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Can you link me to that original post so I can jog my memory, pls. Saw a quote on FB that fits me right now: Im not losing all my marbles but obviously have a hole in the bag ? (thanks for getting that link fo rme anyhow). I get it, but I personally seek out these types of discussions and sites for spoilers and other smart observations. He left us an epic message that traces back to the Land of Always Winter. Where are the Children of the Forest and what actually happened 12,000 years ago when the Night King was created. Much better production, editing, audio and the video develops the points of the theory in this video. The bank knew the magical powers of the Children, decided to trick them into making a terrifying weapon (the Night King). Their master plan was to unify all thrones under one leader, by creating a common enemy that could only be defeated by total cooperation. The bank had financed all wars with Braavos fools gold, enslaved everybody in eternal debt, and decided to play the end game: create a strong leader by creating a universal threat, then murder the great unifier of all kingdoms, and declare the all powerful republic under their command. The Knight King is an ally of the thrones, and the true enemy is the Iron Bank of Braavos, with its many-faced-god assassins. I mean, everyone keeps bitching about him killing people when Cersei blew up half of King's Landing and no one batted an eye. A worrying thought is what if he caught a glimpse of Bran when he went back in time watch what happened before he dissapeared. George R R Martin did well in not giving us any info on what it could be so i think we'll be waiting until the end to figure it out lol. It's deifnitely not just about revenge because he already managed to lead to death The Child Of The Forest that put The Dragon Glass in his heart because she sacrificed herself for Bran, George R R Martin said he wanted it to be about more than just the typical Good vs Evil sort of thing that's over done over the years. This Game of Thrones Season 7 theory takes a look at the secret weapon they might possess. Ice Dragons! Explore how Euron Greyjoy might have made the smartest agreement in A Song of Ice and Fire. Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Patreon: Created with Toon Boom Studio 8.

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Join the team while we dig into the creepy and lazy world of androids, high school and Allen Thicke. Does anyone care about this movie, except our 1980s childhood selves. Joining Seth will be joined by Brandon Dalo the film’s producer. Shawn Donley and Marianne Donley of Dark Shadow Ghost Tours and Panic’D will be back with us this week during the first half hour for the latest episode of the Haunted Spotlight. Eric, Marie and Karyn be talking with Seth and Brandon about the second release in the Small. At the Collins Cinema, Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA, February 22 at 3 p. . Produced on an epic scale that rivals films like Napoleon (1927) and Metropolis (1927), this eye-popper is the dazzling cornerstone of a Wellesley College Spring series dedicated to films that “explore our many orientations to money: greed, lust, power and impotence, the temptations of gambling, global economies and personal struggles, and stock market manipulations from 1909 to 2009. . With wit, candor and attitude, the cast of characters captivates audiences surprised to hear such stories in school settings. There will a discussion with director Ellen Brodsky and Boston True Colors troupe members following the screening. It is the director’s breakthrough work, a WWI drama considered to be one of the most technically advanced films of the era and the first major pacifist film: “a human cry against the bellicose din of armies. It concerns a woman, Edith, unhappily married to an older man, Francois, but actually in love with a young poet, Jean Diaz. Both Jean and Francois end up on the front lines of World War I, while Edith is captured by German forces and suffers atrocities at the hands of the soldiers. Gance contrasts individual human suffering with the larger horrors of war depicted with stark realism. (Fandor) Part of a larger series of rare silent classic films. Full Schedule. The film centers on two brothers who realize that only their dreams can save them. Romantic farm boy Jakob dreams of a better world: a paradise in the tropical forests of Brazil.

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She not African. She not Russian. She our own princess. The other thing is, damn, is Phoebe Cates fine or what. You get the feeling it was a labor of love for all involved-- and what a cast. Stephen Rea, Kevin Kline, Wendy Hughes, and many more. Can't remember seeing Phoebe Cates in anything other than FAST TIMES (and many issues of 17 magazine) but she is perfectly cast and convincing here. And while it was most likely conceived as a period comedy aimed at adults, it's that rare movie that entertains children from 9 or 10 through adults. She is beautiful. Kevin Kline, her husband in real life, is exquisite as the butler, and if you never read the story (which no one has) you will like how it ends. A very satisfying movie, with humorous touches all around. Soon, a group of influential people with too much time and money are drawn into her presence. They weave a fable around her that goes beyond incredible. Even with a strong supporting cast Phoebe Cates and Kevin Kline stand out with excellent portrayals. Highly recommended. In fact, I wish I could see it again. The case arrived with both top and bottom torn in the top right quarter of the case. OK, it's used. But the DVD wasn't Princess Cariboo.

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Perhaps he’s warning Cersei that the Wall has breached and that the Undead are truly invading the Seven Kingdoms now. But Cersei obviously doesn’t care and she cannot wait for the Undead to deal with her enemies. A Winter Town boy witnesses the arrival of Dany’s forces. Some think that this might be Arya under disguise but that would make little sense. It is probably just a Winter Town boy watching the arrival of the dragons with astonishment. Perhaps she feels that Jon is struggling with something. At this stage, he might have found out about his parentage and Daenerys could be wondering what’s on Jon mind. The following shot possibly confirms that Jon is processing the news about his parentage. Reading his body language, he’s clearly having difficulties with something. We can also interpret from these shots that Jon is simply visiting his father in the crypts to talk with him and Daenerys consoles him. Grey Worm could be one to bite the dust during the battle. Is he surprised by Bronn’s appearance on the battlefield or is Bronn on the brink of death. Some hear him saying “Pod”, but I do think that Pod is the guy standing next to him. Perhaps a bit out of the box, but it could also be Edmure Tully standing next to Jaime (judging by the man’s eyes). We can easily identify Cersei Lannister sitting on the Iron Throne with Qyburn and the Mountain standing next to her and someone wearing gold armor (perhaps a soldier from the Golden Company) standing before her. More interesting is the character wearing a long black dress. It looks like the character has a reddish hair colour. Remember that Cersei once longed for Sansa’s head on a spike. It might be a huge surprise if this person is indeed Cersei.

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Woods For the first time a Broadway Blanche Merrill. Showmen here period of the season, the reduction Leave Anytime did. That was the announcement from the Players, via Arlington H. The capacity of The Neil O'Brien Minstrels will ho presented at the new Shubort- the latter house Is about the same begin its tenth season Monday, Curran here with the following proportion loss than the Blackstone. That O'Brien, although the late 0. car Louise. Hattie Fox. Victoria Briesta, was scoured while the original com- Hodge owned a 50 per cnt. York, where it will complete a total in the production. Taken off Saturday. Theatre Guild the new season, and the interim will Is consist only of disjointed hope for pick-up business. Completes year's nm haying run attraction six weeks, next week. Got through month, then may oft and little money and hardly strong then to Chicago to open new Saai enough for touring Harris theatre there. Time comedy into September, will not have Aug. 21 to night Grand, after. Detroit will have two permanent stock companies next season. The Woodward Players will remain at the Majestic, where they have had phenomenal success. The Bon. tello Players will remain at the Garrlck until SepL 2 and open Sept.

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Some would say he never lost the populist spark that inspired him to create such enjoyable art. You could conversely argue that Bay makes extended commercials glorifying capitalism, militarism, conservative social values, and blind patriotism, while bonking viewers over their heads with a dum-dum stick. It’s more than likely there will never be an honorary Michael Bay director award given away by the Academy, or by the Hollywood Foreign Press, but does that matter when his films are essentially money-printing machines. The same question could (and will be) asked of whether or not Bay should weep into his caviar every night because he isn’t more lauded for creating a chaotic visual style that’s been co-opted by pretty much every action film since, say, 2005 or so. Whether you loathe the Michael Bay Transformers films or believe Bad Boys changed action cinema forever, there’s a lot to ponder here. Anthony Hopkins Called Michael Bay A Genius, But Can We Trust Anthony Hopkins. Photo: Paramount Pictures When Anthony Hopkins appeared at CinemaCon in 2017, he spoke with Yahoo about taking a role in Transformers: The Last Knight, saying Michael Bay's genius sealed the deal for him. He told me all that at breakfast before I started on the film. He really is. He’s the same ilk as Oliver Stone and Spielberg and Scorsese. Brilliance. Savants, really, they are. He’s a savant. But what does Anthony Hopkins know. For a moment forget he's in a few good movies and think about the fact that he's an actor. Actors are dumb. Of course he thinks Michael Bay is a genius, Michael Bay knows how to turn on his computer and Anthony Hopkins has an assistant to read his email. In defense of Anthony Hopkins, getting the lighting right for CGI makes a huge difference; it's a key factor in differentiating heinously bad CGI and well-integrated computer-generated imagery. Just ask director Alfonso Cuaron and cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, who spent more than a year finding light sources for Gravity.

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This was a milestone I really wanted to see, so happy the show delivered. I’ll end this with the amazing, fairy tale, roof top wedding, in the very special musical episode 6x20 The Song in your Heart. The musical episode is worth rewatching just for the musical numbers, but the last 6 minutes is the best. Killian in a velvet suit, Emma in a gown fit for a Princess, the Charmings beaming as they walk Emma down the aisle, heartfelt vows that we actually get to hear and then a dance and a duet. Bonus: Colin and Jen both killing their solo numbers and the Josh, Ginny and Bex having so much fun with theirs. I’m pretty new to the fandom but I never understood why. Jo was spunky and fun, and I liked watching her kick ass. I mean, I get why she died because the show runners were planning on ending the series after season 5, and that death scene did have emotional impact. I was really really hoping that they would bring her back from the apocalypse world, but they didn’t. Damn, just looking through the Chestervelle tag makes me sad. Bela Talbot: Same as Jo, apparently people hated Bela too. Yeah, she was an antagonistic figure, but she was so fricking pretty and wonderfully malicious. Bad Day at Black Rock is one of my favorite episodes not to mention her sexual tension with both Dean and Sam holy lord. Am I the only one up for seeing her come back as a demon. Kevin Tran: Kevin Tran kicks ass and I will be forever bitter that they not only killed him once (under the instruction of my absolute least favorite character,) but TWICE just to salt the wound (and I feel it didn’t even need to happen. He should’ve come back with the rest of the gang. asuguugugughghhh he deserves so much better it hurts Mary Winchester: They have done her so dirty over the past two seasons. Instead of exploring her dynamic with her sons and having them rebuild their relationship and making up for lost time, they made her sleep with the antagonist and be totally selfish. Think about how interesting it would be to look back more into her history as a hunter!

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Nayan co-wrote, produced, and directed his first feature film When Harry Tries to Marry. The script is an Honoree of the Writer s Guild of America s Feature Access project and is rated as one of the top unproduced scripts on The Black List site. Nayan is producing Wildflowers and several unannounced projects for his company 108 Production. Born in Mumbai, and raised in Forest Hills, New York, Nayan grew passionate about writing and acting at Forest Hills High School. From there, Nayan studied drama at Queensborough Community College and transferred to focus on screenwriting and acting in New York City at the School of Visual Arts. Nayan has won several awards and accolades for his screenwriting efforts at screenwriting festivals and contests. In 2009, his script for When Harry Tries to Marry with writing partner Ralph Stein was a top ten finalist at Creative Screenwriting Magazine (Expo Contest). The script was a winner at the Texas Film Institute competition and at the Empire Screenplay Competition. He was accepted to the Sundance Independent Producer Conference in 2004. Nayan is a member of the Writer s Guild of America (w), where he now serves as a Co-Chair of the Asian American Writers Committee. Nayan has been a guest speaker at various industry events, and colleges including Ithaca College, Pace University, and Stonybrook University. Nayan has written guest blogs for IndieWire, Filmmaker, and The Wall Street Journal. Nayan first coined the phrase Direct Distribution on Ted Hope s Hope for Film blog. Prior to launching his filmmaking career, Nayan was the Co-Founder and President of Cinemaya Media Group, one of the largest South Asian media, entertainment and marketing conglomerates in the US. At Cinemaya, Nayan produced over 300 hours of television programming, and ran it s advertising agency Elephant, which was in the top 15 multicultural agencies ranked by AdAge. Naz Haider VP BUSINESS PLANNING, ABC ENTERTAINMENT Naz Haider is Vice President of Business Strategy, Planning, and Production Finance. He reports to Paul Lee, the President of ABC Entertainment Group, and Patrick Moran, head of ABC Studios. He develops long and short term strategy for all the network day parts 25. He also oversees the production finance group of ABC Studios that produces around 25 scripted series and 300 episodes per season.

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But there’s also no clear way of knowing what went wrong: is Kevin Hart’s diminutive manic energy getting old. Were there too many writers (six! putting their voices in, in a case of too many cooks. Was the cast, though individually great comic actors, not suited well enough to one another. It’s not known, but it’s a safe bet to say that there’s a lot of wasted potential. It’s impeccably designed; the sets gorgeously reenvision 1959 Sydney; the costume design, by Wendy Cork (Winchester ), is beautiful; Beresford’s direction, too, helps us nostalgically dip toe into this bygone world. But that’s about where my commendations have to end, unfortunately. There’s nothing majorly inventive or outstandingly frightening here, but it’s competently made, and has a few notable scares. But don’t go in for anything you haven’t really seen before. Once the sheer absurdity of such happenstance and unreality subsides, it asks the bigger, sadder questions: who did this, and why. What bigger purpose did it serve, who benefits from it, and what did it do to these men to be split up as babies. Although I didn’t mind the latter, the former ramps up the tension, anxiety and unknowing of our online lives; it show just how simple and difficult it is to find someone with the technological tools we have. It might even make you despair at the perverse state of - especially American - politics, and how little has changed for the country in the forty-odd years since the true story of black cop Ron Stallworth’s infiltration of the Klu Klux Klan. The film follows this fictional, but relatable, character’s life. But that’s okay, really, because what the world needs now is a big dumb action movie that, for all its cliches, still manages to be a pretty decently tense and intense ride. It’s a time when more people than not have self-driving cars, nobody uses a keyboard and, for a few, robotic technology has allowed some citizens to become robo-folks. There’s a wealth of exaggerated dramatic flourishes and red herrings, in that ever-so Christie way, and all the actors are laying it on thick. Before they were ruthless dictators or murderers, they were wee bairns, playing stickball or running in the long grass. Is what we perceive as a lack of humanity innate, or learned, through childhood trauma or neglect.