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He has always loved old radio dramas so in 2000 when Written Communications Radio Service, a radio reading service for the blind, took their studios to digital he started preparing scripts that could relive those thrilling days of yesteryear. The thought was to produce a half hour drama a month. An ambitious goal considering that there was NEVER a regular radio drama series EVER broadcast out of Akron, Ohio. Over the next twenty-four months they were able to produce twenty-two stories, After that they put together an occasional story - mostly at Christmas. Spy was number last week and it's not looking good that it's going to hold the top spot this weekend, but there are a number of DVD releases to talk about on this new episode. Direct download: Podioplex060915. p3 Category: The Weekly Podioplex. Gregor Collins tells us in his open and honest memoir “The Accidental Caregiver” which was turned into a stageplay that premiered in January 2015. In 2008, Gregor found himself employed as caregiver to famous Holocaust refugee Maria Altmann. What occurred from there was an unexpected journey which opened up Gregor’s mind and heart in ways he could not have predicted. Like myself, he’s got an extensive career in the world of reality TV. The Accidental Caregiver and other works has propelled Gregor’s career in new directions that have made him realize that living the creative life means taking control of your own destiny. Be prepared to see a flood of them as we try to catch up with our promise to produce 52 episodes this year. We start with a panel on the cult TV show Quantum Leap. This panel was recorded as part of the American SciFi Classics track at DragonCon 2014. Keith DeCandido and Michael Falkner were among the panelists. The panel celebrated the 25th anniversary of the series.

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The National Intelligence Service promised her freedom after ten years of active assignments. So begins her new double life as a theatre actress-cum-hit-woman until the dark secrets from her past start to reappear. Then she gets a new mission and it changes everything. With: Milo Ventimiglia, Bridget Regan, Amanda Schull, Javier Botet, Shawn Ashmore. Canada 2017. 94 mins. A wife and child have gone missing in the small town of Devil’s Gate, North Dakota. While all indicators point to husband Jackson Pritchard as the prime suspect, pushy outsider FBI agent Daria Francis instinctively feels something else is going on in this incestuous hamlet and together with deputy Colt Salter goes to investigate. And indeed they do track down Pritchard, a man caged in unrelenting darkness and despair. But nothing is what it seems in this mind-bending carnival of delights featuring hi-tone scares, unhinged performances, astonishing special effects, wonderful sound design and dizzying twists and turns. Saper, Anja Savcic, Brittany Allan, Christopher Rosamond. Canada 2017. 82 mins. You can be anyone you want to be. A group of university students discover a weird device that allows them to take control of others and experience the world through someone else’s body. As they push the machine’s abilities to its limits, they don’t realise their own lives have been manipulated and as they begin to question the device itself, they find themselves descending into a nightmare with no return. THE MATRIX meets THE SORCERERS in a compelling and provocative sci-fi horror exploring deep moral questions about psyche, personality, addiction and taking actions to their extreme outer limits.


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46 On the direction of Speaker Kavinder Gupta, BJP Jammu District President Baldev Singh Baloria visited Ward no. 46 and reviewed the problems of everyday people. On this occasion Balowria was accompanied by General Secretary Vinay Gupta, Harbans Lal, Sanjay Bhau and Rakesh Kumar. On the occasion, people made Balowria aware of the problem arising out of drinking water in the area and told them that unauthorized power cuts in the area have made the people helpless. The department is deducting power of the school without making any adequate amounts of water available to the people. Taking strong note of the people's point of view, Balowria, on the spot, asked the officials of the PDD and PHE departments to solve the problem of people. Along with this, Balowria said that he would make all efforts to get these cases brought to the notice of Speaker Kavinder Gupta in the light of the solution so that people can get relief. He said that the BJP government is working to give people better basic facilities at their door and the promise of quality based development done to the people is being fulfilled in every field. Restore Bikram Chowk pristine glory install General’s statue Bikram Chowk, Jammu landmark, without statue of great Indian army General Bikram Singh who earned a tearful cremation by Jammuites in thousands there is desolate upon its dislocation with coming up of fly over. Recounting, as a school going he as part of tearful Jammuites in thousands had attended his cremation held in the road crossing backed by state administration. The officer, then GOC 15 Corps along with Lt General Daulat Singh, Air Vice Marshal E. . Pinto, Maj Genral K. . . Nanavati, Brig S. .


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OPEN MICS BOOKWOMAN features Cindy Huyser and Debbie Winegarten. Hosted by Giusseppe Antonio Volpi and Amanda Hickey. Everyone is invited to get involved, but it’s not an open mic. To be considered as a guest artist, contact the Latin American Cultural Alliance. She names her signature deadpan delivery to get at very Annie her maid of honor, but there’s competireal, very raw emotions. She also gets a love tion for the crown in the form of Lillian’s new interest, a sweet, sleepy-eyed state trooper friend, the monied and officious Helen (Byrne, played by the Irish actor O’Dowd, and the in a role that capitalizes on the Damages wending way their stop-and-start affair plays actress’ self-serious persona). This relentlessout is another of the film’s great pleasures. Competition between women, the Westgate ac 68 T H E A U S T I N C H R O N I C L E MAY 13, 2011 a u s t i n c h r o n i c l e. There’s an SNL-specific sub-subgenre working itself out here: the dramatic farce. Bill Murray did it first back in 1984 with an adaptation of W. Somerset Maugham’s The Razor’s Edge and again with Lost in Translation. All three comics carry about them a certain air of the manchild, but so far only Murray has mastered the man and relegated the child to a lesser aspect of his persona. Everything Must Go, which is loosely adapted from the Raymond Carver story “Why Don’t You Dance? ” is a portrait of a man in collapse. Middleaged and sporting the sort of demi-paunch that will likely overwhelm him someday, salesman Nick Halsey (Ferrell) has just been fired for alcoholic shenanigans on the job. Returning to his generic suburban American home, he discovers he’s also been cast out of his castle by his wife. She’s changed the locks on the doors and piled his belongings in the yard like so many cluttered, battered memories.


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They released a sequel, Torchlight II, on September 20th, 2012. Runic Games was founded in August 2008 by Travis Baldree, Max Schaefer, Erich Schaefer and Peter Hu. Following the dissolution of Flagship Studios in 2008, all 14 members of the Seattle team that developed Mythos signed onto Runic Games. Full production on the game started around November 2008, meaning that the game's total development period was approximately 11 months. At the 2009 Game Developers Conference some members of the Runic. Many of their games have won Spiel des Jahres awards, and many have been published in English by Rio Grande Games. In 2010 Kibler designed Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer with Justin Gary, Rob Dougherty, and John Fiorillo. Previously he worked on Chaotic and was the lead designer of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. Kibler is also a professional card player and has had great success at Magic the Gathering with five Pro Tour Top 8s, winning Pro Tour Austin in 2009 and Pro Tour Honolulu in 2012. Kibler began his Magic: The Gathering career at the age of fifteen, placing 30th in the Junior Division of the first-ever Pro Tour, Pro Tour New York 1996. Kibler would not qualify for the senior Pro Tour until Pro Tour Chicago 1998, which he qualified for by winning Grand Prix Toronto 1997. Kibler notes that all his opponents in the Top 8 of Grand Prix Toronto went on to work at. Originally established in 1983, it has since become an international enterprise with branches and subsidiaries in North America, Europe, and East Asia. The original companies that spawned Capcom's Japanese branch were I. . Corporation founded on May 30, 1979, as well as its subsidiary Japan Capsule Computers Co. Ltd.