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He was 85. Hide Caption 60 of 159 Photos: People we lost in 2015 Former professional wrestler and actor Roddy Piper died on July 31, his agent Jay Schachter told CNN. The family was awaiting autopsy results to determine the official cause of death. Hide Caption 75 of 159 Photos: People we lost in 2015 Actress Diana Douglas Webster, the first wife of Kirk Douglas and mother of Michael Douglas, died July 3 at age 92. Hide Caption 76 of 159 Photos: People we lost in 2015 Hall of Fame football player Charlie Sanders died on July 2, eight months after being diagnosed with cancer. He was 68. Sanders spent all 10 of his NFL seasons with the Detroit Lions, emerging as one of the best tight ends of his era. Hide Caption 77 of 159 Photos: People we lost in 2015 Bassist Chris Squire, founding member of British rock band Yes, died June 27 in Phoenix, his bandmates confirmed. Squire, 67, announced in May that he was sitting out the band's upcoming tour dates to undergo treatment for leukemia. Friends had reported Potter and another athlete, Graham Hunt, missing, and it is believed that the pair BASE jumped from Taft Point, a scenic overhang in the park. Hide Caption 96 of 159 Photos: People we lost in 2015 Hip-hop artist Lionel Pickens, known by the stage name of Chinx, died May 17 after being shot, according to the New York Police Department. He was 31. Hide Caption 97 of 159 Photos: People we lost in 2015 Blues legend B. . King, who helped bring blues from the margins to the mainstream, died May 14 in Las Vegas, according to his daughter Patty King. Brown was 71.

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This episode we take a look at Brandon Cronenberg’s directorial debut Antiviral, and we round the bend on the Friday the 13th franchise with Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan. Devour the Podcast 108: Friday the 13th Part 7 and THE BEST AND WORST OF 2014 - Welcome to the first official episode of DTP for 2015. This episode we’re tackling the Cronenberg classic They Came from Within along with Friday the 13th Part 7. We also gorge ourselves on a gaggle of listener questions, including the relevance of Kwanzaa, terrible horror remakes and Glen Campbell. NEWS: -Del Toro gives update about Pacific Rim 2 and Justice League Dark -Bradley James takse the lead in that terrible Omen series coming to Lifetime -Lucky McKee joins Tales of Halloween anthology -Grindhouse releasing is giving us THE BEYOND on blu-ray. This episode we’re joined by Duncan McLeish of The Podcast Under the Stairs to help us discuss Friday the 13th part 5 and The Town that Dreaded Sundown. News: -Don’t Look in the Basement coming to DVD -Violent Shit is getting contemporary giallo overhaul -Evil Dead TV series is a thing. Joining us this episode is writer Brian Sammons and Bo is back after his big move. Welcome back to another episode of Devour the Podcast and part 3 of the Friday the 13th retrospective. This episode Bo gets stuck at work so Ryan Lewis of Graveshift Radio steps up to the plate. EVEN BILL MURRAY DOESN’T CARE! -Paranormal Activity gets a new title to distract from the fact that it’s fucking Paranormal Activity 5, somehow even dumber than slapping a number on the end of it. Fucked if I know. -The man behind Oculus and Absentia is doing that I Know What You Did Last Summer remake no one asked for. -Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard are going to write and direct the remake of I Saw the Devil that no one asked for. This episode kicks off 12(!

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. to address what I knew would be a cascade of distraught phone calls and emails from my clients. Here were some comments: In times of stress — for example, after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and after the failure of Lehman Brothers — one of the most important things a financial advisor can do is get out in front of the clients with information. Here's what we know; here's what we don't know; here's what we're trying to figure out. For example, the team at my advisory firm had a bulletin out to our clients within 30 minutes of the Boston Marathon bombing a few years ago. Ultimately, the stock market only cares about corporate revenues and earnings and interest rates. Just because we received bad news today doesn't mean that McDonald's stops flipping burgers, Pfizer stops researching medicine, Boeing stops building aircraft. Here are some examples: Unexpectedly, stocks rallied for two days straight. For every disappointed investor among the 60,467,245 Americans who voted for Clinton, there was an exhilarated investor among the 60,071,650 Americans who voted for Trump. There was another factor: For the last two months, U. S. stocks traded in a 1 percent to 2 percent range while investors waited for Election Day. Post-election, sidelined cash suddenly came back into stocks. Certainly, there is reason for concern over the next few years. Trump's proposed tax cuts, implemented without adjustment, would cause the national debt to soar 75 percent in four years.

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In the second half, Mandy Harvey the hearing-impaired singer everyone was looking forward to, took to the stage with her original composition, “Release Me”. Perhaps the biggest compliment came from Mr. Cowell who compared her performance tonight to the first time he heard Adele sing. Special mention to the crowd in Radio City Music Hall who did the sign language gesture for applause. The cutest performers of the night had to the Pompeyo Family Dogs who came back as a wild card after being voted off the show. They have a winter theme going on to Katy Perry’s “Hot n’ Cold, ” and the little pups were all dressed in penguin costumes. They matched pretty well to Mel B’s Ice Queen outfit tonight. They, however, got mixed reactions from the judges and lot of comparisons to Sara and Hero. The acrobatic group Diavolo was next with a death-defying, heart-stopping, million-dollar act. Even the judges were left speechless after their flawless performances to Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times”. The inspiring songstress, Kechi took the stage next and moved everyone with “Don’ t Worry About Me” by Frances which she started a Cappella. The judges seemed choked while talking about her performance and we agree with Cowell, it was her best performance on the show so far. She was followed by Light Balance who are hoping they don’ t suffer another technical snafu like the last time. Tonight, Tyra’s Golden Buzzer made a comeback like no other and Mel B spoke for all of us when she said she doesn’ t want it to stop. Angelica Hale was here to close off tonight’s live show and her rendition of “Without You” by David Guetta featuring Usher could rival Kechi. The singers have made it tough for each other tonight, but the judges are feeling underwhelmed particularly with her song choice.

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This video game filler thing everyone does while they record audio is getting old. Very simple solution. on't watch the videos you don't want to see. I had numerous people asking for this (and other) stories and so I recorded a few and put them on the channel. If you look through the HUNDREDS of comments you'll see the vast majority of people appreciated it. I'm never touching one of those boards ever I'll listen to stories (whether they're real or not) but never touching. Yeah, if I'm anywhere near one I'm out the door Troll Bones 2. Ehrmegherd Serternic Pernic! O Suguri 2. Want a good way to play Ouija without the players cheating. Two to play while blindfolded, one to act as scribe for what the board's spelling out. If you especially don't trust your friends, assign more than one scribe and compare their notes. For what I know from people who had played with a Ouija board, they do not recommend to EVER play it in your house. Not really sure why, maybe because it's safer stephen the dude 2. This website includes homilies, resources for prayer, liturgy and film reviews. Please note that I am currently on leave from public ministry, so no new messages will be added.