-life requires meditating daily on the truths found in Scripture, studying diligently to show yourself approved, and becoming an earnest and life-long student of the art of spiritual warfare. Throughout the New Testament we are told that our battles do not take place in the temporal realm but in the spiritual realm. Every battle is won or lost in the arena of your mind. If you do not take control of your inner thoughts you will become a slave to the outer circumstances created by the tempest raging in your mind. The divine spirit within you won't be driving your life, the storms and changing weather of your thoughts will. You must command your thoughts as Jesus commanded the sea. (See Luke 8:24. 9: The Law of Approximation or Permission: Don't Underestimate the Power of Your Thoughts. Whatever your predominant focus is, that is what you give permission to exist in your life. Jabez chose to focus on his future desires rather than his present circumstances. Many times people focus on the negative and they live in a cycle of negativity. You have to train your mind to think on whatever is honest, virtuous, and praiseworthy. (See Philippians 4:8).


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It’s not the response I would have chosen, but the collaborator shouldn’t have had to ask. For the most part, the dual role serves Counterpart’s larger goal of telling a well-paced story with just the right amount of brain-bending what-ifs. Counterpart isn’t aiming for a grandiose statement about the nature of choice and the siren song of a life that’s not inherently better or worse than your own, but simply different. Instead, the show uses those questions as accents to a central story powered by more basic problems, like who’s shooting at who and how to stop them. On the spectrum of sci-fi-adjacent dramas, Counterpart is far closer to Lost than The Leftovers—which is precisely where it should be. What makes the show work is that it invests very little in selling the science of this concept, choosing to craft a taut, suspenseful spy thriller rather than a more fantastical work of science fiction. The point of the show isn’t the portal itself; it’s the diplomatic intrigue that’s sparked by a world splintering into two very different realities. Simmons plays Howard Silk, a mild-mannered civil servant late in his career who’s completely oblivious, like most citizens of Earth, to the mind-bending secret in the basement of the organization where he’s spent 30 years as a pencil pusher. Howard clocks in early every day and visits his comatose wife, Emily (Olivia Williams), at night. Information, as any intelligence agency knows, is currency, and Counterpart is precise in what it reveals, eking out twists in each episode, but keeping the larger narrative under wraps. Simmons embodies them perfectly, playing two totally distinct characters who somehow look identical. It’s a bravura performance that throws yet another question into the mix: What on either earth happened to these two Howards to make them so different. The first episode, directed by Morten Tyldum (The Imitation Game, Passengers) establishes that this is ambitious, expensive television—Howard’s workplace has the pallid, monochrome vibe of an adults-only Ministry of Magic, and the aesthetic of Alt-Berlin, an uber-modern city with hints of dystopia, is enthralling. It’s obvious early on that the two Howards are going to upend each other’s realities while also influencing one another. In the meantime, both are charged with investigating a larger conspiracy between the two worlds, and finding a stowaway in original-Howard’s reality—an assassin (Sara Serraiocco) who’s murdering agency employees one by one. The supporting cast also includes Homeland’s Nazanin Boniadi as a mysterious wrangler, Ulrich Thomsen (Banshee) as the grizzled director of operations at Howard’s agency, and Richard Schiff (The West Wing) as a diplomat who represents his world in negotiations with its double. These are the moments when the show is at its most riveting, when the infinite questions its premise presents are answered. Why does one look like Berlin and the other like 22nd-century Shanghai.


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We hope these two drained the Riverhorse of mimosas. Here, the Blues Traveler front man plays with Bob Weir. mir Bar-Lev, Annabelle Garcia, and Joe Lewis. She has over 281 million views in under three years. Thoma brought together more than 200 brands on Saturday to preach YouTube's commitment to the evolution of mobile ads down to six seconds. Here, Gigi meets a fan at the YouTube Space (Jan. 24). irector Barbara Kopple. Davis' May festival is the only film competition in the world to guarantee theatrical, television, digital and retail home entertainment distribution for select winners. Does that reaction make the movie any less shameless for relying upon death to create poignancy. In the 1960s Ethan (Bryce Gheisar) and his mom (Juliet Rylance, “The Knick”) rescue a retriever from the hot cab of a pickup truck, take him home, and dub him Bailey. (Because of the affectionate way the boy addresses him, the dog thinks his name is “Bailey-Bailey-Bailey-Bailey. . By the time Ethan is a high-school football star (now played by K. . Apa, the Archie Andrews of the new “Riverdale”), dad’s a full-blown alcoholic, but Ethan and Bailey remain close, even as Ethan falls for Hannah (Britt Robertson). They’ve got big plans to go off to college together, but tragedy and self pity tear them apart, and Bailey is left to grow old and alone on the family farm. Bruce Cameron, screenwriter Cathryn Michon makes the onscreen spoken dialogue far less prominent than the talking, talking, talking that Gad does on the soundtrack.


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Some of those who hurry along have houses all their own. And some, like the fortune-teller yonder, have only a shelter in which they. But those who have no place to call their own seem to satisfy the longing in. There is a friendly feeling all about at eventide, when folk talk with folk as. As night draws near the policemen assist each other to light the lamps, and. All up and down Hatamen, the cooks serve steaming food to those who have. And in the street, the friendly lights glow for the folk who tarry there. Four years artists of the thread took to make ready Mai Sung's Wedding. A thing almost alive it seemed to the girl as it lay there in the moonlit room. Mai Sung moved cautiously lest she disturb her slumbering household, for this. The heavy golden threads almost hid the rich scarlet satin on which they were. The girl ran her fingers caressingly over the dress. She slipped it over her shoulders, patting its folds into place, fastening each of. And then as she lifted up the wedding head-dress to slip it over her dark hair. She tried to take her eyes and thoughts away from it, turning them to the. Her parents were kind, they loved her, she need not fear. Early in the morning she knew that gifts of fruit would go to her new mother. She smoothed the wondrous dress again; it glowed pure gold, reassuring her.


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Paperback: soft cover edition in good or better. Favorite recipes, menu suggestions, helpful hints and food preparation. U. . . Random House Inc, 1980. Hard Back. C: Cookbook, Recipes, Kitchen. Good. Betty Crocker's: Softasilk Special Occasion Cakes. The Cakes a Mix Won't Make plus new recipes for Cookies Quick Breads, Failproof. Great Book for the cook, enjoyable theme cooking and. Edition: With Step By Step Picture Guide: Over 500 Thoroughly Tested Recipes. READING COPY. Soft Cover. C: Cookbook, Recipes, Kitchen. Excellent read. Great Book for theme cooking and special dishes.


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Tyler, S. Lay, M. R. Brown. Service Man: J. Denney. St. Denver 80205. Telephones: 825-0201—(Emergency. Lutz. Salesmen: Morton Dyksterhuis, R. J. Miller, Jim. Eastern Montana, Black Hills of South Dakota, Utah. AREA SERVED—Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, District. Clung; Vice-President and Chief Engineer: W. C. Mc-.


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Dark, stunning portrait of New York addicts wandering the city, with sterling performances from Arielle Holmes (who also wrote the book this film was based), Caleb Landry Jones and Buddy Duress. The Safdie brothers delivers heartbreaking complex characters, a dramatic movie that is gripping, heartbreaking and at times graphic. Isaw Tomita's score is brilliant giving soundtrack an effective eerie feel. It's just sad that the reality of it all, these low-life people are trapped in their own dependency. IRIS - from the legendary 87-year-old documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles comes a captivating documentary about Iris Apfel, the quick-witted, flamboyantly dressed 93-year-old style maven who has had an outsized presence on the New York fashion scene for decades. More than a fashion film, the documentary is a story about creativity and how, even at Iris' advanced age, a soaring free spirit continues to inspire. IRIS portrays a singular woman whose enthusiasm for fashion, art and people are life's sustenance and reminds us that dressing, and indeed life, is nothing but an experiment. Despite the abundance of glamour in her current life, she continues to embrace the values and work ethic established during a middle-class Queens upbringing during the Great Depression. ? feel lucky to be working. If you're lucky enough to do something you love, everything else follows. THE 100-YEAR OLD MAN WHO CLIMBED OUT THE WINDOW AND DISAPPEARED - Dir. Richard Loncraine - A long-married couple who've spent their lives together in the same Brooklyn apartment become overwhelmed by personal and real estate-related issues when they plan to move away. NOBLE - Dir. Stephen Bradley - the award-winning feature film, is the incredible true story of a fearless Irish heroine driven by her daring vision to escape the slums of Ireland and risk everything on the streets of Vietnam. Justin Reardon - The story of a young man (Chris Evans) who meets and instantly falls in love with a beautiful woman (Michelle Monaghan). Will staying in the friend-zone pay off, or is he stuck there forever. George Miller (two thumbs up!


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body found presented foreign allele, according to an expert. Joubert says he isna? a DNA analyst and can't comment. Joubert agrees. Botha refers to photo 106, saying the blood on the axe was still liquid enough for it to run down the handle. He asks why. Joubert says he moved the cord to one side when he was handling the duvet. Botha: Swipe patterns between bedroom and bathroom. Most plausible would be that it was made with blood soaked hair of Rudi. During last year’s election, the president voiced what we know — that voter fraud exists. The only question is to what degree, and that’s the mission of the commission. For anyone who dismisses concerns about voter fraud, the unhinged reaction by the left at investigating it should, at the very least, make a logical person wonder what they’ re so concerned about. After all, if you believe the issue is false, or at the most an irrelevant factor in end results, you should welcome confirmation of that fact. Unless, of course, one fears the actual outcome may prove how voter fraud impacts local and state races to the point of shifting the balance of power in Washington, D. C. Kris Kobach, the Kansas secretary of state and vice chairman of the president's commission, has already caused quite the stir. In a Breitbart article, Mr. Kobach revealed that out-of-state voters may have changed not only the outcome of the New Hampshire U.