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At least, we analyze two Super-8 amateur films produced in Fortaleza (Brazil, in 1978, which were re-edited in the short movie Supermemorias (Danilo Carvalho, 2010. This analysis evidences to us the editing process as a way of constructing new sites of memory and also allow us to reafirm that the amateur film production can instigate interesting and relevant contemporary investigations. One was an exploratory nonrandomized trial on 39 eyes with dry eye symptoms and short tear film break-up time (BUT), but without epithelial damage. Changes in symptoms, BUT, Schirmer value, and ocular surface fluorescein staining (FS) scores were studied for 3 months. The other was a randomized clinical trial of DQS and artificial tears (AT) in 17 eyes with short BUT. Changes in symptoms, BUT, FS scores, and tear film stability using continuous corneal topographic analysis were studied for 4 weeks. In the exploratory study, while Schirmer values were not significantly increased, significant improvements in symptoms and BUT were noted at both 1 and 3 months. In the randomized clinical trial, significant improvements in symptoms were noted in the DQS group, but not in the AT group, at 2 weeks. BUT was significantly prolonged in the DQS group at 4 weeks but not in the AT group. No significant changes were noted in FS scores or tear film stability. DQS improved subjective symptoms and prolonged BUT in eyes with UTF not associated with low tear secretion and ocular surface epithelial damage. Because many patients who have UTF are refractory to conventional treatments, DQS may offer benefits in the treatment of dry eyes. Overall, the concentrations of SCCPs on the interior films were higher than the concentrations on the exterior films, suggesting an important indoor environmental exposure of SCCPs to the general public. Blu-ray disk recordable substrates are used as the diffraction grating substrates on which silver films are deposited by vacuum evaporation. SPR excitations are observed in the fabricated cells upon irradiation with white light. Up to a 2-fold increase in the short -circuit photocurrent is observed when the surface plasmon (SP) is excited on the silver gratings as compared to that without SP excitation. The finite-difference time-domain simulation indicates that the electric field in the P3HT:PCBM layer can be increased using the grating-coupled SP technique.

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Lending your voice will deepen the conversation and you'll be rewarded with vouchers to redeem for snacks or beverages at the CPT bar. CPT conducted a national study ( if only) and found that at theatres using general admission, the front row fills up last. We know that sitting in the front row is a great experience for audiences, and a full front row inspires the performers on stage. When you arrive, be the first to snag a bar voucher from a seat in the front row and take it to the bar. We trust you'll find your way back to the front row and enjoy the performance up-close-and-personal. We talked changes in the city, being fired from jobs, and more. Portland Counseling Cache Translate Page This is a community-oriented counseling center for the study and improvement of relationships. We use methods based in mindful awareness to help people find more satisfaction from the relationships and connections in their lives. 2163: TAYLOR TOMLINSON Cache Translate Page Today we were joined by comedian Taylor Tomlinson to talk about Portland, podcasting, touring schedules, what it's like to be on the Tonight Show, new bikes, and more - she's great. Go see her tonight and tomorrow at Helium Comedy Club, and have a great weekend all. INTERVIEW: SHAUNA NOAH Cache Translate Page Today is a bit different of an episode because Gregnog got stuck downtown working so Sarah took the reigns and was joined by the talented Shauna Noah. They talked all things event planning, how Shauna got her start, what is involved in creating fancy parties, and about Shauna's upcoming Listen Up. Whether this is your first REVEL race and your goal is simply to finish, or you are REVEL veteran aiming for a PR or BQ, you should have a well-planned strategy for how you intend to manage the REVEL Kulia course. The head coach of REVEL’s Online Coaching Program, who has run a Boston Qualifier in all the REVEL marathons, has prepared a detailed description of the Kulia Marathon and Half-Marathon courses. The Mt Charleston Half Marathon still has spots but the Marathon is SOLD OUT. Kulia is our new Hawaii event and has the most elevation drop of any REVEL course. Both positions are full-time and based in our offices in Pleasant Grove, UT.

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Gorgeous Hand Painted Dress From Marchesa with with Flirty Organza and Airy Tulle. With love from YOUR’S MONACO ? 5 bis Avenue Princesse Alice. That’s almost 20yrs ago- I guess they are vintage now. Some scaling to the snakeskint but generally very good condition. This blog has some movie news, links, celebrities, set photos, premieres, red carpet pics. The main sources are listed at the links on the left. Basl? a kaynaklar liste halinde soldaki baglant? ar k? m? da belirtilmistir. Twitter'da Paylas Facebook'ta Paylas Pinterest'te Paylas. Blogs are only unofficial, non-profit fan page, just for sharing photos, news, links about celebrities and movies for fans and has no official affiliation with celebrities, TV Shows, TV Series and movies themselves. Seyahat temas? Tema resimleri merrymoonmary taraf? dan tasarlanm?

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Greetings from Phoenix. Sadece basit bir sekilde uyelik gerektirmeksizin kullan? . Ayr? a mobil internet ortamlar? dan da giris yapman? sayesinde bu insanlar? tumuyle tan? abilir ve keyifli arkadasl? lar kurabilirsiniz. er Yeni Uye Yeni Bir ArkadasNas? ki sizin taraf? ? dan sistemimize giris yap? d? ? da sistemde bulunan diger kullan?

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First edition, pub 1933 Alfred A. New York: Dell, 1960, S: Some Edge Wear, Normal for Age of Book. 0 Paperback. California: Wyman Food Service, 1927, S: Some Edge Wear, Normal for Age of Book. Balance of Food the Safeguard to Good Health, edge wear along edges and spine. Saunders Co. 1985, S: Some Edge Wear, Normal for Age of Book. Printing. S: Some Edge Wear, Normal for Age of Book. Avon Books, 1974, S: Some Edge Wear, Normal for Age of Book. ISBN:0-380-00322-8. wear along the edges, front cover is folded has some creases. Excellent reading. 1971 American Greetings Corporation, First Printing, green. Oro SA. Picasso: Picasso Museum Barcelona: Photographic Report Complemented By. Paintings, drawings, Sketches and Early study Works By the World Famous Icon.

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Or Moses David Burke, who headed the Children of God, he saw himself as Moses leading his people to the promised land. Cult leaders will take on names to evoke some kind of imagery and to attract and sustain their following. GamesBeat: Was that something you learned about from Rick? Hay: Yeah. One of the things we wanted to do—we also know that this is entertainment. This is a game. We wanted people to be able to step into our world. The whole purpose was to be credible, to get an understanding of how it works, and then be able to build our own cult with our own leader and their own family and their own purpose. What was powerful for us was learning about doomsday cults, just this concept of, the end times are coming. You can feel it. I can feel it. At least this is what the father believes. I’m going to take you and I’m going to save you whether you want to be saved or not. And after two weeks or three weeks, when it’s all over, whenever the calamity happens, you’re going to realize it’s right, and the ends will justify the means. That was a fascinating and also terrifying thing to look into. It gave a lot more gravitas to the father and to the cult itself. Hay: I think he sees himself as somebody who has been chosen to effectively protect humanity and save humanity.

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Murder Investigation Fiction. itnesses Fiction. igilantes Fiction. ustralian fiction. asy to read materials. uspense fiction. etective and mystery stories. AN: 64340767 ISBN: 9781760527129 pbk. SBN: 1760527122 pbk. ATCDL rda ATCDL OCoLC contributed cataloguing Greenberg, Nicki, author. Meerkat Juvenile fiction. hoirs (Music) Juvenile fiction. ustralian fiction. hildren's stories. AN: 64200346 ISBN: 9780648248705 paperback NSL eng rda NSL ANL contributed cataloguing Milton, Wendy, author. Audience: For upper primary school to lower secondary school age. Boys Juvenile fiction.