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Scheduling, and then having to reschedule and postpone, just pisses people off. I'd rather not schedule at all until the date is real and certain. This flies against standard publishing practice, however, so it's a battle that I do not always win. Seemingly almost everyone took it as confirmation that Winds won't be published this year, which can't be confirmed by Jane or anyone else besides, perhaps, yourself. Since it's now being widely interpreted and reported as an official statement that Winds won't or can't be released this year, as well as that the books finishing before the show is impossible, I wanted to let you know how many news sites are publishing speculation as fact that they believe has been confirmed by a reliable source - including the Wall Street Journal, Time, Entertainment Weekly, the Hollywood Reporter, the AV Club. The list of misinterpreters and the ill-informed grows longer seemingly by the day. A bit of a conundrum, I admit, as it would be difficult to correct it without implying that the book will or could be released this year, which may or may not be true, and which you don't want to confirm yet if so. But either way, I wanted to let you know what speculation is currently being treated as truth so that you could decide what, if anything, should be said. I missed it last year and have been kicking myself since. Fans of the long-running series have waited for more than a year to find out the fate of their beloved (or hated) characters, and finally people are getting a proper glimpse at what lies ahead. Then there's a glimpse of Sansa, who looks stunned by the size of the dragons.

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If she gets through this and to somewhere safe I will be able to relax again. I can accept her dying, but being burned alive is such a horrible way to go and being killed by your own parents is the ultimate betrayal for a child. I do read all the spoilers tho’, I’m quite happy to know what’s coming. So semi-sullied, maybe pillar but no stones, or the other way around. Jons gonna send Sam gilly and the baby to old town this upcoming epidose. Than dany will fly away on drogon and I think they’ll show hizdaR like embracing that prostitue as dany flys away on his shoulders. I also doubt that the dothraki would follow her and likely so in a short space of time all the way across the narrow sea but the casting from season 6 does make me wonder. Also the idea that the dothraki will bow down to her upon seeing her with a dragon seems cliched (like the ewoks seeing C3PO and proclaiming him a god). Meryn visiting a brothel in Braavos seems the most logical reason why there would be a scene in one unless Arya gets a new assignment in episode 10 that involves her having to assassinate someone in a brothel. I think Meryn being killing in a brothel is much more likely. He seems completely in earnest, from what we’ve seen of him (albeit in service of a not exactly ideal society ).


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Adrian “H. . . . . . Capo Confucius” Parlette, a foster brother of Bizzy, was featured on the track “Waitin’ For Warfare”. Bizzy became the first artist Jackson worked with after the murder of Shakur. Later, Jackson spoke of interest in co-founding a record label with Jerry Heller as well as producing an entire Bizzy album. In October 2008, Jackson allegedly committed suicide as he leapt to his death and subsequently left behind a wife and two children. Jackson was thirty-nine years old.

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Lubrication is about ice breaking, goodwill and the ability to laugh at ourselves. It is true that some people have no sense of humour (many are in HR or government) but for most of us a drop of humour, however small, helps us to get through the day. Comedy as sandpaper conveys frankness and criticism without threat. Written comedy has been with us since the voice of the Comoedia, the satyr of one sanctioned by the state to speak against the Polis (City State) in the time of Aristophanes. Whilst this continues to this day in the stand-up comedy tradition, on film there are those such as Michael Moore who use comic tropes (in his case within documentary) to enforce his point. British character comedian Sasha Baron-Cohen has much to say in his guises as Borat, Bruno and the dictator Aladeen. These act as important regulators of society and its follies. It is also social glue, in that the rhetoric of comedy relaxes, entertains and shows empathy. This is why many TV sitcoms insist on canned laughter, to encourage feelings of inclusion. In the confines of a darkened movie theatre, it is a healthy restorative. The comedian, double act or comedy ensemble purges us of an excess of bad feeling, the plot and characters amuse us and we are briefly sated.

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ut OMG GREATEST BEST EPISODE EVER DRAGONS BURNING THINGS GUYS! Yeah right. The storyline is as straightforward as you can get now. It's just a basic TV action show that feeds fan service. We know damn well he'll survive and won't drown to death. I mean who here legitimately thinks that was Jaime Lannister's death scene. It can melt Harrenhall, yet humans just look like they have been set on fire, by regular flame. So it's probably safe to assume that it was a massive convoy of food caravans. It was also nice to see LF finally shaken up a little by someone. I mean, they wouldn't deliberately try to end the episode on a predictable cliffhanger where he gets saved the next episode, would they. You hate everything and for some reason you think it will change.