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The immorality of their play sets off a scandal that has unexpected consequences. The family home is progressively transformed into a prison; instruction in homemaking replaces school and marriages start being arranged. The five sisters who share a common passion for freedom, find ways of getting around the constraints imposed on them. SWORN VIRGIN - Dir. Laura Bispuri EMBRACE THE SERPENT - Dir. Alice Winocour BLOOD OF MY BLOOD (SANGUE DEL MIO SANGUE) - Dir. Marco Bellocchio THE WHITE KNIGHTS (LES CHEVALIERS BLANCS) - NEON BULL (BOI NEON) - Dir. Jake Mahaffy IN THE SHADOW OF WOMEN (L'OMBRE DES HEMMES) - Dir. Billy Ray THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY PART 2 - Dir. Lisa Immordino Vreeland 450) ONLY THE DEAD SEE THE END OF WAR - Directors Bill Guttentag and Michael Ware JAMESY BOY - Dir. Jill Bauer APOCALYPSE: THE SECOND WORLD WAR - Directors Isabelle Clarke and Daniel Costelle, narrated by Martin Sheen - a six-part French documentary about the Second World War.

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First up is the cast, who are genuinely excellent in their roles. The small scale of the story lets each shine, though Wilson is the clear stand out. What’s so chilling about her performance as Doris is she’s never not playing her as a child. Even when there’s bodies dropping, people talking through her and she’s describing being choked to death, Wilson never betrays her smiley angelic appearance. With Absentia, Oculus and Hush, he’s already shown himself to be one of the more exciting voices in modern horror. Here he takes his first stab at the mainstream, and does a strong job without compromising his artistic integrity. There are also some genuinely horrific moments scattered throughout, mostly in the third act, and the movie relies on cheap jumps much less than its predecessor. Aside from one scene, that blatantly apes Insidious, the imagery is unsettling and reasonably free of cliche. Many of the still shots are held longer than usual too, which really drums in the suspense. The 60s setting is also excellently brought to life, from the detailed sets and great soundtrack down to cigarette burns in the screen corner. In short, Ouija: Origin of Evil really is a technical achievement.


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Emilia. abd Kit are pretty but have ZERO chemistry. Nah don't blame Myercella's and Tommen's deaths on Tyrion, thats was all you. A lot of what happened with the the faith militant and the high sparrow was only able to be because of the infighting created by the power vacuum left when the actual power in king's landing (tywin) died. Cersei had nothing to do with Myrcella's death. hat was done by the moron trying to start a war because her lover chose to be Tyrion's champion and then chose to be long winded instead of just killing the Mountain. I also don't think Ellaria would have dared to do that if Tywin were alive. He brought in a rival monarch for the throne his family is sitting on. If Tommen hadn't of taken that leap Dany would be going to war with him instead of Cersei. n the books, while I like him less, I at least understand him more because he is just selfish and power hungry but witty and more tolerable then the rest of his family. That being said.

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If UBI is to make its way into policy, support from business may be more important than the strengthening of the left. Understandably, the group didn't quite meet its deadline. But Standing says “the general thrust of the plans hasn't changed”. Standing says many MPs are “rethinking their position. I think we're seeing a real opening for a much more constructive discussion. . Nevertheless, discussion is winning over important Labour constituencies. It's not just radical activist groups, but also trade unions, who are coming round to the idea. According to Standing: “Unite now supports it, as well as a lot of unions in Europe. It used to be the case that the unions were among the most fierce critics of a basic income, on the spurious grounds (in my view) that if people had a basic income they wouldn't push for higher wages and employers wouldn't give higher wages. So I think that all of those objections are gradually being exposed by theoretical arguments against them, or empirical evidence, from pilots.

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’ve chosen to write and speak about it not to celebrate my own victimhood, or to claim that a harassment campaign against journalists is the most significant issue being faced by any American. I write about it because it shares such overt DNA with harassment campaigns born in GamerGate and perfected since—and because it is long past time that far-right trolls stopped being granted any presumption of innocence and plausible deniability. I chose to expose this campaign, knowing it would bring me nothing but grief, because I didn’t want to see such a campaign succeed without opposition. And I wrote about it because campaigns against journalists aren’t going to go away; the moment trolls like these see an opening, whether the provocation is real or imagined, they will harass journalists again. fter all, the goal was clear from the start: “Rub it in their fucking faces. Yell at them, call them names, accuse them of being pedos. Zero fucking mercy. Make them regret ever standing against us,” one 4chan user wrote in the thread that launched it all. “You know what to do, lads. Spanish Democracy Goes on Trial By the time Jordi. Cuixart and Jordi Sanchez go on trial on February 12 they will have been in.

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Hindustan Latex Ltd. Peroorkada, Trivandrum (Kerala). Hindustan Machine Tools Ltd. (1) Bangalore (Karnataka), (2) Pinjore, Haryana, (3) Kalamassery (Kerala), (4) Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh). H. . . Watch Factory is at Bangalore. A Second Watch Factory has been set up at Srinagar (Kashmir). Hindustan Photo Fims Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

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for the costume round. Click the link in my bio to purchase or visit emilybrian. igcartel. om. Please ignore all the typos in the captions lol. Hometown premiere of Girl Trip, one block from my high school at my old haunt THE CARLTON. TISH puts on an amazing genre festival and it was the best screening of Girl Trip. I loved my film block and look forward to future fests. Saw some old friends, and my sister taught me how to pose on the red carpet. I’m a couple of weeks away from directing my next project, and feeling at peace with Girl Trip’s journey. Tag us in your photos with the mistress of the dark!