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I know the thought in the back of everyone’s mind is that they want them to hook up. You perverts. But it does seem to be at least getting closer to that. There was a line Daavos says that seems to allude to Jon checking out Dany when he says something about Jon staring at her “good heart” and Jon replies with “there’s no time for that. Also there was the conversation between Dany and Missandei about my boy Grey Worm getting some action. Lots of sex talk happening at Dragonstone, I’m just sayin. And what about that romantic walk through the cave. And the way Jon grabbed her hand for just a moment to lead her over to the wall. I mean what guy hasn’t tried to ol’ trusty romantic archeology date. It’s actually a weird thought that a good portion of the world’s population (Game of Thrones fans) not only seem to be ok with it, but are actually rooting for incest to happen. Like it’s number one on a lot of people’s wish list. We might need to seek some sort of counseling when this is all said and done. She basically allowed him to fill the role of trusted military advisor, which she desperately needs because Tyrion so far has been outplayed on the battlefield.

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Plz just leave message. We must be able to speak to the individual you are wanting to travel to. There are times where we go days without eating or showering. Im afraid that if we dont figure something out soon we will end up dead from starvation. Our phones will be shut off so we will have no way of looking fot jobs. It is not easy. We stay in a parking lot in Houston Tx near Clear Lake City. We have to hold our homeless sign just to get food and gas. Our story follows: We were at Galveston with a few friends. On our way back my wife Christine wasn’t feeling well. Minor pains. So we stopped at a local hospital to get checked out. Baby Devon was born 2 months early with down syndrome and was in the NICU for 21 days.

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Sobriety has changed not only my life but my family and friends live as well. Tracking your progress is encouraging in early recovery. Also, the Daily Reflections on the Cassava app have only been updated 1x at launch. It is a wonderful program, actually, the best program to treat Alcoholism. I have to admit that sometimes, if you are not in AA, it gets to be repetitive. You certainly do have to look out for the right people to help you. Basic rule seems to work: Men helping men; women helping women. The person in my life and the many people I have met would not be here today if it wasn’t for this program. Some people stop in their own way, be it church, activities, etc. No judgement there. But like many other organizations, it helps millions of people all over the world. Why would you be so critical of a program that works. I hope there is no one reading this that might need AA.

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Phuong phap nao di chang n? , th? gi? hay th? d. B? co th? ch? cach khac cho phu h? v? b? , mi? sao k?

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It’s all hilarious and features strikingly sharp writing and comedy. Likewise, Alternate Histories is a positively joyous comedic romp exploring alternate timelines of Hitler’s death. The scenarios are ridiculous and hilarious, and the animation style is a refreshing change of silly pace. The style harkens more classic Anime and is rooted in reality except for its Twilight Zone -y twist. This segment featured the least dialogue but still offered a lot. Next Good Hunting brings an abundance of animated breasts and penises to what would otherwise pass as a very PG cartoon story animated like a children’s cartoon (but with genitals LOL). This segment mixes traditional Anime swordplay with Asian folklore (shape-shifting huli jing) and steampunk. Suits is yet another segment playing on the robot pilot theme of Pacific Rim (2013) and Robot Jox (1989), as an agrarian community suits up to defend their land from portals spewing Zergling-like hordes of Starship Troopers (1997) bugs like the sentinel assault on Zion in The Matrix: Revolutions (2003). While conceptually satisfying, the Saturday morning cartoon style animation and less dire tone left this among my least favorite episodes, not that it wasn’t well done or enjoyable on its own. More violent but still carrying the Saturday morning cartoon vibe with a gang of cyborgs fighting a giant robot during a high-speed heist, Blind Spot also wasn’t impressive. Sucker of Souls is a mix of Saturday morning cartoon with R-rated humor, PG-13 gore and a touch of Castlevania (2017-2019; Netflix) illustrating a more monstrously demonic iteration of Dracula accidently released during an archaeological expedition. Vaguely reminiscent of A Scanner Darkly (2006) and smacking of a beautiful desert peyote trip-gone-wrong in The Matrix (1999) of prehistoric natural history. And that’s exactly what I saw in Zima Blue, a unique idea backed with excellent storytelling.

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form some kind of new Band. The writers evidently are listening to the fans, they brought back Gendry. Maester Wolkan brought Baelish the scroll and Arya saw and heard them. Whether Maester Wolkan was in on it or not, all he has to do is cave to Sansa And then you can stick a fork in Littlefinger. Even if LF gets rid of Maester Wolkan, It will still seem awful suspicious and Arya will see right through that. Can't figure out why LF would say that with Maester Wolkan as a witness. LF is usually not that careless which makes me wonder if LF is one step ahead. I just hope we do not have to wait until Season 8. Sooo i just received a PM on reddit, wich if true the season finale has just been ruined for me. I can still see that dead bear charging at me like in 3D. I'm feeling a little better after a day, but still really disliked the direction the show has taken the last two episodes. Really hoping the finale makes up for it, but as for those comments about the writers listening to the fans--I think that spells trouble. The show is at the best when they're doing what they think is best for the plot and show, not when they're trying to appease certain fans.