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More than that, I want to see him ride a dragon into Winterfell, and I want to see Sansa totally lost her composure. I also want the two of them to forgive each other for their failed marriage, whether they get back together or not. He really was Sanaa's only shot at o good husband, not that a captive young teen could ever appreciate that. So she'd gain nothing by marrying the little troll any time soon, so I don't expect it to happen soon, if ever. If the Starks get into bed with him he'll help them take charge and protect them from the Lannisters, at least for a while, and then he'll go away south and conquer more lands and let them run the North as they see fit. Of course if the Lannisters beat him they're fucked, but since they'd be beyond fucked without him, it might be worth the risk. PS: If Littlefinger literally got into bed with Jon and Sansa. I want him to fly into Winterfell on the back of this monster, to receive the North's surrender to the Targaryan Queen, and I want Sansa to totally lose her composure when she sees him, for the first time in the whole damn series. I mean, who wouldn't be utterly gobsmacked, seeing their first husband fly in on a flaming monster out of legend. And it would be lovely and bittersweet if they fell in love after all they'd each been through and married again, but I'll settle for them becoming friends, forgiving the hurts of their disastrous forced marriage, and learning to value each other as extraordinary people. AND each learning that the other had nothing to do with Joffrey's death, that it was all LIttlefinger's plot. Whether it was from the White Walkers or later the Wildings, that was their job. If Littlefinger wants it all, as he has said, then he will focus on the south and the rest of the kingdoms and be glad he has reliable allies up north. Margaery is still very much married to Tommen who is still alive, still king.

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Perlu diingat, itu adalah kali pertama Ricky merasa bebas bergerak semau dia di alam bebas. He just our everyday imaginative kid, dan mungkin sisi kreatif yang hilang dari diri kita. Di tangan Waititi juga Hec tidak serta merta orang pedalaman yang cuek dan kasar. A perfectly timed comedy yang diceritakan dengan menawan. Banyak dihiasi oleh kejadian-kejadian kecil, gelagat-gelagat refleks manusia, yang tergambarkan dengan kocak di sini. Sampai sekarangpun, mataku masih berair oleh gelak tawa jika mengingat tendangan kesel Paula kepada Andi, rekan polisinya yang suka ngasal. Kejadian-kejadian yang lebih gede, di lain pihak, kerap memberi kita emosi tak-terduga. Tidak muluk jika kita bilang ini adalah penampilan terbaiknya sejak Jurassic Park (1993). Hec adalah pria yang kaku, keras oleh alam, dan sekarang berdiri dihadapannya, seorang anak kota yang bisanya cuma ngerangkai haiku (puisi Jepang, kayak pantun, yang tersusun atas 5-7-5 suku kata). Hec harus berpikir gimana cara dia menjaga anak tersebut di dalam belantara sekaligus enggak menjadi gila karena betapa berbedanya mereka. Strange relationships yang terbentuk antara keduanya pun menjadi sangat kuat as Ricky terus maksa memanggil “Paman” kepada Hec. Kita bisa lihat jelas realization dari peran Sam Neill saat dia menyadari deep inside, dirinya dan Ricky tidak jauh berbeda. Mereka sama-sama tak ubahnya binatang tersesat yang mendapat perlindungan dari Bella. Bagaimana dia yang selama ini tidak pernah menyangka akan dianggap sebagai sosok ayah oleh orang lain.