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A total of 36 percent of those asked could name Ms. Stabenow. Again, men did slightly better at 44 percent to 30 percent for women. But just 15 percent could name Mr. Peters, and it was 15 percent of both men and women could name him. On average, just 11 percent of those questioned could name both senators, and that was 11 percent for women and 12 percent for men. Vice President Joe Biden fare much better than our two senators. A total of 69 percent of those asked could name him. The poll was conducted of 600 likely voters, and conducted April 13-17. These are the initial reports sent to the state by physicians and hospitals of various infectious diseases. Often the initial reports are revised as more information and better diagnoses are rendered (so for example, earlier this year we thought we had had 10 cases of measles in the state so far in 2015, but that has been revised to one confirmed case). Also occasionally operator error plugs a disease report in the wrong place. For example, some years ago the state reported a case of anthrax. When this reporter checked on that it turns out the wrong disease was indicated and it was really a case of blastomycosis or something equally unfun. The disease report has recently gone through a sharp little update. The website has been re-formatted and redesigned so that it is much cleaner to the eye and quite a bit easier to read.

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When he was 15, he and his family moved to Miami, FL, but he only attended high school there for a year before moving back to Mississippi to graduate. Grady returned to Florida at the age of 18 and started in the music industry as a promoter for the rap label Sun Town Records. By the early 90s he embarked on a brief career as a rapper, performing under the moniker MC Gold. However, he soon discovered that he had a natural talent for the blues, and he incorporated hip-hop into blues music. At the age 24, he worked for FJH Music, owner Frank J. In 1998, after learning to play the harmonica, Grady released his first album, the self-released Goin' Back Home. Champion enjoyed performing at blues clubs all over Florida, and was quickly scooped up by Shanachie Records, with whom he released Payin' for My Sins (1999) and 2 Days Short of a Week (2001). Back in Mississippi: Live at the 930 Blues Cafe followed in 2008, released on Grady's own GSM Music Group imprint. In 2010, he won the International Blues Challenge, enabling him to expand his regular tour itinerary to include most of the U. . Canada, and Europe. He has since played the Chicago Blues Festival, the Legendary Blues Cruise, and the Portland Waterfront Blues Festival. Grady's newest album, ONE OF A KIND, will be released on Malaco Records in September 16, 2016; which will be his 10th album released in his career (1st album was as a rap artist in 1990, Going Gold). Download file gcooak. ar ( ) DepFile ? secure cloud storage ( ).

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hen we started making colordigitally, we simply used digital RGB and digitalCMYK to mimic their ana-log predecessors. In short, it was the easiest way to make the transition to digital color, but not necessarily the best way. 54 Real World Color Management, Second Edition Monitor RGB. hen we display color on a monitor, we do so by sprayingstreams of electrons that strike phosphors. Phosphors are chemical andmineral compounds that emit light when they're struck (the technicalterm is excited) by abeam of electrons. Color monitors use three different phosphors painted on the inside ofthe faceplate that emit red, green, andblue light, respectively. By varying the strength of the electron beam, we can make the phosphors emit more or less red, green, and blue light, andhence produce different colors (see Figure 2-1). Figure 2-1 Monitor phosphors red, green, and blue Mphosphors m, red light green light blue light But the precise color that the monitor produces depends on the typeof phosphors used, their age, the specific circuitry and other characteris- tics of the monitor, and even the strength of the magnetic field in which the monitor is located. All monitors' phosphors produce something we recognize as red, green, and blue, but there are at least five quite different phosphor sets in common use, and the phosphors can vary substantiallyeven in a single manufacturing batch. Factor in individual preferencesfor brightness and contrast settings, and it's highly unlikely that any two monitors will produce the same color from the same signal, even ifthey'retwo apparently identical monitors bought on the same day. Scanner RGB. hen we capture color with a scanner or digital camera, wedo so using monochromatic light-sensitive sensors and red, green, and blue filters. Each sensor puts out a voltage proportional to the amount Oiaptcr 8: Computers and Color 55 of light that reaches it through the filters, and we encode those analog voltages as digital values of R, G, and B. The precise digital values a scan- ner or camera creates from a given color sample depend on the makeupof the light source and the transmission characteristics of the filters. As with monitor phosphors, scanner and camera filters vary from vendor to vendor, and they also change with age. Scanner lamps also vary both from vendor to vendor and with age, and the light source in a digital camera capture can range from carefully controlled studio lighting to daylight that varies from exposure to exposure, or even, with scanning-back cameras, over the course of a single exposure.

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She was also promoted to series regular for the upcoming fifth and final season of “The Shield. In April, she’ll be in a Harold and Kumar sequel, Escape from Guantanamo Bay. Today I’ve invited Paula on the show to talk about her current project in which she voices the lead character in Red Princess Blues: Animated. We’ll also be joined momentarily by the film’s producer, Alex Ferrari of Numb Robot Studios. I was just really drawn in and really attracted to the character of “Red Princess,” and I just wanted an opportunity to sort of work on the voice-over side of production. GARCES: I’ve never done any voiceover and always talked to other friends, actors and actresses, that have done it before, and they’ve always had great experiences and have always told me about it and how relieving it is not to think about the way you look or any of those things that you have to think about when you’re doing a live-action piece. When you’re doing voiceovers, it’s all just creativity, and it all has to do with your voice, so it’s great. It’s really nice. ANDELMAN: I think I read recently where Mike Myers was talking about doing all these Shrek movies, and someone said to him, “Do you really show up in pajamas without a shave and having not showered? GARCES: I could totally see him doing that although I didn’t show up in my pajamas for Red Princess. ANDELMAN: How did you get involved with my friend Alex. It’s a workshop that’s held in Tucson, Arizona, for writers, directors, and producers who sort of want to work out their coming projects and have an opportunity to work with working actors and sort of actually film one or two scenes of their script. And we worked together about a year and a half ago. He invited me to be his lead actress in one of his other projects, and we loved working together. I guess he got enough nerve to show me Red Princess Blues, the short story. I read it, I loved it, got back to him, and then he presented me with some lovely artwork done by Dan that was just really inspiring and creative artwork that had to do with the live-action film that we’re planning to do.

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Then I can go back to only really having to worry about Sansa at the moment until someone else’s story turns me into a nervous wreck. But the last moment godess Artemis (Diana) took Iphigenia with her in the heavens leaving in her place a deer. Olly? sitting on a barrel in the background of all three. Does Jon really need to take them to Castle Black, having boats and all. I realize The Gift is south of the wall, but isn’t that it down the coast from Hardhome. Is crowning Myrcella going to be his play to foment conflict. Is Doran going to send Jaime and Myrcella back to KL. His pleading for his father’s body made a strong positive impression. To me, he doesn’t come across as sleazy but as a sincere peacemaker. I’m actually dreading the next episode in case it does turn out that he’s working with the Sons of the Harpy. He was dispatched to Yunkai on Dany’s peace mission only a couple of days after asking for his father’s body. He and Daario are specifically, explicitly shown returning from Yunkai to an increased Unsullied presence on the streets due to the attacks. And, besides, why would he support the Sons of the Harpy. If he was inclined to use groups like those to further his ends, why wouldn’t he have used them to take down the Masters’ crucified bodies. The fact that he goes to Dany and asks her politely makes me think that’s the way he tends to do things.