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She might have started out a hero but she’s no longer so definitely that and if Sansa is still criticized for acting out of privilege when she was 11 even as she started losing it over the series, why can’t Dany be criticized because she’s acting out of it now and has a larger impact on countries and its populations. If you ridicule a sub-fandom, it ends up looking inward and assuming that is its only audience. Such has become the language with which it operates. If you make a fandom feel it can be heard outside itself, such a state could be avoided and it is more considerate of the way it says things. While the first teaser of season 7 featured only ominous voices and Great House sigils, the new video highlights three prominent players in the game, with fresh footage: Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), Jon Snow (Kit Harington), and Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey). Give us your gut reactions- love, hate- indifference. I like the song on its own, but I’m not a fan for Game of Thrones purposes. I love the leads, but I’m not very excited by concentrated teasers like this, to be honest. And do you think we can really learn anything from the new teaser. Dany’s outfit is amazing: a black dress with a red cloak, finally embracing her Targaryeness. Then there’s the newly Lannister-themed Red Keep throne room, and the expansion of Dragonstone. Aside from the formidable map table room, we only ever got to see a few small rooms and corridors, so getting a new set for Dragonstone is a breath of fresh air. Personally, I’m particularly psyched because they modeled the throne after the flysch rock formations in Zumaia, which is near where I live. I found the song choice a bit baffling, but then I’m a British kid who grew up in the 90’s: James are more of a reminder of awkward school discos than anything else. And frankly, if they wanted to use a song themed around sitting down, they should have gone with “ In My Chair ” by Status Quo. Dany’s new garb, location, and what I’ve already seen referred to as her Dragonthrone present her as queenly, Westerosi and more involved in this game of thrones than ever before. Sure, the music was meh (though I’m hardly an authority), it didn’t do much to me. But I liked the concept, it’s been a while since we’ve had a thematic, conceptual promo that wasn’t just a half-arsed attempt at something.

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For those two latter dinosaurs, researchers only had a few bones to work with when coming up with size and weight estimates. But in the case of Patagotitan, Carballido and Pol were able to find the animal’s femur and humerus, two bones that weren’ t present in the Argentinosaurus and Puertasaurus fossils. At the moment, Patagotitan mayorum has yet to be officially confirmed as the world’s largest and heaviest animal in history. The rapper was performing in Atlantic City late last week, went into the crowd -- which is where the video starts -- and complained he was short of breath because he had been smokin' weed. Drag-On tried making it back on the stage but fell to the ground. We reached out to Drag-On, who tells us he was just dehydrated after a long night working in the studio and got light-headed during the show. But the seaside restaurants in Alexandria are almost empty. Worries over security are keeping a lot of foreign tourists away. But there's a much bigger worry looming: that hotter weather and a disappearing shoreline could make Egypt's prospects even worse. Rising sea levels are affecting the Nile River delta, the triangle where the Nile spreads out and drains into the sea. According to the World Bank, Egypt — with its already high poverty rates and rapidly growing population — is one of the countries that will be most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Hazem Adel is already seeing some of those changes firsthand. Many scientists predict a sea level rise here of more than two feet by the end of the century. Some historic buildings are already crumbling, as salt water seeps into the bricks. For thousands of years, Alexandria's fortunes have risen and fallen with the sea. For almost 2,000 years, the stone lighthouse was the tallest building in the world. It used mirrors to reflect the sun, and fires at night, to warn sailors away from the rocks. After a series of earthquakes between the tenth and 14th centuries, it tumbled into the water.


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ext it’s one to the Tower of London, a notorious former prison and execution ground where even members of the British Royal Family came to a fateful end. An early morning arrival means that you'll be among the tower's first explorers of the day. nter the grounds and let history come alive as your guide bares the tower’s secrets. See the guardians known as “Beefeaters,” and learn about their proud traditions; find out the former. Enjoy this private transportation service; select your preferred pickup time, and enjoy a relaxed, professional service after a short haul or long haul journey. pon your arrival to London City Airport the driver will be waiting for you outside the airport at the drop-off and pickup point 30 minutes after your flight lands. Please have your mobile phone switched on so the driver can contact you. our flight will be monitored to ensure you are met at the correct time. If your flight is early or subject to delays, your flight's progress will be tracked and your driver sent at the new expected time of arrival. ou can also be picked up from your central London location and transferred to the airport. professional Driver will assist you to the vehicle with your luggage and help with any questions about your stay, offering you the peace of mind that your onward journey is relaxing and hassle free whiles transferring you to your Destination London hotel. All vehicles are contactable via PDA's and managed by a professional management team. his service is available for any hotel in the central London. There will be time to explore this historic city where JRR Tolkein and CS Lewis studied. Many of the buidlings and colleges where used in the Harry Potter films - the Bodleian, New College and Christ Church give the unmistakable magic touch. To the Venice of the Cotswolds: Bourton -on-the-water, one of the prettiest villages in England where you can stroll across the striking footbridges that cross the River Windrush that give the village its nick-name. Time to see some of the hidden gems such as Moreton-in-Marsh and Stow-in-the-Wold said to be the highest settlement in the Cotswolds. our returns to London at approximately 7:00pm.


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But too many students come to college unable to write, Mr. Ballard said to even more vigorous nodding from the crowd. And he called for more repetitive teaching of basic skills, so he would not confront another college student asking what percentage 58 is of 100. Mr. Ballard said these were among the changes he would enact were he czar. Enacting them in the standard political way would be tough. First the tourism industry would fight the idea of an expanded school year, saying it would rob them both of workers and families being tourists. Mr. Ballard has never been shy about supporting a graduated income tax and the sales tax on services, and he wasn’t shy about promoting them this time either. Perhaps, though, what was most interesting about Mr. Ballard’s comments was they dealt with a different concept of improving education. Much of the debate on fixing schools swirls around pedagogical philosophy, political attitudes and some social scientific measuring. It is akin more to changing spark plugs and adding some oil, instead of installing a new engine with a different fuel system into an old but otherwise serviceable jalopy. Education as an issue has a calendar all its own, one that seems to never get days off. Governor Brian Calley would have scolded seriously Michigan’s 132 legislators of 1873. Mr. Calley, as he said earlier this week, wants the Legislature to meet no more than 90 days in session a year. Much more to Mr.


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Niat gue dari awal ketika menggarap film ini memang ingin nonjolin kesan murahan dan absurd yang biasa lo temuin di film-film erotika 90an lokal. Di PB, lo bisa dapetin kesan-kesan itu lewat adegan-adegan macem perempuan striptease dengan gerakan yang terlihat awkward sampai pria yang mandi sambil masih mengenakan celana panjang hahaha. Kalau dibilang secara spesifik, memang bener bahwa ada sedikit pengaruh dari sinema HKCat III, tapi mungkin film yang paling jadi inspirasi buat Pendakian Birahi itu filmnya Steady Rimba berjudul Penyimpangan Sex (1996). Oh, dan gue juga sebenernya rada kepengen film gue level awkwardness-nya bisa setara sama salah satu film slasher kelas B jadul berjudul The Last Slumber Party (Stephen Tyler, 1988), tapi buat sekarang hasil akhir film PB udah cukup memuaskan buat gue hehe. HSD: Darimana datangnya ide adegan blowjob pake piso itu. Pengaruh keseringan nonton film-film eskploitasi atau pinku eiga kaya Lolita Vibrator Torture kali ya hahaha. Tapi waktu itu kepikiran aja gitu dan gue langsung mikir dalem hati, “gue musti bikin film yang ada adegan oral sex pake pisau” hahaha. Di bayangan gue terlihat fun gitu soalnya kalau beneran bisa divisualisasikan ke dalam bentuk film (ngga buat dilakuin beneran ke orang kok hehe). HSD: Menurut gue salah satu ciri film sexploitation era 90an adalah dialognya yang sangat cheesy, dalam 'Pendakian Birahi', kenapa nyaris nggak ada dialog. Fokus gue bener-bener ke adegan-adegan kekerasan dan gimana caranya bikin tampilan visual filmnya berasa 90an banget. Bahkan awalnya film ini mau dibikin tanpa dialog sama sekali, tapi salah satu temen gue yang baca script-nya bilang ada baiknya menaruh beberapa dialog di filmnya. Produksinya gerilya dengan peralatan syuting kecil-kecilan serta dana produksi yang luar biasa minim. Kita syuting cuma memakan waktu satu hari di sebuah hotel di daerah Pasar Minggu. Yang paling menyenangkan sih ya waktu bagian darah-darahannya. Talent perempuannya sampai sempet beneran muntah karena harus berkali-kali menampung fake blood di mulutnya. Tapi seterusnya syuting berjalan lancar dan menyenangkan sih haha. Gimana kalian ngeyakinin dia buat mau terlibat di film ini. Dia kooperatif sekali dan bahkan sangat membantu saat proses syuting.