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“He was always the cheeriest guy in the party, making everyone else happy,” Asil said. The Islamic State in Afghanistan claimed responsibility for the attack, according to a post on Twitter by the Terror Monitor organization. It was the latest in a series of suicide attacks by the group in Kabul. A spokesman for the Taliban, Zabiullah Mujahid, said his group did not carry it out. Man charged after off-duty Chicago police officer stabbed in South Shore abc7chicago. om French police officer kills three before committing suicide digitaljournal. om. Scott Walker prepares to lift Wisconsin’s nearly 20-year ban on gold and silver mining, saying they want to protect the environment and make sure taxpayers don’t have to clean up any potential damage. Walker voted for the mining moratorium when he was in the state Assembly in 1998 but is expected to sign a new Republican-backed bill that would lift the prohibition and relax other mining regulations. The company has been eyeing the deposits since 2011 but hasn’t filed any formal permit applications.

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I want to be like him when I grow up. 74 claps Blocked Unblock Follow Following James Altucher Medium member since Jan 2019 For some reason, I’ve turned myself inside out and all my guts have spilled onto my blog. Follow The Mission We publish stories, videos, and podcasts to make smart people smarter. Louis C. . is using the stand-up stage to open up about his controversial year. During a stand-up set last week, the comedian, 51, reportedly addressed the multiple sexual misconduct allegations that have been made against him. He also addressed both the public and professional backlash he faced in the wake of the allegations. FX severed ties with C. .

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. Nicely, possibly: Kanye expressed his love for the Grownup Swim present again in Might as information broke about Rick and Morty being renewed for season four. “That is the best information. I’ve seen each episode not less than 5 occasions every,” he tweeted on the time. He even invited co-creator Justin Roiland to hang around. In a latest advert that the producers of Rick and Morty created for Outdated Spice, we noticed the beloved robotic being brutally murdered as he’s eaten by an enormous anthropomorphic can of Outdated Spice. It got here as some shock, then, when Toy Story four was introduced again in 2014. Nevertheless, after a two 12 months delay, it’s now set to reach with a revised UK and US launch date of June 21, 2019. With the primary trilogy following the toys’ adventures of their first dwelling, its follow-up will now transfer on to their second life with Bonnie. After years of being on her personal, Bo’s adventurous spirit and life on the street belie her delicate porcelain exterior.

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Lippujen alkuperaisinta kayttoa on ollut merkinanto ja viestittaminen. Niinpa punaisella lipulla on varoitettu vaarasta ja valkoisen lipun nostajat ilmoittavat antautumisesta sodassa. Kielikuvana puhutaan ”liputtamisesta”, kun tarkoitetaan toimimista jonkin asian puolesta. Samoinhan jarjestoliputkin, niihin liittyvine symboleineen, viestivat omien aatteidensa arvoja. Kun puhutaan meista suomalaisista, muistamme, etta omaan siniristilippuummekin sisaltyy suuri maara symboleita, vertauskuvia. Naemme siina siniset jarvemme, sinitaivaan, talviemme valkohanget, aatteemme puhtauden, seka viestin siita mihin uskomme, kun lipun hallitsevana kuviona on risti. Hyvin monen kauan Kiteella asuneen esi-isat ovat tulleet Savosta 1600-luvulla. Silloin siella kannettiin monesti sotalippuja, oltiin usein kaukanakin kotimaasta. Ruotsin kuninkaan joukoissa taisteltiin Baltiassa, Puolassa, jopa etelaisessa Saksassa. Nimityshan kertoo, etta jo sellaisella oli aivan oma lippunsa.

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The performance will coincide with the opening of the SOUTHWEST. et:Techno show in Scottsdale, and a living archive of the blog jam site will remain online both in the gallery through May 14, 2006, and on the web throughout the duration of the exhibition and beyond. They consist of seven Banalities: Banalities for the Perfect House, Banalities for Napoleon, Banalities for the Modern Kitchen, Banalities for Solid Mandala, Banalities for Newspapers, Banalities for the Times and Misreading Barricades. These include cards, looseleaf and bound pages, and word sequences printed on ticker tape. It is performed using real-time computer processing of original vocal samples, in turn derived from the written texts. The computer sound-generating software was purpose-written for the piece. Each surface is rendered with text creating an immersive environment that can literally be read, and heard as speech. Each is based on an individual text, which is the common basis for both the computer and vocal renditions. The form of this name is specific to the camera model. It usually comes as a an alphanumeric characters series which includes the camera model reference and a number identifying each image.

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Sure there are a few shots here and there that look like they're from an actual movie, but for as much as the director touts the oncoming wave of phone-made films, Unsane does nothing to suggest it as a viable alternative to a good old fashioned camera (in any aspect aside from cheapness). The shots are flat, head on, set at unflattering angles to the actors most of the time, and the tracking shots have a really amateurish jolting going on as if the stabilizer wasn't configured properly. If you would like to see the effective cinematic application of an iPhone, I will refer you to Sean Baker's Tangerine. It's a much better movie in every aspect and a fitting story for phones whereas here the medium seems like a non sequitur. What the film does have going for it is a very pointed critique of the modern mental health care system. Inpatient facilities are, for the most part, pill mills that trap the psychologically vulnerable at the most desperate junctures in their lives, milk them for insurance money, and send them from the clinic with mind-numbing medication that is placebo at best and addictive at worst. These clinics are staffed by the overworked, the apathetic, and the unqualified. The rare person who would want to make a difference might not be able to withstand the physical and psychic duress, and the rest are just there for a paycheck. It's a racket, and once you've been labeled as crazy, any subsequent thought or deed is immediately suspect, if not irrelevant. Claire Foy does a great job at portraying the instability of a victim of harassment placed in such a a facility against her will.

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skeptical of a new director, but Jeff definitely has it. He? got a specific vision that he invites you to share, and that? the most important thing. Djimon, who grew up in Africa and France loves the MMA sports himself. He was actually in Vegas watching an Eiffel League fight a day before this interview, in the spirit of promoting this film. ? like Martial Arts films. I did Kung Fu for six years in France. I wanted to be a professional boxer but I did it mostly to exercise to stay conditioned.

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There’s a group of younger directors out there who prefer the little insightful stories over the bigger commercial films. So I’m hoping to get back to my roots and starting writing in the way I began. As a result of all your success as an actor, you’ve been somewhat forgotten as a writer. STALLONE: That’s right, and now I’m hoping to devote more time to the writing—to see if I can still create smaller and more personal screenplays. CHAPTER 14 Tender Mercies (1983) A CONVERSATION WITH HORTON FOOTE Horton Foote, the renowned playwright and screenwriter, was born in Wharton, Texas. He began his career as an actor in California and New York City, where he performed in a number of Off-Broadway productions. In 1941, his first full-length play, Texas Town, was produced in New York, and he subsequently managed Productions, Inc. a semi-professional theater in Washington, D. . Eventually, he returned to New York City to work for television, writing or adapting over thirty dramas for live television anthologies like Kraft Playhouse, DuPont Show of the Week, and Playhouse 90.

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That was an idea that came up in post, just because I felt like the characters had earned that, and I really wished we had built that in from the beginning. So they were kind enough to let us go back and get it. In a way, it turned out to be a way for him to stand up for PG-13 horror movies and show audiences that they can still provide an emotional impact. Just wanted to say that out loud again. So no one is surprised when we see the movie, because it's not going to end well. Just saying. But yeah, it's a downer, but one of the criticisms a lot of people level against PG-13 horror is that there is perception that they're not as dark and they don't kind of have the fangs narratively that their R-rated counterparts do. And that was another thing that I was excited about. We're going to be as brutal as we can emotionally. For those of you who saw the follow-up first, did you dig the darkness of Origin of Evil 's ending.