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This is a greater force than Aegon the conqueror had when he started his war. (at the field of fire he only had 11,000 troops) The story is somewhat uninteresting if the protagonist is assured victory. Jon Arryn was in reality going to send his son to Stannis for training and toughening up) 3. Littlefinger manipulates ned stark into finding out about the incest of jaime and cersei and that the kids arent Baratheons at all. But manipulates ned into think this is why cersei killed Jon Arryn in order to protect her children and her secret. This defeats stannis and makes everyone in westeros believe a Lannister-Tyrell victory is inevitable. This causes roose bolton to reevaluate his situation and not wanting to be caught on the losing side. 6. Littlefinger manipulates lysa tully into ignoring the calls of the lords of the vale and her own sister of supporting robb starks forces. Had robb had stark, tully and arryn forces, his chances of winning would have been much higher. Caligula 2 ? ? Littlefinger basically started the war of the five kings guys, hes not a good person lmao. Jon is also not the heir to the throne unless Lyanna and Rhaegar were married. Danae Foulani 2 ? ? you're not the only one who ships sansa and littlefinger. David George 2 ? ? These are the most annoying people I've ever seen, holy shit Monique Johnson 2.

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I - London Early Opera, Cunningham, Moult (2016, 24-96). Bible Sauces, Rubs, and Marinades, Bastes, Butters, and Glazes. Anpanman - Yuureisen wo Yattsukero! (DVD 720x480 x264 Hi10p AC3). kv. GoT GameOfThrones GoTS7 GoTmemes CerseiLannister EuronGreyjoy TheonGreyjoy YaraGreyjoy AshaGreyjoy JuegoDeTronos HBO HBOEspana JackSparrow Piratesofthecaribbean HandOfJaimeLannisterMemes. I just wish I wasn't eating tacos during this episode. Confessions sent in via DM will ONLY be accepted if you sent a HQ (h. They gave him a horse and a banner, a soft woolen doublet and a warm fur cloak, and set him loose. For once, he did not stink. “Come back with that castle,” said Damon Dance-for-Me as he helped Reek climb shaking into the saddle, “or keep going and see how far you get before we catch you. He’d like that, he would. Grinning, Damon gave the horse a lick across the rump with his whip, and the old stot whinnied and lurched into motion. Reek did not dare to look back, for fear that Damon and Yellow Dick and Grunt and the rest were coming after him, that all of this was just another of Lord Ramsay’s japes, some cruel test to see what he would do if they gave him a horse and set him free. The stot they had given him was a wretched thing, knock-kneed and half-starved; he could never hope to outdistance the fine horses Lord Ramsay and his hunters would be riding. And Ramsay loved nothing more than to set his girls baying on the trail of some fresh prey. Behind him were the camps, crowded with Dreadfort men and those the Ryswells had brought from the Rills, with the Barrowton host between them. South of Moat Cailin, another army was coming up the causeway, an army of Boltons and Freys marching beneath the banners of the Dreadfort. East of the road lay a bleak and barren shore and a cold salt sea, to the west the swamps and bogs of the Neck, infested with serpents, lizard lions, and bog devils with their poisoned arrows. The ruins of Moat Cailin were visible in the distance, threaded through with wisps of morning mist.


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Its fluff, but it's fluff that explains the entire character. Many times, things happen the way they happen in the books for a reason. What happened to the other two brothers who both would have had plenty of reason to try for the throne. Even if held on its own, and we assume the character Euron has nothing to do with book Euron, this goes against the show inter plotline too. There could be a few reasons why they didn't include the horn. We don't know the end of the story arc in either medium so we can't make a proper judgement yet. Who knows, we may see it yet in an upcoming episode (though I was hoping to see it by now too). It provided the iron born with a plausible motivation: we're going to use the horn to take the dragons, then we're gonna rape her. Absent the horn, the philosophy behind Euron's plan in the show is completely different, making the Ironborn in general less interesting. Victarion and Aeron aren't central to the show plot I guess. Things change in translation from page to screen, and sometimes for the better (I mean the 4th and 5th book weren't as good as the first 3). Those books included a lot of the Dorne and Greyjoy plot, and while I'm still not a fan of how Dorne went down in season 5, I'd say let's wait and see how the rest of this goes. It's definitely not as bad, and I'd say it's okay on its own so far. I mean sometimes (politics today are a great example) people love the extreme. Euron is providing them with that, as well as reasons against Balon, Yara, and Theon. Plus a fleet is still a pretty good gift to someone who needs them. I'm the worst? Judging by this one comment thread, you just know that I'm the worst. I'm only trying to have a discussion with fellow fans, but apparently you're too thick to be capable of that. So you know what?


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Kenapa? Liatlah ke nama superstar yang tercatat bakal bertanding melawan Triple H di atas. Kucek dikit mata kamu, enggak salah liat kok. S-T-I-N-G. Superstar legendaris WCW yang disebut-sebut gak bakalan pernah masuk ke WWE, akhirnya melangkahkan kakinya yang bergambar kalajengking ke dalam ring itu. Sting yang udah menyebabkan The Authority kalah di Survivor Series dan hampir berhasil mengusir penguasa busuk itu untuk lenyap selamanya. Sting yang tanpa banyak bicara, selalu sukses bikin Triple H merasa kecele. The war between The Vigilante and The King, begitu sekarang mereka menyebut pertandingan ini. Triple H tentu saja tidak senang dengan Sting yang udah seenaknya merusak rencana-rencananya. Triple H curiga Sting datang dengan maksud untuk mengambil alih kekuasaan. WCW dulu hancur karena dipimpin oleh penguasa yang tirani. Why we should watch this: WWE vs WCW membayangi pertandingan akbar ini. Jelas, semua orang tertarik untuk melihat aksi yang sebenarnya jauh lebih dalem daripada sekedar Sting dan baseball bat nya melawan Triple H dengan sledgehammer. In real life, kedua orang ini dikenal punya ego gede. Akan sangat menarik untuk melihat outcome match nya. Oiya satu lagi, Wrestlemania 31 ini adalah event WWE pertama di mana Sting dan Undertaker berada di dalam satu gedung yang sama. Bisa jadi di sini kita bakal disuguhin teaser buat pertarungan impian semua orang, Sting vs. The Bella Twins Pada awalnya keempat cewek kece ini musuhan satu sama lain. AJ bencik banget ama Paige yg udah ngerebut sabuk dari dirinya in the first place, dan Nikkie yang bete ama Brie karena selalu menjadi nomor satu. Namun Nikki dan Brie ini sodara kembar, jadi terang aja musuhannya enggak lama.


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The original quote is (as usual) by William Shakespeare,from Twelfth Night (act 2, scene 5), where Malvolio readsin a letter (which he thinks was written to him by hismistress): In my stars I am above thee; but be not afraidof greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, andsome have greatness thrust upon em. The patent crop rotator is an agricultural tool that mightnot figure very prominently in your day-to-dayconversation (possibly since no such machine exists: croprotation means growing different things in a field insuccessive years) but British comedy writers areapparently fascinated by it. Several people wrote to tellme that the cult TV comedy series The Young Ones alsoused the patent crop rotator in their episode Bambi. Two of the names resonate with the names used in GoodOmens: Agnes Nitt is similar to Agnes Nutter, andAmanita DeVice (Amanita is also the name of a gender ofdeadly poisonous mushrooms) is similar to AnathemaDevice. Theres also a Perdita in Shakespeares TheWinters Tale; the name means damned or lost. In fact, all these names are based on the names of theso-called Lancashire Witches. The deeds of this group onand around Pendle Hill were the subject of probablyEnglands most famous 17th century witchhunt and trials. he story is described in some fictional detail in alittle-known book called, surprise, The LancashireWitches, written at the end of the nineteenth century inManchester by William Harrison Ainsworth. East of the Sun, West of the Moon: a fairly well-knownphrase used, amongst others, by Tolkien in a poem, byTheodore Roosevelt as the title for a book on hunting, andby pop-group A-ha as an album title. It originally is thetitle of an old Scandinavian fairy tale, which can be foundin a book by Kay Nielsen, titled East of the Sun and Westof the Moon Old Tales from the North. Terry hasconfirmed that this book was his source for the phrase. Behind the North Wind: from the title of a book byGeorge McDonald: At the Back of the North Wind, theterm itself being a translation of Hyperborea. At the Back Of Beyond: an idiom, perhaps originating from Sir Walter Scotts The Antiquary: Whirled them tothe back o beyont. There and Back Again: The sub-title of Tolkiens TheHobbit. Beyond the Fields We Know: from Lord Dunsanys novelThe King of Elflands Daughter, where the fields weknow refers to our world, as opposed to Elfland, whichlies beyond. Well, for one thing kings can cure dandruff bypermanently removing peoples heads from theirshoulders, but I think that what Terry is probablyreferring to here is the folk-superstition that says that aKings touch can cure scrofula (also known as the KingsEvil), which is a tubercular infection of the lymphaticglands. In fact, many real life Morris teams put on so-calledMummers Plays: traditional plays with a common themeof death and resurrection. These ritual plays areperformed on certain key days of the year, such asMidwinters Day (Magrats wedding is on MidsummersEve! , Easter, or All Souls Day (Halloween), at which timethe Soul Cake play is performed. There are Morris dances that use sticks, but according tomy sources there arent any that use buckets.


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He then dropped a first-down pass as the drive fizzled. Issues persisted in Seattle, where Thielen wasn't targeted until the third quarter of a close game. Thielen was enraged after a third-down incompletion, one of only five targets that day, from Kirk Cousins, who threw the corner route early and contested that he didn't know Thielen was going to hesitate at the top of the route. Starting around the Saints and Lions games, defenses began treating Thielen like a true No. 1 receiver with double and bracket coverages on critical downs. Had only one 100-yard game, 125 yards against the Packers in Week 12, during the second half of the season. The frustration was a product of supreme production declining. He could receive a new contract this offseason, perhaps in line with Diggs' new deal. Caught 102 passes for 1,021 yards and tied for the team lead with nine touchdowns. Capable of beating man or zone coverage with efficient footwork and premiere athleticism. Dropped one pass, trailing only DeAndre Hopkins (0) for the fewest among receivers with 100 targets. Made a fingertip snag on a three-yard touchdown in Green Bay. In the same fourth quarter, he blazed past Davon House for a 75-yard touchdown. Perhaps even more impressive was this double move on Tramon Williams for a two-point conversion. Saw a career-high 149 targets, ninth most in the league, as Thielen and Diggs were the second-most targeted duo behind Pittsburgh's Antonio Brown and JuJu Smith-Schuster. Played through a knee injury in New England, where he was limited to six targets in 47 snaps. Stopped his route against New Orleans, leading to P. . Williams' pick six for the Saints. Otherwise had a strong game with 10 catches for 119 yards and a touchdown.