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Fails miserably. High crimes and misdemeanors documented here. When he's not writing about himself in the third person to give the appearance that someone else has taken the time to write about him, he hustles a TV pilot and a screenplay. A former lawyer, she escaped just in time and now lives on the edge of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales in the north of England where she shares her house with a dog, a philosopher and lots of books. Jessica is in the final year of an MA in Writing at Sheffield Hallam University tutored by Sean O'Brien. Her poems have been published widely in anthologies and magazines including The Rialto, Staple and Orbis and her work has been featured in the Ilkley Literature Festival and Sheffield's Off the Shelf literary festival. Future projects include a collaboration with a mosaic artist and interactive work with a fellow poet on the theme of dreams. She is in the final year of a part-time, online MA in Creative Writing. Glenis has never blogged before but has some experience in online collaborative writing, including taking part in Quickshift, a project where an international group of writers, working in shifts, wrote continuously online for 31 hours. Glenis has recently chosen to take a year long break from working in order to focus on her writing full time. Her hope is that she will find a market for her writing and be able to describe herself as a writer for the rest of her working life. However, while publication is her main goal, she also hopes she will continue to gain as much pleasure from writing as she does now. Glenis has recently completed a novel, And Some Caught on Stones, as part of her course requirement. It covers four months in the life of a woman whose 17 year old daughter died unexpectedly. It isn't her own story but is based on her experience of losing a daughter.

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There's increasingly vague understandings of where the Universal Monsterverse is starting, it was assumed to be with the decidedly disapointing Dracula Untold released a few weeks ago, but given how nothing of the sort was brought up with the film, and the reception towards it has been rather negative, I wouldn't be surprised if the other speculation that it's actually starting in 2016 with The Mummy is true. Also, and slightly less encouraging, is the news that none of these films are planned to be horror based, instead Universal is aiming for it to be an action adventure franchise. So. aaaay. rh. hh. hat do you guys think. That's like hating Half Life 2 because you don't like Call of Duty. Also Flash, the 30s Universal also seemed to live in the same universe. Last time they tried, we got the Benicio del Toro Wolfman, which tried its best, but sucked. It’s probably gonna be a reboot of the Fraser ones. Isn't he making the Journey to the Center of the Earth movies now. Back to the point, yes please to Universal Monsters, no thanks, lack of horror. Also give me a new Creature from the Black Lagoon, that guy is the tits. Tarantino, in all of his Tarantinoisms, has finally confirmed the cast of his upcoming Western, The Hateful Eight, after deciding to not cancel the film.


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I’d hate to think that fans of so-called Christian entertainment are less attracted to stories about redemption through community service and helping the homeless than to end-times dramas, silly cartoons, Medea and movies designed to re-affirm their own beliefs, but why else. They include a deeply embittered and violent former sharecropper, Denver Moore, played by two-time Oscar nominee Djimon Hounsou ( Blood Diamond ), who tests the faith of everyone around him. Rounding out the list of award-winners is Jon Voight ( Coming Home ), who, as Ron’s father, embodies the stereotype of the Texas good-ol’-boy bigot who loves his guns more than he does humanity. In 2006, Ron Hall and Denver Moore co-wrote a book, with Lynn Vincent, describing how Moore’s and the Halls’ life journeys intersected. They would go on to create similar ministries throughout the country and raise millions of dollars to feed and shelter the poor. Even so, Same Kind of Different as Me is a highly inspirational, deeply personal and definitively Christian effort. The Blu-ray adds commentary, deleted and extended scenes, interviews and making-of featurettes. The Star takes the basic New Testament account and injects humor into the lead-up to the birth of Christ that apparently was sorely missing in the bible. In his first feature, Oscar-nominated Timothy Reckart ( Head Over Heels ) took a script that had been gathering dust at Henson Company since the late 1990s and turned it around in less than two years. In doing so, he decided to make the kind of spiritual, yet silly film that would be “accessible to a broader audience. Huh? Bo (Steven Yeun), yearns for a life beyond his daily grind at the village mill. Finding the courage to break free, he teams up with Ruth (Aidy Bryant) the loveable sheep and Dave the wacky dove (Keegan-Michael Key). Along with three wisecracking camels (Tracy Morgan, Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey) and some eccentric stable animals, they follow the same star that’s leading the three wise men to Bethlehem. If it isn’t considered to be one of his masterpieces, it still has plenty to offer lovers of the Indian cinema.


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Topics include Playboy magazine; The Super Bowl; The ups and down of podcasting; Being a writer; and how inexpl. We discuss how Periphery seems to have leached out from my brain and into something remotely resembling reality. Also we compared ghost stories and alternate realities. Clemens; definitive statements; and body dysmorphia as punctuated by YouTube videos. We discuss: the movie Hackers, often; the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air; Dennis Rodman; North Korea; and we even manage to solve all the issues surrounding upping the minimum w. This audio originally aired on episodes 25 and 79(featuring a new bit of original alexx weirdness). Lillian joins us again for part one of two in a raucous conversation about my semantics based dreams; Hanukkah; and much more. Tonight my brother Craig joins me in the Echo Chamber to discuss life, creativity, float tank visitations, and much, much more. Tonight Alexx is alone in studio and answering listener questions including: How Twitter friendships work; How finger-drinking functions; and how Alexx got stoned and was visited by the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet. We discuss death, early life acid trips, the afterlife, and the works of Joss Whedon. Tonight we discuss a terrible video from the mid 90s detailing pagan and homosexual practices in city parks; the importance of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis; A Calvin and Hobbes documentary; the occult meaning behind Charles Shultz. We discuss everything from comic books to transsexuals; and make lots of small-dick jokes throughout. Enjoy. Tonight we are joined by the returning Jeremy Rowe and first timer Ario Lynch. We discuss the Mummers parade; book giveaways; Portland open mics; post apocalypse survival tips; horrible sex acts; a.


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