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rya is almost stabbed by Joffrey, chased down by soldiers and then dragged before the entire court and royal family. Repeatedly declares that Joffrey was the one who hurt Mycah and refuses to back down. Given how feared Cersei and Joffrey are, and that both Ned and Sansa fail to stand up to the royal family, it really shows you how gutsy this little eleven year old girl is. ed gets a subtle one when he tells Cersei, in no uncertain terms, that he refuses to let Sansa's direwolf Lady be killed by a heartless executioner and takes responsibility for the royal order himself. And you can tell how much he's both bracing and hating himself for his actions, but still does it out of a sense of duty and mercy to the poor wolf. Also counts as Tear Jerkermaterial. ed: (to Cersei) The wolf is of the North. She's not the weak, hopeless girl we saw in episode one anymore. arlier that scene:Daenerys: Tell them (the khalasar) to stop. orah: You want the entire horde to stop. For how long? aenerys: Until I command them otherwise. orah: You're learning to talk like a queen. aenerys: Not a queen. A khaleesi. yrio Forel's first scene.

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Thlang lam tukverh, thla engin a rawn chhun luh zawnah chuan a thu a, a ip rawn ken chu a hai mawlh mawlh a, a phun leh sup sup thin a. Ip chhung atang chuan thi ni awm tak, thil mum lian pui pui inthil khat tlat hi a phawrh chhuak a, a awm zawnah a kut hniha chelhin a lek kang a, a phun mawlh mawlh mai a. A ngawi thut a, rawn leh hawi thutin kan room lam chu a rawn melh ta kur mai a. Min hmu chuan ka hre chiah lo na a, zun chhuak chhuanlamin ka chhuak phei ta nge nge a. Kan mikhuala chuan chik zet leh uluk lutuk mai hian mip khap hlek lovin min en kar mai a. Pawna ka va zun zawh hnu chuan, “I muhil thei nange. A awmdan leh hawiher vel chuan ka awm a ti nuamlo tulh tulh mai. Amah hi Dawithiam chu a ni ve mai angem tih pawh hriat va ni suh. Kan nu chu khumah a lo meng kar mai a, ka inthawlh lut ve nghal a. Ka nupui bulah chuan, “Tun tum kan mikhual zet chu a dan a dang hle mai, pa tawngtam lo leh mu tlem tak a nih dawn hi,” ka ti ringawt a. Ka awmah a lu a rawn nghat a, reiloteah a muhil ve mai bawk a. Kan mikhualpa khawsa zia chuan engemaw ti takin ngaihthatlohna min neih tir a; mi melh ngun dan em em te, a tawng tlem dan te, biak hmasak loh chuan a tawng duh miah lo va, ka biak pawhin a rul tawk chauhin min chhang a. A dawi sawngbawlna thil vel nge a dah anga a thawmhnaw zawk. Engvangin nge zana a len chhuah dawn khan a ip kha a ken tel kher. Zawhna tam tak chu ka rilruah a rawn lut zut zut mai a. Khawvar hma deuh chuan ka zun chhuak chuan min ti harh a.

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I thought all of that was freaking brilliant, actually. BOO HOO Im entitled to season 6 footage, complain complain complain. So, this will be all the stuff that Jon sees while in a coma. Just an extension of the teaser posted a few days ago. I was going to stay up late (2am UK time) to watch it, but now I won’t bother. No idea either why what looked like Tyrion’s face was the last shown. You’re all stone-cold drags and whiners. “OMG TRAILER OMG TRAILER I CAN’T WAIT I didn’t like it. . It? like straight to VHS for smaller stuff that sucks in the modern decade. Now people have many hours to voice their disappointment on niche blogs like these and the idea that this teaser is or like last year that the first part of the last season were really bad will not catch fire. The first part of last season was horrible by any standard yet no professional critic voiced even very reasonable criticism. The second part was in the process of becoming great again but ended too soon. Either people go full nuts in to conspiracy realm or they think manipulation does not exist. The truth is in the middle (not just out there:)) and it?

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And if the University is going to swing Tier One status, youve got to have a footprint in this community. Weve got to see you here and know that youre mak-ing a difference in peoples lives. Many work at night to pay for the classes they take during the day. Many have bills to pay and families to support, and many are older students coming to college years after graduating high school. The fact that it takes these students longer than four years to graduate has nothing to do with laziness. Choosing to add school to an already demanding schedule proves ambition, but there are only so many classes these students can take. If you do have the luxury of time and can manage 15 hours a semester, then its probably best to take them. Financially, it doesnt make much sense to stick around longer than needed. In 1936, Hugh Roy Cullen said, The University of Houston must always be a college for working men and women and their sons and daughters. Still, UH is unsatisfi ed with the graduation rates and understand-ably so. The statistics dont look good for a school trying to rise in the national rankings. The University has urged stu-dents to take 15 hours a semester to ensure on-time graduation, and though it would be ideal for all the students to do so, for some its impossible. UH proudly claims to be a school for the working man and woman, but it pushes for full courseloads and quick graduations at the same time. oes UH want to be a school that truly supports working students and provides an oppor-tunity for those who otherwise wouldnt be able to attend a major university. Or does it want to be a traditional school with traditional students, on-campus communities and four-year graduates. Until the University decides, its going to be hard to change.


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Zebras no longer will go under the hood, merely serving as on-field consultants. 1. Leonard Fournette (RB, Jaguars): Doug Marrone’s 235-pound hammer to take the heat off QB Blake Bortles. Vance Joseph (Broncos): Only one season as defensive coordinator, he comes over from the Dolphins with a reputation as an even-keeled leader of men and disciple of Gary Kubiak, Marvin Lewis and Adam Gase — who needs to solve the Trevor Siemian-Paxton Lynch QB conundrum for a franchise with win-now expectations. Peterson’s first game as a Saint? “Monday Night Football” in Minnesota. The 20-yeat-old Killian became the first Balboa Yacht Club skipper to win the regatta since Jack Franco in 1980. Killian and his crew of Harrison Vandervort and Jack Martin advanced to the final with a 3-0 win over Christopher Weis of Del Rey Yacht Club in an all-Southern California semifinal. Takahashi, 18, upset favorite Harry Price of Australia 3-1 in the other semifinal. Price was the 2015 Governor's Cup champion and is the world's sixth-ranked match racer. Price, 21, won the double round robin and then chose to face Takahashi, the youngest of the other semifinalists. But he made some uncharacteristic mistakes against the young Kiwi. Key components of the GOP repeal-and-replace bill cannot be passed under special reconciliation rules reserved for votes on budget measures. The items — including federal funding for Planned Parenthood and a six-month waiting period for people who drop their coverage — are not budgetary in nature and thus cannot pass with just 50 votes, the Senate parliamentarian ruled Friday. That means the items — must-haves for conservatives — would need 60 votes to pass in the closely divided Senate. Friday, Portland managed seven hits as Hartford swept a doubleheader, 2-0 and 7-1.