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And—cue the singing angels—there’s even a candy bar. 2360 W. Joppa Rd. Lutherville, 410-878-7400. You can find Chambers and Elsa at the Baltimore Farmers’ Market and Bazaar on Sundays, at the. Owner Jasmine Simms has an extensive nail-care background and an impressive hold on all that. Along with tried-and-true brands such as OPI and OPI gel polish, she carries unscented, cruelty-free lines like. With its natural light, comfy chairs, and house-made foot and hand scrubs, you will feel instant relaxation as soon as. Scrub also accommodates groups, so grab your friends and a bottle of Cava and we’ll see you there! 722 S. Francesca’s Atelier is filled with the finest selection of gowns and cocktail dresses from Carmen Marc Valvo. Although her boutique just opened last October, owner. Retail? Check. What started 10 years ago as a humble, four-chair barbershop has since expanded into a full-scale. With a women’s department in the works and brands like. Her idea of planting indoor greenery—such as succulents, cacti.

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Dari sini gue langsung ngeh kalo kali ini ( tidak seperti 'Killers' yang gritty, dalam dan kompleks ) Mo Brothers cuma pengen ngasih kita banyak tumpahan darah, body-count masif serta brutal-violence tanpa nuntut penontonnya untuk terlalu banyak mikir. Ya, ini mengkonfirmasi apaan yang sedang gue tonton: sebuah fantasi bertabur mindless violence. Tentunya di dunia fantasi ciptaan Mo's, hal-hal nonsens kaya diatas ( atau nyerbu penjara dan kantor polisi ) b oleh aja terjadi. Nggak bergizi tapi tetep aja gue nggak brenti mengkonsumsinya. Ketika peluru habis, segala macam benda tajam atau tumpul yang bisa diraih, dijadikan alat untuk dihantamkan ke tubuh lawan, tentu saja dengan koreografi pencak silat yang membuat Tai-chi, Krav Maga atau Systema menjadi terasa seperti seni bela diri dari negeri Disney. Dan meski gue kurang suka shaky-cam ama camera-movement nya yang kurang inovatif karena terlalu sering bergerak memutar 360 derajat mengelilingi adegan perkelahian, secara keseluruhan gue liat mereka cukup berhasil mengkreasikan adegan laga yang intense. Liat aje, serombongan cewe usia belia yang duduk didepan gue nggak brenti-brentinya berteriak dan menjerit lalu tertawa puas seakan sedang naek roller-coaster sementara yang disebelah gue malah terlihat gelisah kaya mau muntah hehe. Nah, kalo diinget-inget ini emang udah jadi semacam signature di film-filmnya Mo Brothers. Contohnya dalam Rumah Dara mereka memasukkan itu ( dark-humor ) dengan nge-cast Aming jadi tawanan polisi, sementara di 'Killers' yang gue inget adalah adegan 'bagasi mobil'. Dalam Headshot kalian akan nemuin ini lebih banyak lagi. Dari mulai parang nyangkut sampe adu tiup zippo hehe. Dark humor ini gue pikir selain berfungsi untuk mengingatkan audiens agar tidak terlalu serius, juga sebagai statement attitude 'tongue-in-cheek' Mo Brothers yang sedikit banyak berhasil membuat Headshot terasa lebih fun dan menghibur. Zack Lee dan David Hendrawan jelas mencuri perhatian, sementara Very Tri Yulisman sepertinya akan mudah gue lupain, dan Julie Estelle. Sayangnya, ( meski tetap seru dan melibatkan jurus harimau ala Samo Hung ) adegan pertarungan finalnya gagal menyamai ke-epik an pertarungan Rama Vs Assasins. Cons. Nah, dalam Headshot, Mo Brothers ( entah mungkin karena penyusunan scriptnya yang konon diselesaikan dalam waktu singkat atau ada sebab lain ) gue pikir terlalu bersemangat membuat banyak aksi pertarungan brutal untuk menyenangkan hardcore-action aficionado ( terima kasih untuk ini ) namun sayang dengan narasi yang seperti dibiarkan terbengkalai. Padahal narasi ini penting untuk membuat penonton lebih terlibat secara emosi dengan setiap karakter dan konflik yang hadir.


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Then Mark Ruffalo took over the role, and now Ed Norton wanders the Earth with that sad music from the end of the old 1970s Hulk TV show. Get it at Walmart Get it at Amazon Get it in 4K at Amazon. It doesn't reach the heights of the first film, but who cares. Plus, you can re-live the odd introduction of Black Widow. It's a pretty average Marvel movie, with some problems, but overall it's enjoyable, and Thor was one of the best parts of Infinity War, so it's cool to revisit the first movie. This is one of the best Marvel movies, period, and Captain America is one of the best heroes. I haven't watched this one in ages, and I think I need to change that. Get it at Walmart Get it at Walmart in 4K Get it at Amazon. Get it at Walmart Get it at Walmart in 4K Get it at Amazon Get it at Amazon in 4K. And Iron Man spends most of the movieI out of the suit. People liked it when it came out. It was fun. It advanced the Infinity Stone lore. This is one of the MCU's absolute best, and is a top-tier must-have. Until Infinity War, this was my favorite Marvel movie. Tell a friend. This is a tale of humanity's struggle to control but not become consumed by the very technology we create.


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Doran would still be in power in Sunspear so Stannis cant count on his help. Baelish will still be keeping the Vale out of things. Sansa’s death throws a serious wrench in everything, but Catelyn being alive means he can plot to “save” her at the last second by providing reinforcements should Stannis or Tywin make it that far north. Tyrells have lost their chance to marry Joff or Tommen so theyd probably look around for other royals to marry into. Daenerys would have eventually invaded, and since Stannis has been bled by the Rock, and entirely lost three whole kingdoms to independence rebellions, he womt have anywhere near the forces to stop her or Euron. She can sweep aside everyone and walk in to take the capital. Jon would be alive but he wouldnt have been LC, or assassinated. Edmure swore fealty to Robb and therefore should listen to his king. But he doesn’t. EDMURE is an idiot for not sticking to vowels as a bannerman. He couldn't just tell Edmure his plan because the only way he could have done so was via Raven which is extremely unreliable and could have been intercepted. Besides he shouldn't of even had to tell Edmure his plan because he had already given Edmure his orders and he expected him to follow them. I guess it’s Robb’s fault that Edmure can’t take orders from a king. Stannis wouldn’t do that cuz he respected Ned too much, he isn’t enemies with Robb, and stannis is honorable plus, tommen, and Marcella potentially would be alive. Loras didn't know Stannis was behind the death of Renly, Brienne was still on the hook for a long time. IM SANSA STARK! And then she is led to Stannis, because the soldiers are in doubt.