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Since I could watch it on the 26in PC monitor, I decided to get a HDMI splitter and run it to my 60in 4k LG t. . Now, the sound doesn’t go thru that HDMI cable from the computer like a home unit does, but I have a surround sound set up and took the sound output from the PC and ran it to my amp and every thing is good now. I know it’s not a FIX, but it’s sure a good run around and it works great. In the mean time, I’ll still be waiting for that Cinavia fix from Fab, “any day now” my ass. Oh, and one last thought, what’s CyberLink have that Fab doesn’t? hell, CyberLink probably doesn’t even know that their shit allows the cinavia coded DVD’s to play without interference, what do you think. You can find which version in the dvdfdb players list. It works fine with non-Cinavia, but as soon as it detects Cinavia, and you click ok, the software crashes. I have contacted DVDFab about this, but they have yet to give me an answer. I purchased a Blu-Ray machine THINKING I could play anything I had on it, including the over priced Blu-Ray movies. When dvdfab is able to remove this watermark audio, I’ll re-burn the the dvd to remove it then.

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The third expansion would not only drastically change the familiar world players had come to enjoy, it would introduce two new races for you to choose from, Goblins and the Worgen. The Worgen were originally created when the Wolf Ancient Goldrinn gave a druidic sect, known as the Druids of the Scythe, the power to transform into powerful werewolf-like creatures that possessed the agility and strength of the wolf, while retaining the intelligence of men. What started out as a blessing though, quickly changed to a curse, as the druids who underwent the Worgen transformation became feral, losing what humanity they had left. To prevent the curse from spreading, the druidic sects captured what Worgen remained and placed a spell on them, forcing them to go into a seemingly eternal slumber. They were sealed away in Blackwald, a subdivision of Gilneas. The Worgen would eventually emerge again during a brutal Gilnean civil war. King Genn Greymane, in order to protect his kingdom, erected a massive wall. While it did prevent his kingdom from being captured by the Undead Scourge, it also completely isolated it from the rest of the world. This isolation would prove to be the mighty king’s biggest mistake, because when the feral Worgen emerged once more, his people had nowhere to run. The curse spread through Gilneas like the black plague infecting everyone bitten by the feral beasts. At last even the mighty king would succumb to the curse. A partial cure was discovered, which allowed the feral Worgen to regain their lost humanity, while keeping the ability to take their feral form.


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We are digging into the latest in the long-running Puppet Master franchise, Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich and debate the efficacy of killer puppets, Nazi villains and more. Before we tackle that nonsense, we rank the original Universal monster movies, discuss references to better movies in The Meg and Along Came the Devil, Bo gets infuriated by Zak Bagans and Demon House, and Vanessa gets fancy with a Hammer film festival. Also, we dig into what scares us most in real life, commentaries we’d love to do and so much more with new and Ask DTP. It’s a jam-packed episode of Devour the Podcast and ready to crawl in your ears and lay eggs. Bo and Vanessa put Unfriended: Dark Web in their eyeballs and they want to talk about it. We get into the characters, the problem with being helpful and a sequel idea too good to be true. Now put that thing down and quit playing with other people’s things. Meatball Machine and Kodoku Meatball Machine - It’s here. A brand new episode of Hero Hero Ghost Show has arrived. We welcome Jerry Herring of Kill the Cast and Underwater Kaiju from Outer Space fame to chat about the bananas films, Meatball Machine and Kodoku Meatball Machine. We try to make some sense of the J-splatter silliness and manage to divert into discussions of Sion Sono, Takashi Miike, and the often-uncomfortable relationship with sexuality in Japanese cinema. Also, a trip to the G-Spot with Cort Psyops as we look at Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster.


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diplomatic relations with China, Iran, Pakistan and several other countries. I’m captivated by what I’m reading, but at the same time, I’m worried that diplomacy requires discretion, and these leaks are undermining the possibility of discretion in diplomacy. Do you have any concerns that the documents that you’ve been analyzing and writing about in the New York Times will hurt diplomatic efforts in the future. I think that the first instinct of many in the government was to say that this would be enormously destructive, that diplomacy, as you say, relies very much on discretion, on private sources, just as journalism as we practice it here in Washington and around the world relies in many cases on confidentiality and certainly the confidentiality of sources. And we even took the very unusual step of showing the 100 cables or so that we were writing from to the U. . government and asking them if they had additional redactions to suggest. Now, they had many to suggest that we weren’t willing to go do, including the conversations that took place between some U. . diplomats and some world leaders, and we thought those are not people who are at any risk of harm if this is published. That was merely embarrassing to U. .


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. It is true that the Turner film is limited in appeal, but it deserves more credit than given, since the core elements are the same and the Lewis brothers have made a clumsy grab at making something entertaining by standing on the shoulders of a forgotten filmmaker. Turner receives a special thanks credit buried among a list of random people in the last 30 seconds of the closing titles. The Lewis brothers’ Black Devil Doll spends the majority of the running time trying desperately to offend viewers. While the ravenous fan-base may jump to defend the film by saying that those who don’t like it are either unable to take a joke or just don’t get it, I have to call bullshit because this is a turkey of a creation. While the idea is gold, the delivery is amateurish and boring. The non-actors struggle to deliver their lines in a campy-fun way that will please some, but the gag wears thin quickly. Black Devil Doll needed a more ambitious script that pushed the envelope beyond scatological content and gratuitous d-cups. Instead, we get a Richard Pryor knock-off telling lame dick jokes. Stephen Romano’s poster art is the best part of this movie. His gift as an artist who can capture the dirty vibe of retro-cinema is obvious to anyone lucky enough to check out his book Shock Festival. The artwork is eye-catching and continues to pop up on numerous low-budget titles, including the superior Murder Loves Killers Too.


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“Search and rescue operations are in progress and we have no confirmed information about survivors or any possible casualties,” the statement read. Puis en Ethiopie et enfin a l’ edition kenyane du OnePlanetSummit, ce gadget macroniste pour dire qu'on fait des choses pour l'environnement. Mais Macron, en sechant le COP 24 en decembre dernier, n'etait-il pas cynique. Les reports des engagements publics ecologiques aux calendes grecques n'est-il pas cynique. Les effets d'annonce comme cette loi pour mettre fin aux hydrocarbures tout en prolongeant l'autorisation des soixante-deux concessions petroliferes jusqu’en 2040 ne sont-ils pas cynique. D'ailleurs, ils devront y participer, n'est-ce pas delicieusement cocasse. Les participants, largement minoritaires, ont ete a une ecrasante majorite des vieux (77%), des cadres et professions intellectuelles superieures (65%), des proprietaires (76%). Il faut feter ce succes, avec l'argent des contribuables. Brader des actifs strategiques (l'entree sur le sol national ! , quelle belle affaire. Over half way through the conference, as ministers arrive and the political stakes pick up, a sense of greater urgency in the formal negotiations is almost palpable. But in the corridors, negotiations are already leading to deals and dreams and action on the ground.


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. . Palmyra incident, 341. Tubingen Conference of German Librarians — r. . . . Author catalogues. Tungabhadra project — -r. . . .