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Every week we see a proliferation of liberals whining about Jinnahs pakistan and secularism as if their words are affecting anybody new. They tend to preach to the same choir every week and every week they satisfy themselves by completing the ritual. And do they seriously think anybody is listening except those who already believe. And finally, do all the liberals of Pakistan combined have the power of one renowned mosque. Seriously, you people need to stop drinking that cool aid. Jinnah utilized the Muslim league to satisfy his ego, when he was ignored by the Indian National Congress, and got sucked into the separate country theory. If he believed that muslims can take care of the minority, he should have believed that hindus would have taken care of the minorities as well, as both the muslims and hindus of the north India were of the same stock. Many muslim moghal kings who ruled most of India before the British were religious bigots like Aurangazeb where as King Ashoka and his ilks were lot more tolerant of other faiths. Claiming that Hindus and muslims cannot live together in one nation based on their religious beliefs, customs etc and then (after Pakistan was formed) preach the populace that State has nothing to do with religion and everyone irrespective of the religious beliefs is equal in the state and in front of the law etc is pure con game. Not many muslims and hindus believed in it as many muslim leaders in INC like Maulana Abdul Kalam stated, Those hindus who believed Jinnah like Mandal had their own axe to grind (like the Harijan problem) who hoped to get a fair deal for harijans in a muslim country, How fatal that has proved to be. A dream of an Independent State where we could freely practice our Religion,Islam. The beauty of Islam is that it protects the right of its minorities. The difference is it is blown out of proportion in Pakistan by vested interests for petty gains. Thousands of Muslims all over the World suffer for their beliefs. The communal violence in Pakistan is NOT merely a tit for tat response. Surely you are not naive enough to believe that atrocities committed against hindus in pakistan are merely a way to avenge atrocities against muslims across the border. Sure there are incidents of communal violence in India, But these are extremely rare. The babri masjid and godhra incidents are regretful and Indians are not proud of it but Hindus don’t preach hatred as you suggest.

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Jon might of sent davos to dragon stone maybe to get some dragon glass maybe Master Diff 2. Opinion- what if the actor that looks like sansa with the sword could actually be her or her stunt double. I think you are my favorite when it comes to GoT videos. I wish you could make more of the half hour or longer videos like the Dragon raised by wolf and QnA vids:D Rodger P 2. Certainly with James, you guys have great chemistry together. Which would be a little weird at this point because honestly I don't think Arya is still really Arya but some faceless man version of Arya. Though, I keep remembering Ned telling her she would become a lady and rule someone's castle one day. The characters tend to get what they say they don't want or have decided that they don't want anymore in this show. I think he will restore House Baratheon Tramaine318 2. Damn I can't believe you only got 32 thousand subscribers. This man is great, informative, original, and produces great content. And they're usually theories recycled from other people's sites. I don't get it either;) booknerd Lover 2 ? ? Damn. I love the thought that Jon maybe sent Davos south to meet up with Danearys. Tyrion may have been partly responsible for Davos's son dying, but that was war, and I think Davos can respect people more for who they are than what side they were on in the past. It already seems like he can get along with Brienne, even though she said right to his face that she killed Stannis.

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Almost every vehicle is embellished either with images on the body or with accessories within. There is general disapproval for the plain vanilla factory made look. It is a rather inviting tabula rasa on which story of one’s identity must be etched. After all, buying a car is a milestone and historically it does mark the class transition from belonging to the plebian crowds who access public transport to becoming somebody who can afford their own private means. The nature of the images and the embellishment do tell you many stories. Stories about the life journey of the owner; how they got there and what they feel about it. How space is shared or rather grabbed on the road can be read as a mini snapshot of the class dynamics of this society. Privately owned cabs which are leased out to the driver and the mid range sedan which are favored by those who have recently risen above the harried middle class. The vehicle being experienced as a cheating girlfriend rings true at many levels. A pair of heavily made up blue eyes painted at the rear of the vehicle is significant at many levels. It is blue signifying the much desired white woman fantasy complete with all its loose morality associations. The eyes seem to guard the rear alluding somewhere to the vulnerability experienced on the road. Comforting softness of this world is further accentuated by velvet cushions and soft toys placed on the parcel tray, looking out at the world through the rear windscreen as though mocking the sweat, dust and grime of the road. It mimics the untouched innocence and hyperbolic snugness of the nursery. And the troubled co existence of the classes and masses that have been denied transition continues. Perhaps it is the perpetually sunny sky (Street View vehicles cannot operate in the rain) or maybe the navigation commands that never quite feel intuitive. Google Street View makes no effort to replicate the motion of how we typically experience the city — on foot or by car. A mouse click to the arrows on the ground jerks you forward at a distance far longer than the average stride.

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Part 5, Coexistence. DVD-video (80 minutes): sound, colour; 12 cm. AN: 64338427 VWMR eng rda NMML contributed cataloguing Audience: Censorship classification: PG. Digimon (Fictitious characters) Juvenile films. ood and evil Juvenile films. nimation (Cinematography) Japan. eature films Japan. otion pictures, Japanese. oreign language films. oreign films. Motonaga, Keitaro? film director. ongo? Akiyoshi, creator. ignogna, Vic, voice actor. osch, Johnny Yong, voice actor. alenzuela Garrafa, Narda Cristina, voice actor. AN: 64339016 VHEI eng rda contributed cataloguing Audience: Censorship classification: G.

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Presentations will be made by researchers and Extension educators from Michigan State University, other Land Grant universities and industry. Many of the education sessions will offer credits for Michigan and Ohio Private and Commercial Pesticide Applicators and Certified Crop Advisors. The EXPO is the premiere show for Fruit and Vegetable Growers, Greenhouse Growers and Farm Marketers. When the next-generation wireless network, 5G, hits in 2019 and 2020, we can expect that number to grow as more consumers are able to enjoy high-bandwidth video on their mobile devices. Today’s marketers have to grapple with variables like video length, placement strategies, and ever-present threats from tech giants that traffic in video. Looking ahead, marketers will face quite a bit of change in 2018 as the market evolves. Here are seven trends that will impact social video in 2018: 1. Though advertisers have experimented with short-form ads for some time, Google gave its blessing to the format in January when it challenged advertisers to tell their stories in six seconds flat. Since then, Fox also began running six-second ads during NFL games. Talk all you want about decreasing attention spans, the real draw of six-second ads is that they are good for nudging consumers deep in the funnel towards making a purchase. A quick reminder ad can be all you need to get that consumer to take action. That’s why I expect to see a lot more of these ads next year. 2. More advertising on Netflix. The company began running promos for its shows this summer. In addition, Accenture has spoken about how it would like to use its digital product placement technology to infiltrate Netflix shows. (A Coke can be superimposed into Orange Is The New Black, for instance. We’ll see a steady increase in advertising on Netflix in 2018 in part because Netflix is now creating shows at such volume (it planned to release 1,000 hours of new shows in 2017) that it will be hard to make viewers aware of such content without promoting it on the network.

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That would be enough to inspire a rebellion on its own, let alone headed by members of the former, beloved ruling dynasty. But we’re repeatedly told the Stark name is mud now; indeed, that’s the whole point of the Glover scene. Littlefinger, who hasn’t done anything in particular to offend them and is much more powerful than the Boltons, would have even less reason (particular since he wouldn’t be staying in Winterfell). That’s not remotely in-character for a man who cares only about himself, fundamentally, and who has been working toward this since before he knew her. I can give you a list of rulers and states that exists only because of the force and nothing else. What they said is that they are tired and exhausted from a previous war and that they don’t believe in Sansa and Jon’s leadership abilities. As Davos said everywhere in the word people will fight only in a war they think they can win. They would never follow two people that never lead military campaign. And also two people who made a pact with even bigger enemy. Which Northern House would be loyal to a man like Littlefinger. They were able. They had the manpower, as Jon noted. And yes, that is completely in-character for a man whose greatest weakness in Sansa Stark. Following her and taking the North for her already made him more vulnerable than ever. He is truly exposed for the first time in his life. It was the Targaryens they followed, they only followed Robert because of Ned, but once they were all gone, they divided and became their own kingdom. No Northern lord would ever trust or be loyal to Littlefinger. In turn, Littlefinger would never trust any of them.

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Aenys died after ineffectually ruling for five years, and Maegor seized the throne ahead of Aenys's son Aegon, and continued to persecute the Faith. Maegor himself died without issue after ruling for six years, and was succeeded by Aenys's third son Jaehaerys. A wise and capable negotiator, King Jaehaerys I ended the eleven-year long Faith Militant Uprising by offering the Faith's leadership a compromise: they didn't have to praise the incestuous marriage practices of the Targaryens, they simply had to acknowledge it. The Faith had been defeated militarily, but Jaehaerys's terms were generous (including a complete grant of amnesty so long as the Faith Militant was disbanded), so they accepted the offer. Meanwhile, the Targaryens continued to wed brother to sister for three hundred years whenever possible, though in some generations in which no daughters were born they did have to marry outside the family. In fact, there were three successive generations of Targaryen kings - Daeron II, Maekar, and Aegon V - who all married outside the family. Aegon V even tried discouraging further incestuous marriages but ultimately capitulated when his son and daughter, Jaehaerys II and Shaera, married without his permission. Jaehaerys II and Shaera would later become parents of the Mad King. Even so, the Targaryens generally tried to marry within the family whenever possible, preferring to seek out cousins of the royal line rather than marry complete strangers. Such was the case when Rhaegar Targaryen married Elia Martell, as House Martell had entered into a marriage alliance with the Targaryens a century before and were thus cousins to the main line. At several points the Targaryens intermarried with House Velaryon, a family in the Crownlands which was one of their original followers who escaped the Doom of Valyria. Given that they had already intermarried with the Velaryons before, each subsequent union was therefore with a cousin of some degree. Moreover, on certain occasions, the Targaryens would marry their nieces and nephews. Rhaenyra Targaryen 's second husband was actually her own uncle, Daemon Targaryen, her father's younger brother. As far as is known, a Targaryen never outright tried to marry their own child, the way Craster the wildling did. The exact legal definition of incest in the Middle Ages has a long and complex history, but ultimately settled upon defining any relationship between third cousins or closer as incestuous. In contrast, the common nobility of the Seven Kingdoms appear to have no restriction even on marrying first cousins. Rickard's grandfather was Willam Stark, and Willam's younger brother Rodrik was Lyarra's father.