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cu tine povara unei existen? pe fuga. In a doua duminica, mi-am luat liber, am stat in pat ? am citit cartea unui roman mutat in Bali. Daca nu func? oneaza, daca n-o sa am, daca n-o sa pot, daca, daca, daca. Sunt doar eu ? agenda mea, in care scriu ce urmeaza sa fac, fara sa ma recunosc. She tries! Bless her thoughts. ? pentru ca v-am irosit timpul suficient cu elucubra? i, sa va spun ce ? cum facem in Bali. ?

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E T ? ? Yet another video from this channel where they just say what happened in the episode, scene by scene. GRRM has stated that how the screen writers version goes may or may not match when all is said and done. But you might have to wait 3 years to get the book answer to this equation. They finally made another episode that had more moments that I enjoyed than I disliked. Euron is finally acting like a badass, Bran is back even though he's acting way more bizarre than I think he should be, and the sand snakes are finally getting justice. Lolly Gameables ? ? I think the next episode is about Dany and her crew taking on the Lannisters while they are still out in the open while coming back from Highgarden. I think the Lannister and Tully fighting forces are going to pretty much be wiped out. But Jaime and a few other characters will survive to take the bad news back to Cersei. Also, I think Jorah would turn the sword Jon would offer back down as a last acknowledgement of his father's wishes. Jorah seems to have been on this humbling self-evaluation journey for a while now. I have a picture of it that I took for the video that I didn't end up using because the dragon was moving pretty fast and it was kinda blurry but it was definitely a black dragon, and as far as I know, Drogon is still the black one Trevor Boyle.

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Johannes Itten strides into the room and sets down his papers neatly. A new section at a major fair will be launched, he intones in hushed tones. Entitled Flippers, it will feature Urs Fischer on every wall. Clem Greenberg interjects: I see Frieze taking over another island with minimal transport links. Barr floats in through a hole where a wall once was. Post-hurricane, New Yorks artworld will turn into a caring, sharing place where Matthew Higgs turns up and does impromptu DIY in your gallery basement instead of DJ-ing. The harmonious vision is ruptured by a self-flagellating Frenchman who starts to do repellent things to Barrs ass. I recognise the genius that is Georges Bataille, as he pronounces that London will become the plaything of the filthy rich. Shoreditch is over. Fitzrovia makes me feel dirrrty like an Eddie Peake installation. Bataille has a tremendous orgasm, coming like a horse before fading into thin air. Its unsettling stuff, and appropriate when Jacques Lacan pipes up: Following the success of Hirsts show, the Qataris will fund a huge Tate retrospective of Mat Collishaw before firing all their art advisers and purchasing West Bromwich Albion football club instead. Im making a mental note to go big on Collishaw when Frida Kahlo sweeps by, holding her innards aloft for all to see: Political art is back. Middle-aged artists sporting handcuffs and a big smile will make heartfelt YouTube videos about political repression which feature legendary ballet dancers seemingly performing sex acts on them. At this war cry, all the ghosts of modernist heroes and heroines nod reverentially before joining hands and spinning upwards into the foggy gloom where the ceiling used to be.


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Most political events presented in the movie have a bare bone narrative, lack any context and do not help build the overall story. Most of the sequences in the film are bits and pieces taken from historical accounts and run before the audience without much connectivity, simply put this film can be seen in any order and the story line would not be impacted in the least bit. As for the historical accuracy, suffice it to say that the movie does not have any qualms about rewriting history and blatant mudslinging. The movie is obsessed with Jawaharlal Nehru's affair with Mountbatten's wife and literally accuses and convicts Mountbatten of conniving with them and serving their wishes on a silver platter. It presents only the best of Jinnah, the worst of Gandhi and Nehru and is probably grossly simplistic if not out right inaccurate about many events presented such as the accession of Kashmir. Mr. Dehalvi should know better that what has happened in Pakistan since its inception is also what Gandhi, Nehru and various British officials forewarned about and thought exactly why Pakistan should not be created. From acting point of view, Richard Lintern portrays young Jinnah vibrantly well but Christopher Lee some how does not seem to get out of his Dracula shell and much of the portrayal of older Jinnah is dull, monotonous and zombie-like. One item well below the horizon and was done very well was the symphonic version of Pakistani anthem done by Nigel Clarke and Michael Csanyi-Wills which is one of a kind I have heard. While the production went through much financial difficulties that almost saw it abandoned and Lee's casting was reportedly the cause of an uproar in Pakistan itself, it must be said that the actor's commanding performance really holds this together and, thus, he was justified to hold it in such high esteem within his extensive and varied canon. And the movie, instead of giving an unbiased account of Jinnah's life, ends up being a decree on the lives of some of his political contemporaries. At best the movie is an attempt to show Jinnah as a man wronged by the Western media, and Gandhi and the others wrongly depicted as martyrs. A more positive approach would have the movie good. Also, the unverifiable bedroom scenes between Nehru and Lady Mountbatten do little to establish the credibility of this movie. But, it's funny how a then 44 year old man (in 1920) looks no older than 30.

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Euron himself. I think it’s too strange that his uncle Euron will capture Yara but leave Theon go when he wants to kill them both. Many say Euron is even worse than Ramsey ( I don’t like both in the same way) and Theon is a bigger problem to Euron’s claim on the. For sure both things will happen because there are photos ( Yara will be captured and Theon will be beaten) but maybe the timeline is not really how it’s written in the spoilers and if it’s not like that why should I believe that these are really leaked scripts and not just ideas from people who saw the photos like me. Cersei and her family killed half Starks so I don’t see how Jon will be able to ignore that and made. Queen, she will take what she thinks is hers with “ blood and fire”. Like. Littlefinger is Sansa kill, as Ramsey was, and it will be a. Also I like more the idea of killing him with poison and not a knife. After all it all started with Littlefinger poisoning Jon Arryn and Littlefinger used poison with Joffrey and Sansa was framed for that murder. Olenna telling Jaime that she killed Joffrey, and Olenna then poisons herself, dying in front of Jaime. I’m not sure but did lady Olenna have scenes with Jamie where they talked like enemies. These 2 women had a lot of history and Lady Olenna is too sassy to just kill herself without first saying what she thinks to Cersei. I like Lady Olenna a lot so I hope for a more emotional death scene for her than not one with Jamie. His first death was important, not only because of who killed him ( the betrayal was an emotional moment) but also because of how it frees him from his vow to be a NW.