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And guess what? We did the Disney and Pixar movie bracket challenge. Listen to find out what our personal favorites are. We decided that you guys didn't have enough end-of-the-year episodes created by us to satiate your list cravings (or maybe we just like to stroke our own ego and listen to ourselves talk). So without further delay, we present to you our personal favorite films from 2018. With the release of heavy hitting AAA titles such as God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Spider-man leading the way, it was stacked. Rayce, Stephen, and Brian discuss their personal favorites from the year along with some bold predictions from each of 2019. Listen to us dive (aaaahhhhhhhh ha) deep into what we loved, like, and hated about these 2 films. We discuss our views on the rivalry of both comic book company giants and break down other mediums in which we believe either side has an advantage (Video games, TV shows, Movies, etc). This is an older episode in which the recording quality isn't great but it's been sitting in our vault for a bit. We finally have our favorite games of all time sorted and we will now give you our top 25 games of all time. Prepare to only slightly hate each of us for not mentioning your personal favorite game. On this episode, we have a full cast AND we did something individually that took a very long time to do - our very own top games of all time. A few of us spent a couple of hours painstakingly sorting through every game we've ever played and placed them on a spreadsheet that ended up with a few hundred games each. We learned a few things during this process and witnessed our own personal evolutions in gaming.

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Government-supported foreign direct investment in mining is making a mockery of these progressive laws, which are meant to protect the rights of poor citizens. So in the event of Donald Trump winning the US presidential election, Varma couldn’t help but contribute his two cents. But RGV’s most recent rant can give Trump’s racist and sexist statements some serious competition. Most people want to attract a partner, and this involves a combination of self-promotion, and taking down the competition in order to appear to be “the right” partner. Some of our efforts are conscious and some are unconscious. In other words, people are attracted to others who have already been “pre-selected” (or pre-approved). By virtue of having been in a relationship, an individual is communicating they have “desirable” romantic characteristics (these have appealed to at least one person previously) and you can be confident there is something about them that is appealing. By doing so, they are indirectly offering relevant information about the person. Well, if you are going to make an important decision (who to partner) you generally want a fair bit of relevant information. Knowing someone else has been chosen before is additional relevant information that will help you make your decision. There is plenty of literature supporting the idea men are largely attracted by physical qualities (physical beauty, youthfulness). Where men can get a fair bit of mate-relevant information from simple observation of a potential partner, women can’t, and are encouraged to look for additional information. One cheap source is knowing what other women think of a man, specifically, whether or not he is considered a good romantic prospect. The information gains men achieve by knowing what other men think about a woman are marginal. This broadly describes the popular(ish) belief that wearing a wedding ring makes a man desirable, because he has obviously won the romantic favour of at least one opposite-sex person (his wife), and he is willing to commit.

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rogelioereyes I am new to your channel and I am also sad by Lady Olenna's death. Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it. ) Kiks' probably my favorite female character, for sure. Michael Lao Wow this guy predicted Olenna's death 100% Ediel Garcia Lol she is dead Jake Wooding I just watched this after S7 E3. Flame4Moonlight You CHECK every comment? SMART. Respect. S I SAID. 'THE REAL ONE''. I didn't typed in that huge comment that point of this video. OU ARE RIGHT my friend. till. s it enough if i tell you that you are strong 80% RIGHT. Carolyn Green House Tyrel is doomed but I hope Little finger goes down as predicted. Tiffany Caelum Cool video Fire And Blood Thank you!

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Drift if ye will, into the dimensions of your outer consciousness, and be trapped forever. I welcome ye in the name of Set, all ye who delight in great evil and sustain thyselves in miseries unfounded. We prepare a place of comfort for ye to dwell in torment sublime. Wrestle not the apes who guard the gates of Hell, for there lies Paradise, and Anubis is the Opener of the Way. And we speak with the tongues of serpents, and the baying of the Hounds, and the great bell sound that cracks the barrier-and great are we who rule, and small are ye who suffer. The Twilight is come- The Twilight of the Gods- The dawn breaks in the east. A NIGHT ON BALD MOUNTAIN A NIGHT ON BALD MOUNTAIN HOMAGE TO TCHORT HOMAGE TO TCHORT How much more precious to man is a small piece of bread than a large ship. He that can understand, let him understand. -Grigory Yefimovitch Rasputin Few scholars have explored the existence of Devil worship in Russia during the hundreds of years its pagan spirit was in thrall to the Orthodox Church. If questions were asked, the answer was invariably that Russian black magic was either non- existent or a discipline cloaked in Christian euphemism. The latter assumption is, of course, the most accurate. There is no culture more steeped in dark forces and dei- ties than the Slavonic in general and the Russian in particular. The proportion of Satanic entities in Slavonic mythology far exceeds the usual quota. For this reason, the Christian Church had a very difficult time fighting the Devil in its Eastern rite. The persistence of Satan, especially among the muzhiks (peasants), in the early days of Russian religious or- thodoxy required a revamping of the old gods that made Ro- man Christian transitional techniques pale by comparison.

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No matter how far the sister runs, even to Korea, she will never escape the vengeful twin. None the less, Kid sneaks out to head to a party at his friend Play's house when his father falls asleep. But Kid doesn't know that three of the thugs at school has decided to give him a lesson in behaviour. Come get hot for horror at this years annual BUM MAGGOTS Film Festival, for a night you will never forget. Things don't go as planned, when they start getting picked off one by one by an uninvited guest. 2018 1hr 30mins. When he embarks on a cash-grab at her expense, she is faced with a fatal predicament. 2018 1hr 30mins. Remember, bar privileges are available only to CMC Members. If you would like to learn more about the many benefits of CMC membership, please click here. Come back get even hotter for horror as we restage this years annual BUM MAGGOTS Film Festival and another night you will never forget at Thriller. Things don't go as planned when they start getting picked off one by one by an uninvited guest. LOBSTER CABIN (2018, 1 hour 30 mins) Maggot Baby punches the taste right out of your mouth with their movie. When he embarks on a cash-grab at her expense, she is faced with a fatal predicament. SHORT FILMS: BASIC BITCH ICE CREAM (2018, 5 mins) Lovesick Productions presents their first short film where glam meets gore.