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As I said, it’s entirely possible for him to have a noble, honourable death whilst still killing his sister. Considering that his arc has been about growing away from Cersei and has steadily been falling in love with Brienne, the greater likelyhood for Jaime dying would be in Brienne’s arms. Jaime has a great deal of leadership experience and it would be an exciting new dynamic for Brienne to explore, especially as she is an heiress and could potentially end up having to take on the leadership mantle one day. If so, I would love to see how Jaime wins the trust to take a leadership role. Though it would mess up the more obvious valonqar theory I would think. Benioff, Weiss and Martin would never be able to leave their homes again. Imagine getting hissed and booed whenever you walk into a restaurant, and nasty messages spray painted on the hood of your car every week. The big fan is blowing at her and her hair is blowing back. If he gets to WF before Dany and her entourage, maybe he’ll find himself with the opportunity to protect and defend Catelyn’s daughters and their home. Jaime and Brienne relationship has been slowly developing for seasons just to come to a showdown, whatever it may be (romantic or not) their characters development was meant to led us at here. I explained this with more details in my reddit post. I don't know what will happen with the Night King (though I will guess that Arya slays him with that dagger as it was Super Future Bran's last attempt to kill his younger self), but I do know it will be fun. On another note, am I the only one who believes Cersei is faking her pregnancy. I believe It was all just a tool to control Jamie, and in a lucky happenstance Tyrion, but now that Jamie has left she will just give up the ruse. She doesn't need it anymore so to hell with them all.

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One of her friends has a brand new Ouija Board, and suggests they play. Before playing, they read the rules of the game: 1. Just then the hostess' mom comes home early, and busts up the party. She tells her daughter she needs her to shape up, as it's difficult to run the household by herself since her husband Roger was killed. She paints the planchette with metallic paint, so she can manipulate it from under the table with magnets. That night, Doris uses the board alone (violating the first rule), and inadvertently contacts a spirit. Alice wakes up and finds Doris playing with the Board, and is shocked to see the planchette moving around by itself. Doris violates yet another rule by not properly saying goodbye to the spirit. Father Tom notes that Doris has started turning in homework in cursive, despite the fact she hasn't been taught how to write it. Back at home, Alice accuses Lina of doing Doris' homework for her, but she denies having anything to do with it. Doris uses the Board again, believing she's communicating with her dead father Roger. The spirit sends her a message, and she goes down into the basement and removes a stone from the wall behind the furnace. As Alice frets about the mortgage, Doris presents her with the bag, which is filled with thousands of dollars. Alice is stunned when the planchette moves around on its own. She asks a question that only Roger would know, and the board answers correctly.


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15 minutes all in for the win. Can Dan finally put to rest the overlong battle between the pair on exactly how you would pronounce Mastodon. Our bold musical voyeurs delicately peruse over 4 top level Christmas albums so you don't have to. You want more? How about listening to Daniel bore us all with his 90s hardcore memories. In your face the world! IN. YOUR. FACE. Also Dan went to see Greta Van Fleet. Several issues of seminal Seattle fanzine Backlash. SHINDIG! Issue 42: Sept 2014 RAW MAGAZINE Issue 62: January 1991 Bands Discussed: Behemoth. Start listening to Different Times Podcast on your phone right now with Player FM's free mobile app, the best podcasting experience on both iPhone and Android. In its wake, we’ve been introduced to a cavalcade of punishing, persistent environments intent on putting us in an early grave.


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