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The project's theme is related to the influence of machines on daily life. The technology influences also our bodies and our thoughts. In this way everyone can manipulate them to give the possibility that the transformation's cycle is continuous. The aim of the work was to investigate the interaction between 'clock time' and 'circadian time', using radio broadcast's conventional standardized time as a gauge. The resulting changes will be seen by the public on a screen and by web-surfers on the net. The cyber-wrestling match will be held in a boxing ring surrounded by three projections that will simultaneously display the hacked page and the desktops of the two competitors. An announcer will comment live as the battle develops. On the web you will be able to see the state of the page being hacked; listen to the music or sounds produced by both artists; listen and see the announcer and the duelist, and vote for the competitors. The winner will be decided through a combination of public voting and a committee of previously chosen jurors. Mimeticon, by Richard Wright, is an art project that uses a fundamentally different engine that takes a 'key image' and searches for visually similar images. Mimeticon still uses keywords but requires the user to select a specific alphabet before searching. It then takes the word in this alphabet and interprets it as an image or 'word picture' used to search for similar pictures.

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he pace of this season has been pretty good, someone says they're going to castle X (most often castle black) and the next episode they're there. Yes I was convinced Cold Hands was cut out and am thrilled to see him show up now. Him appearing along with other current events taking place I'm believing we will see Lady Stoneheart as well. I just think all the good guys teaming up against the White Walkers goes against the spirit of the show. As for the crazier theory, we're currently in Season 6 of an 8 season show, and Dany isn't even close to Westeros. That's like Luke Skywalker not beginning to fight the Empire until an hour into Return of the Jedi. I think GRRM had intentions of Dany in Westeros originally, there's just a small part of me that wonders if he changed his mind, and the ending of the series is Dany making a big decision to stay in Essos. Regarding Dany not going to the 7 kingdoms (delayed I know, I've been busy) I think you are not taking into account how long it would take her to get prepared. If it was that simple for her just to up and leave then her brother would have done it a long time ago. She was probably going to leave right away when Drogo committed to the idea and had the Dothraki behind her but as we know he died and she lost the Dothraki. She then obviously gains 3 baby dragons but they are just that, babies. I'm not sure if it's mentioned anywhere on what age they are fully grown but I would imagine at least a couple more years.

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Chambers had won at Wimbledon seven times previously, and Suzanne had never before played on a grass court. The women played to a packed stadium of several thousand spectators, including King George V and Queen Mary. In the years prior to 1920 women had played tennis dressed similarly to Charlotte Cooper, and probably sans a booze filled flask. She was passionate and wasn’t shy about showing her emotions. She would often pout or burst into tears if she played badly. She was admired for her skill with a tennis racket, and for her fashion sense. In fact, Miss Lenglen even had a tennis shoe named after her. She won at both Wimbledon and the French Open setting records that would remain unbroken for decades. Among her accomplishments she was an author who wrote Lawn Tennis (1925), Lawn Tennis for Girls (1930), and Tennis by Simple Exercises (1937). Three weeks following a newspaper report of her ailment she went blind. She died at age 39 on July 4, 1938 of pernicious anemia. There is a statue of Suzanne, in full stride, outside of the stadium.


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. Imagine for a moment the reaction among the liberal left if, say, Yvette Cooper or Stephen Kinnock talked about the “wholesale importation” of people or claimed that single market membership and EU membership were one and the same. Labour MPs in big cities and university towns would be a lot more nervous about bleeding votes to the Greens or the Liberal Democrats were they not led by a man who for all his longstanding Euroscepticism appeals to the values of so many Remain voters. And that, far more than the Labour leader's view on the Lisbon Treaty, is why securing a parliamentary majority for a soft exit from the European Union is so hard. It means a fixed regular payment to each citizen, irrespective of income or behaviour. It is seen by both socialists and Silicon Valley as a panacea for the post-industrial world, addressing unrestrained inequality, economic insecurity, and automation-generated unemployment in the modern economy. I'm inundated with requests to speak and involvement in conferences, and it's indicative of the sudden realisation that if the growing inequality and growing economic insecurities persist, then the drift to fascist populism will continue. I don't buy that argument, but it's added to a growing chorus of people saying that we should take it more seriously. . But the idea's rise to prominence is the result of a interlinked developments in the economy and the nature of work. As Labour MP Jonathan Reynolds argues, changes such as the rise of self-employment and the gig economy challenge the appropriateness of the traditional welfare state. We know it's becoming a much more complicated picture than that.

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Hugging him, she responds, “always. Let the real manipulation begin. Meereen Up in the great pyramid, our favorite dwarf is making jokes about drinking and, ahem, manhood. Of course. But there are serious matters for Daenerys’ new small council to discuss. Besides the royal fleet being destroyed, the cities of Astapor and Yunkai have once again fallen under control of the slave-driving masters. And once again, I’m begging Dany to forget about these retched cities and turn towards Westeros. Those cities are draining the young queen of energy and resources -- and time. They were never her destiny; it’s time she prioritize. In the meantime, Tyrion is concerned about the wellbeing of the two dragons they have in captivity: Rhaegal and Viserion. They haven’t been eating since Dany left, a much-healthier Grey Worm informs us. Soon, he’s is in the catacombs about to confront beasts he’s only ever dreamed of meeting.

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Oh And Loving The Turquoise Disc, Parrot Childs, Neon Tetras,Silver Moonys,And Archer fish Thank You. The special relationship he shares with his mischievous grandfather Enzo, will melt your heart. ? Catch. Then you might want to tune in to NBC because their brand new series. To become part of Mad Artist Group or have your film or demo reels promoted on our channel visit. Set in a world where wishes are granted by mythical beings that live under fountains, an apathetic wish granter is forced to go above ground to grant a wish of love. Copyright 2016 Echo Wu, Kal Athannassov, John Mcdonald. Voice Talent: Eric Jimenez, Blake Johnson, Mariah Gonzales. All CGI artists, studios or schools who would like their work featured or published on CGMeetup please apply below. We’re looking for short films, commercial spots, breakdowns, showreels etc. Please Note: All videos are uploaded after written copyright permission from respected artists, studios or schools or part of the Creative Commons license.

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Smith are good men. They love their families and U people could never understand. U people should be ashamed of Urselves for picking on a 14 year old boy. No one was in the theater where After Earth was playing. I hate everything he does career-wise because he supports an evil organization. I hate his children because they will just perpetuate the Scientology. These people are total lunatics and I love that the only group capable of beating them back are the bitches at DL. Hubbard brought what would become Dianetics to the group for a review. He was laughed out of the group; it was so bad and totally unscientifically based. He then claimed he could make it into a bestseller in spite. I trolldar'd them. So, I know they aren't Dlers being funny.


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The minimal maximal projection containing the two VP remnants is again the verbal projection. The derivation of the second conjunct of the sentence in (21) is shown in (22). (21) (22) John met three congressmen and Bill three senators on Thursday. Conclusion This paper has shown that gapping and pseudogapping constructions with multiple remnants can be derived successfully by allowing the remnants to move together out of the constituent which will be deleted, VP or TP, before ellipsis applies. Although still tentative, the analysis proposed in this paper provides an elegant solution to problems raised by its predecessors. Thus, it will not be necessary to make nonstandard assumptions concerning, for example, the position of the verbal head or the projection of SpecFocusP. At the same time, the analysis presented here respects minimalist tenets such as economy and the uniqueness of Focus. Nevertheless, some details of the analysis are in need of refinement. Thus, it is not clear, for example, why the FocusP involved in gapping has to project in the left periphery of the sentence, whereas that involved in pseudogapping projects in the periphery of vP. It has been tentatively suggested that the answer to this question might be in the requirements of the E-feature, which might be different in the two operations. In Papers from the 37th Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society, edited by Mary Andronis, Christopher Ball, Heidi Elston and Sylvain Neuvel, 133-148. Gengel, Kirsten.