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And saw Jaime Lannister ( Nikolaj Coster-Waldau ) take Highgarden, only to receive the last bitter admission of Lady Olenna ( Diana Rigg ). There was plenty more to appreciate here than the final scene of chaos. In a moment that fans have wanted since the story began, Daenerys Targaryen ( Emilia Clarke ) and Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) finally meet. The reunion will also show the reaction of 'Jon' to Arya's previous experience with the 'Faceless Men', who will have a hard time accepting Arya's new skills. The pics surfaced over at Warchers on The Wall, and give us a pretty clear look at Euron and his men leading some very familiar looking prisoners through the rainy streets of King's Landing: Yara Greyjoy ( Gemma Whelan ), Ellaria ( Indira Varma ) and Tyene Sand ( Rosabell Laurenti Sellers ). Though these characters are very popular in the books, fans of their live-action counterparts are few and far between - so. Will the channel's very popular series grow in the ratings this time around or, will the numbers decline? Stay tuned. Based on the best-selling fantasy book series by George R. .

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It also contains all the enzymes the bees include with their conversion of nectar into honey, assuming it isn’t heated too much. I extract my honey and it flows through a wire mesh sieve and then I warm it gently and pour it through 600 mil screen, before bottling. This wrecks all the enzymes and you can’t analyze the pollen to determine where it is from. You basically just have fructose, glucose and a bit of maltose. Got most of the rest, altho I didn’t know ANKE and that messed up the NE for me. That question and more are answered in this week’s Monday Morning Mailbag. Depends whom you ask 8d Josh Weinfuss McVay pulls tampering prank on pal Kingsbury 9d A fatal accident, jail, alcoholism and addiction: An NFL exec tells his story 6d Ian O'Connor Source: Cards dine with Bosa in Ft. Lauderdale 12d Josh Weinfuss Cardinals hope buying low yields high reward in free agency 14d Josh Weinfuss Kingsbury to allow Cardinals 'cellphone breaks' 15d Josh Weinfuss Cardinals defensive coordinator Al Holcomb inherits star-studded unit Facebook Twitter Facebook Messenger Email Feb 19, 2018 Josh Weinfuss ESPN Staff Writer Close Covered the Cardinals since 2012. When Holcomb was hired by new Arizona Cardinals head coach Steve Wilks to be the team's defensive coordinator, Holcomb inherited a star-studded unit. At outside linebacker, he has the NFL sack leader, Chandler Jones.

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But maybe he should have fought a little harder; maybe he should have said yes to drugs and fought hippie LSD explosion fire with fire. Now his once nice clean suburb’s been overrun by foreigners who don’t clean up after their dogs or repair their broken windows. A Wal-Mart ate up Pop’s grocery store; it also ate the newsstand, candy store, soda shop, bowling alley, shoeshine shop, Owlin Howlin's arm, and several fruit carts. Wife took his six figure job, confiscated his Lucky Strikes. But does this create a rainbow community or just merely alter the basic composition of paranoia so that it can no longer be “solved” via vigilante violence. People are almost blind from pretending their neighbor isn't different than themselves. Small talk over the picket fence must be sanded down until it's free of all cultural specifics, gender norms, biases, and inside jokes. Rumors literally don’t get around anymore; there is no longer a “townsfolk” to form a lynch mob with, there's no common language or common cultural property, so there can be no lone hero to try and stop them at the jailhouse door (or vice versa, if you are DIRTY HARRY). The 1950’s American value system stood for something and thus rebels had something to stand against. Since all the dads wore suits and ties--from morning until long after dinner--just wearing a turtleneck instead made you a beatnik.

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Saking mencekamnya suasana yang ditawarkan dari film ini, enggak jarang banyak orang jadi parno setelah nontonnya. 2. A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) Via Istimewa Enggak kalah nyeremin dari Whispering Corridors, A Tale of Two Sister juga menjadi film horor Korea terlaris. Saking suksesnya, film ini bahkan dibuat ulang versi Amerika. Sesuai dengan judulnya, film ini menyajikan kisah tragis dua saudara cewek dari sebuah keluarga. Sebenarnya cerita yang disajikan cukup sederhana, hanya saja nuansa mengerikan dari penampakan-penampakan yang ada dalam film inilah yang sukses bikin penonton kalut dan parno dibuatnya. 3. Witch Board (2004) Via Istimewa Witch Board atau juga dikenal dengan judul Bunshinsaba berfokus pada Bunshinsaba yang merupakan papan mermainan pemanggil hantu. Mengisahkan Yoo-Jin yang sering dirisak oleh teman-temannya di sekolah. Enggak terima dengan perlakuan teman-temannya, Yoo-Jin dan kedua sahabatnya melakukan ritual bunshinshaba untuk balas dendam.

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Loved it. Some of it was out there, but thank you for a great fun time. Spot on! Amanda Leary 7 bulan yang lalu I watched those videos, I'm not sure if I missed it or what, but I didn't hear Gendry mentioned. David McGuckin 7 bulan yang lalu Lastime we leaked GOT material was by driving to Sante Fe from Denver and parking outside Martins houses to connect to his wifi router. If I ever go to New Mexico again I might try it for shits and grins. Amber Nicole 7 bulan yang lalu GA, love you bunches, but for me, I’m not into this juice substitute stuff. I’m gonna go blue here for a moment and just say that theorizing over fake releases or fan fic is so much mental masturbation. It’s not my thing. Just give me real news, book vs.

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Viserys, being an idiot, got himself his golden crown. And then they screw him up completely in the show. Say it is the show's fault for being poor but I for one would like some discussion about storylines and possibilities, not complaints about everything and anything. There is pretty much zero actual discussion and speculation going on. There is a camp that liked the premiere but thought it was sloppy and a camp that thought it was all around great. I have a feeling our two camps will be merged in due time and dancing the dance of life naked together in the pale moon light. Just complaining. We've pretty much discussed everything that's up to date in the book so far. There's only so much repeating of speculation and theory that folks want to do while we wait for The Winds of Winter. If you want speculation and discussion from Dance backwards.

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And since Theon—who just escaped Ramsay Bolton’s clutches in the show but is still captured and brainwashed in the books—really isn’t in any position to claim a throne for himself, it’s left to Euron, Yara, and other the other Ironborn to hash it out. Here is just a small sample of characters we haven’t seen in at least a season who might be returning. But a major tinfoil theory supports that the Hound is still alive, and considering we might have our Septon Meribald and Elder Brother hybrid in McShane that might fuel that theory even more. But will the tone of the troupe be closer to Hamlet’s play within a play or the Ember Island Players. Book readers had a feeling but didn’t know the how of it until it aired. And nobody expected Kit Harington or the showrunners to confirm that Jon was dead so quickly—only minutes after the finale ended, according to Entertainment Weekly ’s timestamp—or for HBO to keep pressing that point over the coming weeks and months. Despite what anyone’s said on the matter, Jon almost certainly isn’t dead here—at least not anymore. While some fans have been theorizing how Jon gets out of this one for more than four years, there’s not much solid on how the show tackles that particular point. We just know that he eventually ends up in the north wearing what appear to be Stark colors in the middle of a giant battle with the Boltons, the Umbers, wildlings, and a couple of other familiar faces toward the end of the season (which we’ll get to shortly). So what?