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This contentious debate ignores the current practices relative to viewership of commercials on live broadcast television, as some level of channel surfing already diminishes the level of commercial viewing. The valuation curve has become much more sensitive to advertising over the past year given the asset mix of the four major entertainment conglomerates and has resulted in the drive to trade based on the economic fluctuations and headlines on Wall Street. VOD is finally gaining traction beyond events such as sports and concerts as consumers have pushed the buy button 25% more this past year. Increasingly, the convenience, HD quality, closure of many rentailers, delays in subscription availability, and broader studio offerings are enticing the push-button option. Click-to-stream will gain more visibility in 2012-2013 as nonlinear programmers gain subscribers. The major providers are moving rapidly to this metric. Consumer demand for filmed entertainment product remains relatively healthy as new distribution platforms extend the shelf life of filmed entertainment and expand the revenue cycles for content on a variety of formats. Those who have voiced a view that film library values have meaningfully diminished are finding that new content aggregators are paying significant dollars for library product. The beauty of the filmed entertainment business has been that successive distribution platforms have typically not materially cannibalized existing revenue streams while providing incremental revenues and profitability. Rather, they have enlarged the economic pie, a factor the market tends to overlook at times as headlines often create the impression that new distribution platforms are part of a zero-sum equation. Conversely, the use of computer generated imagery (CGI) and other special effects, talent participations, 3D production and post production costs, and the ever-increasing need to spend on advertising and promotion, consistently put upward pressure on total film business costs, which include film negative costs as well as film print and advertising spending. Those dollars are, for the most part, gone as original investment funds have been cycled through. Content creation costs, including participations, rarely go down over any multi-year period, especially when the rationale embraced by industry executives is that new revenue streams from emerging distribution platforms and global demand will cover rising production costs. The buyers certainly went through the last decade with too many production dollars chasing a limited talent pool, never a helpful cycle for film costs. The advantage of the next generation is that the contributions are incremental, mostly high margin (30%-70%), and are growing from their current moderate revenue levels. We remain confident that the new platforms will expand the overall economic rewards for content owners, albeit creating angst with some inevitable displacement, which should further improve the financial profile of the business for the major media conglomerates, many of whom own both content and a variety of end-point distribution channels.


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That doesn't give the writers license to then ignore that carefully crafted world, which is what they seem to be doing. And the fast travel was mildly annoying when it was armies moving all over, but we could accept that more time passed then we realized. But here, they were stuck with a VERY small window of time to be rescued. But in that time, what couldn't have been more than a few hours to a day, Gendry ran to the wall, they sent a raven hundreds of miles south to Dragonstone, and then dragons flew hundreds of miles north. It was so obviously off as to make the suspension of disbelief harder, and that's a valid criticism. The Benji thing bugged me much more than the fast travel did. Ugh! if there were only a way to kill that main bad guy 100 yards away as I'm atop a fire breathing dragon and have a 2nd fire breathing dragon near. h well, I guess we will have to figure it out next season. I never thought it was all that carefully crafted to begin with. On the other hand, it wouldn't have taken much to indicate that they had spent more than a day or two huddled on the rock, or shown a shrouded figure on a black horse trailing the party on the way to the big confrontation. And what was the whole point of Jonny Dumbfuck going to capture a wight anyway. If Dany was down enough to go save them, it renders the stupid plot pointless. As if Dropping a wight on cersei's head will win her over. His people need him, yet he spends all his time ignoring them and trying to get himself killed. If Arya had any sense, she'd quit busting Sansa's balls and stick that stupid dagger in Jonny's heart This show has definitely Jumped the Stark and I predict all the plane crash survivors will be reunited at a funeral Sansa's emails w fucking LOL.